They come from the land of the ice and snow!

Welcome to a brand-new direction for the Mythic Monsters product line, one that focuses on the myths and legends of our world and the Pathfinder monsters inspired by them!  While we will still be featuring specific creature types from time to time, like with the upcoming Mythic Monsters: Demons Too, we’ll be spending much more of our efforts in broadening the cultural horizons of your favorite foes, bringing those legends to life in a whole new way, and the first installment is now here and available at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon! - Mythic Monsters Norse Cover

With thanks to new artist Andrea Saavedra for her fantastic rendition of a valorous valkyrie facing off with a lethal linnorm, we are pleased to bring you an assortment of monsters native to Nordic lands by Mike D. Welham, Jason Nelson, and Alistair J. Rigg, from fey like the fossegrim, huldra, svartalfar, and norn to Valhallan outsiders like the valkyrie and einherji. Of course, we also fill out the ranks of the mythic linnorms, but if those primeval dragons were just not tough enough we also unleash the terrifying Fenris wolf, a worthy companion at CR 30/MR 10 to his brother, Jormungandr the Midgard Serpent (in Mythic Monsters: Colossal).

MLewis - GargantuanFenris

The bonus material in this issue brings you even more Scandinavian delights, including special rules for mythic linnorms and three new mythic templates to give your creatures a fantastic and fearsome feel of the Norse legendarium: the Jotun thane, runecaster, and tricksome traveler! Our newsletter subscribers are getting a bonus preview of this book (and you can subscribe too; just click over on the side of our webpage), but for everyone we’re happy to share the table of contents. Grab your copy of Mythic Monsters: Norse today!

CR 5/MR 2      Mythic fossegrim

CR 5/MR 2      Mythic huldra

CR 10/MR 4    Mythic svartalfar

CR 12/MR 5    Mythic einherji

CR 15/MR 6    Mythic valkyrie

CR 17/MR 7    Mythic crag linnorm

CR 20/MR 8    Mythic fjord linnorm

CR 21/MR 8    Mythic ice linnorm

CR 22/MR 9    Mythic cairn linnorm

CR 22/MR 9    Mythic norn

CR 23/MR 9    Mythic taiga linnorm

CR 25/MR 10   Mythic tarn linnorm

CR 30/MR 10   Fenris wolf