The ALIENS HAVE LANDED, and we’ll tell you where they are!

Right here at the Legendary Games webstore, of course! Available exclusively through this weekend directly from Legendary Games and starting next week in wide release, we are offering Mythic Monsters: Aliensin all its extraterrestrial glory in TWO different cover styles. Everything in the book is the same; the only difference is the cover itself.

If you want a more traditional Mythic Monsterscover, get your copy right here!


Mythic Monsters - Aliens (hybrid cover) (Duplicate)


If you want a cover that is perhaps a bit bolder but also a farther departure from our traditional look, get your copy here!


Mythic Monsters - Aliens (front cover)


We’ll be doing this with a few of our products to gauge the overall customer response. We’ve heard from some of our fans by email and on message boards, but this is your chance to make your voice heard in the most practical way possible. On this planet, the power is YOURS!


P.S. This just in: Michael Jaecks does great work.