The post-GenCon work begins to grow… with Mythic Plants!

Our first year exhibiting at GenCon was a whirlwind adventure, and while final numbers are being tallied I’d call it a definite success! We will be back next year for sure, ready to debut the hardback of the Legendary Planet Adventure Path for the general public. Don’t forget, while our Kickstarter has ended, there is still time to hop on board at the Kickstarter prices; just email us at and let us know what level you’d like to back! You’ll be able to immediately download The Assimilation Strain (which has already garnered it’s first 5-star review plus the coveted seal of approval from Endzeitgeist!) and the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide, and you’ll always be one adventure ahead of the general public when each new adventure comes out after that! Spread the word and see if we can get a few more folks on board before this gateway to adventure closes!


Our print fulfillment for the Mythic Mania Kickstarter also is underway. The first orders have been processed, and we’ll continue churning through them until every backer and customer from our site has their copies of the Mythic Hero’s Handbook, Mythic Monster Manualand Mythic Spell Compendium out to our Kickstarter backers and customers who have ordered the book

With GenCon behind us, however, we are now diving headlong into the latter part of the year with all due speed, catching up on some outstanding projects and getting ready to blow your mind with an avalanche of awesomeness. First up, MYTHIC MONSTERS: PLANTS! Yes, mythic plants, and no, we’re not kidding! A dozen and one marvelous monsters, from the adorable leaf leshy to the shambling mound and the pod-spawning bodythief , the rampaging plant-dragon zomok, and more! Plus new spells and rare mythic plants to make any garden truly legendary! This product also is the first Legendary Games book to feature psychic magic from Paizo’s brand-new Occult Adventures rulebook, as this installment’s new monster, the alien venusi, wields its psychic power to extend its exploratory excursions in search of the elusive elves that once dwelled in the acid-soaked jungles of its homeworld. You can pick up a copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG - Mythic Monsters - Plants (cover)

Also, in case you missed it earlier this week, our MYTHIC MONDAY special release was Mythic Minis 75: Orc Feats! Grab a copy today and grab 9 new mythic feats for your favorite blood-soaked savages. Your heroes will never look at orcs the same way again! Pick it up at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG! - Mythic Minis 75 Cover

We look forward to sharing our fall previews soon, but suffice to say there’s a lot going on right here on this world, as well as the fantastic new universe opening up on Legendary Planet!