Take the 5th on March the 4th!

March the 4th has been a special day since 2008, when the godfather of the RPG business, Gary Gygax, went behind that great GM screen in the sky. What better way to celebrate his legacy than by offering up a brand-new adventure for the game he created, plus a fabulous 40% off deal all weekend long on every other 5E product we sell with coupon code MARCH40!

First of all, we are proud to present Islands of Plunder: Tarin’s Crown, a fantastic 5E adventure for 6th-level characters featuring a tropical island, a mad pirate captain and his treacherous crew, and the legendary treasure known as the Pirate Queen’s Pearl! You can pick up Tarin’s Crown right here at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Islands of Plunder - Tarin's Crown (5E) cover

Tarin’s Crown is a fabulous follow-up to the 4th-level nautical adventure Islands of Plunder: Spices and Flesh, and you can be sure more fantastic pirate-themed adventures are coming soon.

But if pirates are not your cup of rum, you will also find mysterious fey and awful undead suited to campaigns in the frozen north with Beasts of Legend: Coldwood Codex, adventures spanning goblin and bandit-infested coastlands like Road to Destiny and witch-haunted nightmare realms like The Baleful Coven; incursions of alien invaders bringing cosmic horror in their wake in The Assimilation Strain, and the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide to help your PCs approach an ever-growing campaign beyond the stars; and a pair of introductory adventures steeped in Gothic horror in The Murmuring Fountain and The Fiddler’s Lament (which also can be purchased as a double-adventure in The Haunted Hamlet of Raven’s Hill)!

Just enter the coupon code MARCH40 and you’ll get 40% off every one of these fantastic 5E supplements. Grab them this weekend, because when Monday comes around these savings are gone! Keep your eyes on Legendary Games, though, as we’ve got a metric ton of amazing 5E products coming your way, including:

Beasts of Legend: Boreal Bestiary – even more creatures of the cold wilderness, featuring spirits of the living and the dead

Beasts of Legend: Beasts of the East – an octet of awesome adversaries from across Asian myth and legend

Beasts of Legend: Construct Codex – a collection of chilling constructs perfect for adding a dose of horror

Treasury of the Macabre – 30 marvelous magic items highlighting all manner of horror themes

Treasury of the Kingdom – even more magnificent magic items fit for faerie forests and rugged explorers hacking their dominions from the unforgiving wilderness

Tomes of Ancient Knowledge and Gothic Grimoires – spectacular spellbooks featuring terrifying histories and legends as well as terrible eldritch secrets for your spellcasters and more, if you dare reach for such forbidden power