Ultimate Kingdoms (5E)

It’s Good to Be the King! 

Ultimate Kingdoms takes your 5E campaign beyond dragons and dungeons to gain wealth, power, and influence in your favorite fantasy world! Within this beautiful book you’ll find a comprehensive system for founding and ruling a kingdom of your own. Tame the wilderness to establish your cities, filling them with loyal citizens and monuments to your glory, as the cleverness of your edicts and the wisdom of your building decisions combine to create a kingdom that will outlast you. Engage in diplomacy, trade, festivals, espionage, and everything a mighty ruler must manage to keep their nation prosperous and happy. Of course, no kingdom is ever truly safe, and Ultimate Kingdoms provides a detailed yet easy-to-use abstract mass combat system that incorporates battles on land, sea, and air in a single integrated rule set, with flexible tactics, commanders, and both simple and advanced options, alongside bonus rules for sieges, logistics, battlefield terrain and weather, and more! Over and above ruling a kingdom and waging war on a large scale, Ultimate Kingdoms contains expansive rules that can be used in any 5E campaign or adventure, such as:

  • Ships & Sea: Nautical adventures and ship-to-ship combat, with simple and advanced rules as well as fast-play fleet battles, naval siege weapons and special ship modifications, hauling cargo, and seizing plunder!
  • Strongholds: Construct your own buildings and castles, including exotic building materials and magical augmentations, character-level siege weapons, digging in on the battlefield, and exotic strongholds like cloud castles, crystal palaces, bone keeps, and walls of pure necrotic spirit!
  • Factions & Intrigue: Creating guilds, secret societies, and similar factions and organizations, wielding power and influence to shape society!
  • Relationships: Building deep and rich relationships with NPCs, developing your affinities to create life-long friendships, romances, and rivalries!
  • Character Options: New spells, feats, gear, and class features, as well as the brand-new general and hordelord classes!
  • Awesome Extras: Sample kingdoms and organizations and appendices jam-packed with noble titles, troop conversion rules and dozens of sample military troops, mercenary name generator, detailed record sheets for your settlements, kingdoms, and military units!

Your characters can become much more than just adventurers with Ultimate Kingdoms, and each subsystem presented here stands easily on its own but also has connections to the other rules in this book. This modular design lets you use any or all of the different parts of this book in your campaign to tailor these options for you and your players. Your heroes have beaten the bandits, overcome the orcish onslaught, and defeated the dragon, but in between their adventures your heroes would rather return home to a mighty throne instead of a warm campfire, now they can with Ultimate Kingdoms! Grab this fantastic 384-page 5th Edition rules expansion today and Make Your Game Legendary!

PDF version available now. Print and Print/PDF Bundles available for preorder, shipping after Kickstarter backers receive their copies.

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Ultimate Ships (5E)

Come Sail Away!


The sea is calling, and Ultimate Ships is the perfect resource to make your aquatic adventures amazing in your 5E campaign! This incredible expansion brings you everything you need to expand the nautical optinos in our campaign, with with rules for shipboard combat, simple and advanced ship-to-ship combat, and easy-to-use fleet battles! You’ll find detailed options for ships large and small from ancient times to the Age of Sail, with naval siege weapons from cannons to catapults, ballistas to firedrakes, as well as special ship modifications like concealed weapon ports, silk sails, and smuggling compartments. Add in spell effects on ships, shore bombardment rules, ramming, repairs, boarding actions, plus tons of sample ships, and you can play at the level of detail that suits your game and your players, from simple to complex.


The mass combat rules for 5th Edition in Kingdoms, Ultimate Battle, and Ultimate War from Legendary Games offer a terrific integrated system of kingdom management, nation-building, and battles on sea, sky, and land, but if you’d like to run a fun and fast fleet battle without quite that level of detail you’ll love the fleet battle rules presented here. Form up your squadrons and bring out your fleet for fast-paced skirmishes at sea, with plenty of tactical options to make every sea battle unique but without bogging down in complexity. Drive to the enemy flagship and bring out your heroes to face down their foes on deck and claim the spoils of victory!


Ultimate Ships helps you bring the classic adventure voyage to life in your 5E game with a wealth of material, but its modular design also makes it easy to use as much or as little as you like. Whether you create a full-fledged nautical campaign or just need concise, detailed rules to handle an ocean journey or riverboat cruise, this book is an encyclopedic addition to your 5E gaming library! Grab this fantastic 46-page 5E supplement today and Make Your Game Legendary!

The rules in this product are included as part of the Pirate Campaign Compendium (5E).

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