The Future of Legendary Games

Hi all,

At Legendary Games we are excited and delighted at the reception our products have received. Great reviews and comments, buzz from the folks at PaizoCon, and of course people speaking with their wallets both for our new products and for people discovering or rediscovering our earliest products. Up until now, all of our products have been centered on the Gothic Adventure Path, a rich and robust setting and campaign to be sure, but we are ready now to branch out and support new lines and new products… and welcome in some new people as well!

We’ve already announced that our next series of products will be in support of the Far East Adventure Path, with our first product for that releasing today. Those purchasing that product will also see previews for some of our upcoming releases in that line.

Imperial Heroes by Neil Spicer promises to do for the Far East Adventure Path what his Gothic Heroes did for its AP: revolutionize what a product based on pregenerated characters can be. Amazingly detailed characters with histories, personalities, and connections with one another and the AP itself!

Coming along next month as well will be The Baleful Coven by Matt Goodall, the man who succeeded Neil by winning the 2010 Superstar contest. This adventure for 6th-level characters explores the twisted and vengeful dreamscape of witches from east and west who all want the characters dead and their destiny left in tatters along the caravan trail!

Coming in the following months will be additional products from Superstar finalists Jim Groves and Russ Taylor, who along with Matt have been steady contributors to the Adventure Path, Companion, and hardback rulebook lines for the Pathfinder RPG, as well as continuing contributions from the Legendary Games veterans and a surprise guest or two down the road!

Should you perchance not be interested in products featuring an Asian motif or that clash of east versus west, fear not. While the Far East AP Plug-Ins are beginning to release now, this fall will also see the debut of a product line dedicated to a certain Adventure Path featuring exploration and conquest of the wilderness, the mysteries of the fey, and the making… of KINGS!

Finally, as of our new product lines, I will be officially taking over as Publisher for Legendary Games. While Clark Peterson will forever be the founder and godfather of Legendary Games, his “real-life” schedule hasn’t allowed him the time he’d like to devote to Legendary Games. It’s an honor to follow a legend, and I’ve been privileged to learn from Clark and to have his blessing and support in relaunching Legendary Games this summer, completing what he had started and screaming headlong into the future with a fantastic team of amazingly creative people! Hang on, folks. It’s gonna be an awesome ride.