800-plus pages of Pathfinder for PaizoCon!!! Plus 40% off!

We look forward every year to seeing our friends and fans at PaizoCon, and this year we have not one but TWO HUGE releases just in time for you to celebrate with us! Of course, to kick off the fun we are offering 40% OFF ALMOST EVERYTHING here at the Legendary Games webstore now through May 31st. Just enter the code PAIZOCON40 and save big! Now, speaking of big, let’s talk about our two new books!

For space and sci-fi themed campaigns and creatures we present to you the massive 326-page Alien Bestiary CompanionYou’ll find allies and adversaries within these pages, from playable races for your sci-fi game to cosmic horrors and apocalyptic enemies inspired by classic themes of science fiction. This volume collects over 150 monsters from CR ½ to CR 27, including not only residents of the Legendary Planet and Aethera settings but also, enhanced mythic versions of a number of space and sci-fi monsters like the myrmidon robot, plasma ooze, and star-spawn of Cthulhu, alongside brand-new never-before-seen monsters like the asteroid worm, star fairy, meteor dragon, and supermassive singularity! The Alien Bestiary Companion is more than just monsters too, with appendices devoted to aliens, creatures of the Aethera system, creature indices by type and CR, sci-fi traps and hazards, and special rules for sci-fi settings including gravity, vacuum, radiation, and more!

The PDF is available now and the print version and print/PDF bundles are available for preorder here at the Legendary Games webstore and will be available in wide release in June. Grab a copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Even bigger still, the truly titanic Pirate Campaign Compendium brings you 500 pages of amazing expansions for any nautical campaign using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This beautiful book is perfect for embarking on epic journeys of exploration above or below the waves, voyages to distant shores, or full-on pirate campaigns of plunder and pillage! The Pirate Campaign Compendium brings you an incredible collection of rules for nautical campaigns of every kind, including:

  • Nearly 70 archetypes, class features, feats, and traits, from the pearl knight paladin and privateer ranger to the sargasso siren kineticist and boarder cavalier, plus feats like Eel Strike, Hoist the Colors, Naval Commander, and Cetacean Smash!
  • Maritime magic with over 100 spells and 60 magic items drawn from traditional Caribbean pirate lore but also from the distant corners of the fantasy world, from Arabia to the Arctic, to the Far East and South Pacific!
  • Five complete adventures for characters from 4th to 14th level!
  • Over 40 savage sea monsters from CR 1 to CR 25, with friendly merfolk and seaweed leshies to the star-spawn of Cthluhu!
  • Over 80 ready-to-use NPCs from common pirates to officers of the line, as well as richly detailed and evocative heroes and villains ideal as recurring characters and playable pirate PCs.
  • Simple and advanced ship-to-ship combat rules, plus a dynamic and exciting fleet battle system for running major naval engagements and modular rules for shipbuilding and special ship modifications.
  • Plus tons of bonus material for navigation and storms at sea, fame and infamy, aquatic and underwater terrain, shipwrecks and plunder, shipboard roles, pirate punishment, grog, seasickness, sea shanties, a pirate glossary, and even peg legs and eyepatches!

Like the Alien Bestiary Companion, the PDF is available now and the print version and print/PDF bundles are available for preorder here at the Legendary Games webstore and will be available in wide release in June. Grab a copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Of course, there’s even more amazing stuff coming soon from Legendary Games, like Legendary Races: Wyrmtouched coming next Friday, layout beginning on the Alien Bestiary for Starfinder and nearly complete on Path of the Bound, plus incredible new adventures being announced at the What’s New with Legendary Games panel Saturday at noon at PaizoCon. We hope to see you there, and we’ll be posting up more details here after the con is over!


PaizoCon events and more coming soon!

May is turning into a very busy month, as we are on the fast track to release with a bundle of terrific products for you!  Legendary Planet: The Depths of Desperation is just about ready for release to our Kickstarter backers and should be available for the general public at PaizoCon at the end of the month! Legendary Beginnings: A Feast of Flavor and the time-travel adventure On the Siberian Line are in layout now and should be ready for release soon, and Beasts of Legend: Fairy Tale Creatures (5E) is just about ready to join them! We are also excited and delighted to announce a brand-new book coming your way soon for our Aethera Campaign Setting

This fantastic folio brings you 10 delightfully detailed characters ready-made for you, two for each of the new races of the Aethera setting and carefully crafted with all the fantastic flavor of the campaign world in mind. You’ll also find brand-new feats and rules elements here, with beautiful portraits for each character and even fold-up paper minis!

Many wheels are churning and turning here at LG as we prepare for the summer convention season to kick off! You can check out the events calendar and sign-up for PaizoCon 2017 right here – the event lottery closes at noon tomorrow so don’t miss it! Among the events you’ll see from LG are:

Two sessions of a four-table tournament event, The Thanex Caper, playing chapter 1 of Legendary Planet: Dead Vault Descent with an all-star cast of LG luminaries as GMs!

Legendary Planet: The Depths of Desperation with author Steve Helt

Legendary Planet: The Assimilation Strain with co-author Neil Spicer

Cold Mountain (from the just completed Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium) with contributing author Russ Taylor

Trail of the Apprentice: The Bandit’s Cave with author Paris Crenshaw

Legendary Beginnings: A Feast of Flavor with the authorial debut of Rachel Ventura

Killer Characters and Killer GMs with Steve Helt, Dan Dillon, Savannah Broadway, and Jason Nelson

Two sessions of Wanted in the Wastes, the upcoming first adventure set in the Aethera Campaign Setting, plus an Aethera preview panel!

If you’re coming to the con, come by and see us! In addition to our events, we’ll have a fully stocked table in the dealer’s room! We’d love to see you, sign your books, and thank you for your support of LG!

And on Sunday morning at 10:00 AM a fantastic seminar of What’s New with Legendary Games and Encounter Table Publishing, with a ton of great previews for all our product lines as well as a review and recap of big projects of the past year. And PRIZES!  And you might just find out a whole lot more about the mysterious Project C!