The Ki to Success

While our latest Adventure Path Plug-In, Matt Goodall’s terrific adventure, The Baleful Coven, is on final approach in layout, coming not too far behind will be a new supplement entitled The Way of Ki. While the concept of ki is nothing new in the Pathfinder RPG and its predecessors, this supplement greatly expands the ways it is used. It offers great enhancements to classes that already use ki–the monk, ninja, and (with a slight tweak of the rules) samurai–but it also broadens the scope of ki into a means for any class to incorporate a contemplative focus into its magical, martial, and miscellaneous talents. The Way of Ki offers a great way to develop a new and different flavor of mysticism that blends perfectly with Asian-themed cultures and characters but that easily transcends the differences of east and west. Characters moving from one side of the world to the other can easily unlock their hidden meditative potential and spread their secrets abroad to any willing to learn and practice the silent spiritual arts required.

We think this is an exciting product concept that can add great richness to the Far East AP but can be easily and seamlessly integrated into any campaign. Of course, with the Legendary Games name you know you’ll get great writing, sterling layout, and dazzling artwork, this time by Frank Hessefort.

The Way of Ki: Punching up the awesome in your campaign real soon!


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