Mythic Demons revealed!

With this product coming your way next week, perhaps you’d like a look at what’s inside. The initial section of Mythic Monsters: Demonscontains special rules for using mythic demons in your campaign, including the following:


Demonic Bargains

Demonic Possession

Mythic Templates

Mythic Abilities




CR/MR             Creature

2/1                   Mythic Quasit

7/3                   Mythic Babau

7/3                   Mythic Incubus

8/3                   Mythic Shadow Demon

8/3                   Mythic Succubus

10/4                 Mythic Bodak

10/4                 Mythic Nabasu

12/5                 Mythic Kalavakus

13/5                 Mythic Hezrou

16/6                 Mythic Glabrezu

17/7                 Mythic Elite Nabasu

22/9                 Gulgerak

25/10               Mythic Balor


The gulgerak demon is the brainchild of Tom Phillips, a massive demonic war machine in the grand tradition of Gary Gygax’s own goristrobut with a mythic flair all its own. With two heads, no eyes, and sprouting demonic riders like fleas, the gulgerak demon will be terrorizing your players soon. If they live long enough to face its fur, they may not live much longer. Where do gulgeraks come from? Everybody loves baby stories, right? Try this one on for size:

Gulgeraks, also known as siege demons, are titanic creatures used as living war machines. Thankfully rare, gulgeraks form from the souls of thousands of evil warriors that die en masse on a mortal battlefield. When these entangled, continuously fighting souls reach the Abyss, they are absorbed into the raw, protoplasmic flesh of the Abyss and form a massive, scab-like clot that slowly festers even as it grows. Certain powerful demon lords have learned how to extract and incubate these disgusting fleshy globs and instill in them a terrible demonic hunger and thirst for war. Under constant cultivation, these putrescent masses eventually form enormous boils of writhing demon-flesh. Finally, after several millennia, a fully formed gulgerak bursts forth, ready for battle.

No wonder they're so vicious. With a birth narrative like that, you would be too!

No wonder they’re so vicious. With a birth narrative like that, you would be too!


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