A new kind of Hero is nearly here!

An adventure story is only as good as its hero, and a great many heroes follow the call of destiny and the thrill of adventure… but not all of them. From farmboys like Luke Skywalker and Garion to simple homebodies like Bilbo Baggins and scoundrels and creeps that are secretly a lot more heroic than they’d like to admit like Han Solo or even Deadpool, some heroes spend half their time wishing they were anywhere but on the road to adventure. For heroes like this, we are delighted to introduce Path of the Reluctant Hero by Jason Nelson and Tork Shaw, which should be available tomorrow!

Path of the Reluctant Hero cover


This Pathfinder RPG supplement for the mythic rules offers an entirely new mythic path, complete with a selection of reluctant heroics like the anti-hero and cynic; dozens upon dozens of path abilities like snatch from death, taking you with me, right place/right time, unorthodox tactics, focus over fury, and lucky guess; and six thematic builds: the denier of destiny, homebody, orphan, retired hero, scoundrel with a heart of gold, and the simple farmer. Don’t let the humble names fool you; from such humble origins have arisen some of the greatest heroes of fantasy, film, and fiction. It’s a different way to think about why your character is out adventuring in the first place, and how even the one you least expected might become the savior of all! Here is just a foretaste of what you can expect to find within.


What You Will Find Inside Path of the Reluctant Hero

In classic fantasy roleplaying games, player characters drive the action. They are bold, daring, courageous, and always on the lookout for a new adventure. Their abilities and equipment are simply a means to an end, of conquering the next challenge and bringing home another trophy and another tale to share by the fireside. Yet in fantasy stories from film and fiction, and even from real history, there are those heroes who become heroes in the course of their tale, but who would really rather be anywhere else but an adventure. It is not so much that they lack courage and daring, but that those qualities are buried beneath an exterior of contentment and complacency, a narrow world view that sees only their small surroundings, a sense of unimportance in the grand scheme, or even flat-out resignation or resistance to the call of adventure. And yet, it is into adventure that they go, and in the process they discover the true heroism within themselves and reveal their worth to more jaded or experienced companions who may have thought them worthless and weak.


Path of the Reluctant Hero is designed to help build characters who achieve immortality and legendary status not because they were the obvious choice, riding a wave of dauntless destiny, but because they came from humble beginnings where greatness was the farthest thing from their minds. Their adventures at times seem almost like accidents, as though each one were just something that happened along the way trying to get home, and yet in looking back they have achieved far more than anyone ever would have believed, forging a legacy that stands shoulder to shoulder with the greatest of heroes. They may begin as simple farmers or humble homebodies, tending hearth and home, fields and flocks, rising from such humble station to make their mark upon history. Others may be orphans with only vague clues to their past, or those burdened with a terrible weight of a legacy that crushes them with its seeming inevitability, each struggling to forge his own path. They may even be experienced adventurers who just don’t want to get involved, from retired heroes beaten down by the futility of making real change to those who think they are heartless mercenaries and scoundrels but just can’t resist the urge to lend a hand when times get tough. A Reluctant Hero is a character who never thought of herself as a hero, and yet her common sense and her sheer grit and determination can see her through any challenge. She will not bow or break, she will not give up on protecting the home and hope she holds dearest to her heart, and she will never forget that what she is fighting for─ peace and freedom, home and happiness ─matters more than anything.