The riches of the Orient!

One of the goals for Legendary Games during the rest of 2015 is to get some long-simmering projects finished up and out the door, including revisiting some of our older product lines and tying up some products that have been long in the planning. The first of those is very nearly here, and in fact should be available by the end of tomorrow: Treasury of the Orient! 

celadon teapot jaecks final copy

Authored by Alex Augunas, Tim Hitchcock, Jason Nelson, and Victoria Jaczko, this book joins our long line of magic item products going back to our very first PDF in 2011, the horror-themed Treasury of the Macabre and has continued since with Treasury of the Crusade for Righteous Heroes, Treasury of the Fleet for pirate and nautical campaigns, Treasury of the Pharaohs for campaigns with an Egyptian or desert flair, Treasury of the Kingdom for those steeped in faeries and forest exploration, and the high-tech baubles and blasters found in the Treasury of the Machine!

Drawing primarily from the lore and legendarium of China and Japan but with a sprinkling of items inspired by other Asian cultures, the Treasury of the Orient contains over 30 items from weapons and rods to wondrous items of every description.

Arms and Armor: beheading blade, bestial haramaki, biting glade of ten thousand blossoms, bloodthirsty blade, choking spirit bow, lucky mallet,ronin blade, stalking serpent blade, typhoon fan

Rods: rod of the monkey king, rod of shadow puppetry

Wondrous Items: circlet of the imperial dragon, clothes of the ever-ready explorer, ghost food, ki capstan, kimono of honored ancestors, koto of the seven spheres, monkey’s head charm, noh mask of the shapechanger, papercraft sheet, prayer scroll amulet, robe of the fire rat, sovereign lungguan, spiritworld flute, sugegasa of rising waters, teapot of inner flame, teapot of the mountain, teapot of serenity

I’m doing the final edits and development today, and the last art pieces just came in, so barring any complications we should have the Treasury of the Orient available for release tomorrow! Be ready, Sun Wukong the Monkey King wants you to get more treasure!!!

Monkey King Rod jaecks final copy