The CON is ON!

Come meet up with some of the guys from Legendary Games at PaizoCon! Jason, Neil and Boomer are already there (and may have drank all the beer and won all fair maidens). I’m going to be there Friday about noon!

Please find us, introduce yourselves, tell us what you like and what you think would be great for us to do. Give us your thoughts. We want to meet all the Paizo fans. We’re really looking forward to this. It’s going to be awesome!

We might try to put together an impromptu panel after the RPG Superstar panel if there is interest. And we are always up from some gaming. I might even bring a special old school file with me for the grognards in the house.

Oh, and on Saturday I will be rocking my new Legendary Games black longsleeve from CafePress. So you can’t miss me. That, and I’m 6’5″.



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