The countdown to LEGENDARY PLANET is nearly complete…

This is a different kind of Kickstarter than most. As we mentioned last time, we plan to have content ready for delivery IMMEDIATELY after the Kickstarter ends. A lot of preparation and hard work has gone into putting this project together, and we are very excited about getting people on board and right into the action!

It’s also different in that we are not just creating a single product with a far-off release date. We are funding an entire 8-part adventure saga, like an alien broodling hovering over her clutch of eggs. You know, like this…

Alien with eggs

This multi-part project will grow as the campaign continues and we add more and more content. Some people hesitate to pledge early in Kickstarters, feeling like they aren’t getting a good deal for their money, while others look not at where the Kickstarter is when they pledge but where they think it’s going to end up, and how they can help it get there. We love both kinds of backers, and we have set up our Kickstarter so you win either way.

You can pledge low and build as we go! The basic pledge is just $20 for the first adventure To Worlds Unknown and the prelude adventure The Assimilation Strain. You can start there, and each time we unlock a new adventure in the saga you can bump your pledge up by $15 and add that adventure to your haul.

You can pledge for he whole series all at once! You can also pledge $100 as a Legendary Planeteer for the entire 8-part saga (a $10 discount vs. adding each one separately).

These core pledges are for PDFs – at $100 for all 8 installments, you’re looking at a amazing deal compared to official adventure path PDFs! For print fans, we will have softcovers of the first adventures available, but the real prize is a massive hardcover compilation of the entire series, available once the saga is complete!


That distant rumbling you hear is the sound of awesomeness coming closer. Monday afternoon, the portal to Legendary Planet will open, but for now…