Things are really rolling on METEOR MONDAY!

Why Meteor Monday? Because all our efforts have been making a big IMPACT! [rim shot]

Seriously, today we’ve got a ton of projects that have ticked over major milestones all at pretty much the same time:

  • Ultimate Strongholds (5E) is off to layout, bringing a ton of amazing material for building classic castles and fantasy fortresses (like cloud castles, ghostly redoubts, bone keeps, walls of lava, and more), plus siege warfare, stronghold spells, and so much more!
  • Ultimate Relationships (5E) is off to layout as well, with a comprehensive system for developing relationships from romance to rivalry, friendships, loyalties, and more!
  • Ultimate Commander is out for conversion to 5E, bringing a whole new 20-level base class, the general, with archetypes and more focused on battlefield leadership and bringing with them a squad of troops to do their bidding (or a shambling gang of zombies for the hordelord alternate version of the class)!
  • The latest expansion of the Arcforge series is off to layout too, with the first installment in the Vandara Campaign Setting expansion, packed not only with world lore but also new class options and more, including Spheres of Power class material!
  • Legendary Worlds: Polaris 7 (Starfinder) is off to layout as well!
  • Did I mention we just brought three new layout artists on board? 🙂
  • The first two chapters of To Kill a Star, the ultimate climactic adventure of the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, are off for 5E conversion as well, along with the appendices, new magic and tech items, and more!
  • The print files for the Mythic Character Codex and Mythic Monster Manual 2 are ready to submit to our printer and hopefully get cleared for print next week, going out to our Kickstarter backers first and then getting ready for all of YOU!
  • N. Jolly is doing his second pass on Team Jolly’s manuscript of Legendary Rangers, the next Pathfinder class-focused tome from him, Andrew Gibson, and Wren Rosario, and both Clinton Boomer and Jason Nelson have bonus material they’ll be adding (and we may have a few additional surprises too).


Who says they don’t like Mondays? 🙂