Legendary Clerics

The Power of the Gods

Legendary Clerics is the latest volume in our new series of class-focused player supplements for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this time raising high the sacred banner of the cleric class! This book brings a completely redesigned cleric class built around their faith and blessings, with integrated domains and doctrines that grow as their faith and power does. Domains have been redesigned to incorporate the vast diversity of spells available beyond the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, with expanded domain powers and alternate doctrines for 30 domains, like Doctrines of Friendship and Enthrallment for the Charm Domain, Fortune and Misfortune for Luck, and Domestication and the Wild for Animals! Plus you’ll find nearly a dozen archetypes like the prophet and planar envoy and even more new spells, feats, alternate class features, favored class bonuses, and more! Plus to cap it all off, we bring you Ishmael Bremen, a ready-to-use with a detailed history, personality, and powers ready to show off what the legendary cleric can do! Whether you call down the fires of heaven or raise up the powers of hell to unleash divine power upon the world, you’ll find a ton of terrific options for your cleric in this book. Check out this 60-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supplement by Matt Daley and Nathan Reinecke today and Make Your Game Legendary! 
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Mythic Monsters Bonus Bundle 31-40

All in one place, this amazing offer includes the 10 more PDFs in the legendary Mythic Monsters series in one compilation of marvelous monstrous mythic mayhem. An ideal complement to the Mythic Monsters Mega-Bundle, this bundle 130 magnificent mythic monsters alongside tons of new magic items, technology, class options, and more for your Pathfinder campaign, including the following products at 70% off – just $2 each!

Mythic Monsters 31: Daemons

Mythic Monsters 32: Shadow

Mythic Monsters 33: Norse

Mythic Monsters 34: Egypt

Mythic Monsters 35: Demons Too

Mythic Monsters 36: Mesoamerica

Mythic Monsters 37: Robots

Mythic Monsters 38: China

Mythic Monsters 39: Slavic

Mythic Monsters 40: North America

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Stellar Options #16: Alternate Solarians

Servants of the Stars! 

Get new options for your Starfinder solarians as you unleash an array of new alternate class features like the devastating neutron mote, the versatile broken cycle, and master the solar winds in storm mode. You can unleash these powers alongside new class foci in the sidereal agent and startech savant that give your solarian a whole new direction beyond just channeling the power of the living stars!

Sometimes you want awesome rules expansions for your Starfinder Roleplaying Game campaign, but sometimes what you need is a power-packed punch of tightly focused rules content that contains exactly what you need for your character, creature, or whatever it may be. New fighting styles and feats, thematically linked gear, archetypes and class features, and so on; that’s where Stellar Options come in. Stellar Options are not about exposition, philosophy, and campaign-building; they are just flat-out fantastic ideas and great mechanics for GMs and players alike, written by many of the same designers that create official Starfinder rules content! Grab each one for just $1.99 and Make Your Game Legendary!

Price: $1.99

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