The FUN has arrived!!!

As you can see, Santa arrived a little early with a giant bag of toys… or at least a giant pile of print product from Legendary Games! Now in stock are print editions of Road to War: The Equinox Crown, Righteous Heroes: Pregenerated Characters, Mythic Monsters: Demons, Mythic Monsters: Molds, Slimes, and Fungi, Mythic Monsters: Oozes, Mythic Monsters: Mounts, and since we have just about sold out of our first print run new batches of Ultimate Battle and Ultimate Rulership!


More print products will continue to be added soon, and while we always encourage you to patronize our webstore directly in order to avoid the fees associated with outside vendors, I will be dropping off a pile of these print editions over at the Paizo offices soon so they can start fulfilling orders through as well!

Ho ho ho! Just please don't put me back in the box!!!!

Ho ho ho! Just please don’t put me back in the box!!!!