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Mythic Minis hits 100, Kingdoms, Ki, and the final days of SAVE LIKE A PIRATE SEPTEMBER!

The 100th installment in our Mythic Minis series is here, with a new batch of horror-themed mythic feats for just a buck. Grab Mythic Minis 100: Horror Feats C-E right here at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG


These are also the final days of the SAVE LIKE A PIRATE SEPTEMBER SALE – with almost every pirate product we make for Pathfinder and 5E on sale for 50% off right here at the Legendary Games webstore, Paizoand Open Gaming Store


Last Friday also marked the debut of Ultimate Rulership (5E), an awesome expansion to the kingdom-building rules for 5th Edition introduced in Kingdoms (5E) from Legendary Games! The next companion volume in this series is already in layout, so get ready to bust out a ton of terrific new mass combat options with Ultimate Battle (5E) coming next week!


This week, though, it’s time to take a trip to the mysterious orient to unleash the power of mind, body, and spirit with The Way of Ki (5E), a terrific resource not just for monk characters in 5th Edition, but including a full system of feats, archetypes, and more for characters of every class to invoke the power of ki! Find the center, channel your focus, and prepare to get in touch with the power within! In honor of this book coming soon, we are offering the Pathfinder version for just $2 as our TWO$DAY product of the week! - The Way of Ki cover



MYTHIC MONDAY and the End of Intrigue!

Just because GenCon is over doesn’t mean we don’t have MORE NEW STUFF for you! This week brings our Intrigues to a close, starting today with MYTHIC MONDAY and the final installment of mythic intrigue feats!From saboteurs to tricksters to angry drunks, you Intrigue Feats II right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!

Mythic Minis 98 - Intrigue Feats II Cover

But that’s not all! In layout now and on target for release this Friday, we have the latest installment of mythic spells for you from Alex Riggs and Legendary newcoming David N. Ross, featuring mythic versions of every spell from Ultimate Intrigue! You’ll be able to pick up Mythic Magic: Intrigue Spells this Friday! Over 100 new mythic spells, from absolution to wizened appearance and all spells in between, if you want to take your intrigue to a new level, you need to get this book!


Coming soon thereafter, Horrific Curses is on the horizon, with tons of terrific new horror content, and Mythic Monsters: Slavic and Mythic Monsters: North America! Plus more 5E adventures coming, and even more expansions for kingdom-building and mass combat rules for 5th Edition!


It’s MYTHIC MONDAY Misdirection… plus 80% off Legendary Rogues!

Today’s MYTHIC MONDAY delves deeper into the arts of deception with Mythic Minis 88: Feats of Misdirection! You can grab this collection of 9 terrific mythic feats of intrigue right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

MM 88 Cover

As if that weren’t enough baffling bluster and true trickery, we are offering a special discount on the masters of manipulation and the sultans of skullduggery. That’s right, we are making Legendary Rogues our TWO$DAY product of the week in celebration of its appearance on Endzeitgeist’s Top Ten of 2015! For this week through next Monday, you’ll be able to grab Legendary Rogues for just 2 dollars right there at the Legendary Games webstore! 



We are excited to announce that the Trail of the Apprentice Kickstarter for Pathfinder and 5E has doubled its funding goal with almost a week left to go! We’re super-excited about brand-new bonus goals, like a set of pregenerated characters for the compilation ready to use right out of the box plus a set of new fiends of the Shadescar Rift by Mike Welham!

Art badge for KS

Next goal in sight is for a brand-new piece of cover art for the compilation, with more bonus goals besides for number of backers, Facebook likes, and more! We thank each and every one of you for your support, both those of you who have pledged and those of you who have helped spread the word. We hope all of you can keep us spreading the good word about Trail of the Apprentice for a spectacular six-day streak to the finish!

Of course, just because we’re running a Kickstarter doesn’t mean we aren’t still bringing you a ton of great new product! Last week we brought you the Tomes of Ancient Knowledge and Treasury of the Macabre, bringing you a wealth of horror-themed loot for your 5th Edition campaign, and this week we bring you another load of loot, this time from the tombs and treasures of fantasy Egypt with Treasury of the Pharaohs!

Treasury of the Pharaohs cover (small)

With over 30 brand-new magic items themed for deserts and ruins of ancient fallen kingdoms and their mysterious monoliths, this book is sure to please the most dedicated treasure hunters! Pick it up today at the Legendary Games webstore, Paizo, Open Gaming Storeor DrivethruRPG!

Better still, if you love for your 5th Edition game, next week we should be ready to debut the Treasury of the Kingdom, with nearly 40 new magic items around the theme of faerie forests, wilderness exploration, and the conquest and ruling of your own kingdom!

We also have a special bonus for our customers at the Legendary Games webstore: since I was camping on this past Monday, I wasn’t able to post up the latest Mythic Mini devoted to the occult: Mythic Minis 85: Medium, Psychic, and Spiritualist Feats. You can pick it up in wide release wherever fine Pathfinder products are sold on next MYTHIC MONDAY as usual, but you can pick it up right now here at the Legendary Games webstore! 

85 Cover

We’ll have just one more Mythic Mini in this series before we switch our focus to feats of intrigue and more, celebrating the mystery and machinations unveiled in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Intrigue, starting the first Monday in May!


MYTHIC MONDAY is out for blood, and LG Fall Preview #2!

This week brings us a dash of derring-do, starting off with Mythic Minis 78: Catfolk, Ratfolk, and Dhampir Feats! Each of these races relies on quickness, agility, and guile as its stock in trade, with a taste for blood and a touch of the beast both within and without! You can pick up these 13 marvelous mythic feats at the Legendary Games webstoreOpen Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!

Mythic Minis 78 - Catfolk, Ratfolk, and Dhampir Feats cover

But wait, there’s MORE! 

Last week we started our Fall Preview series, announcing latest entry into our line of Legendary Heroes products, Legendary Swashbucklers! Today we’re going to delve a little more deeply into the idea of personages, a new class feature developed by author Alex Augunas, giving you a sample of the Phantom personage, inspired by masked heroes like Zorro and (obviously) the Phantom. Each personage grants the swashbuckler a core bonus feature, and each also has a set of abilities and deeds that are unique to that personage.


Stalkers of the night, phantom swashbucklers are masters of stealth and disguise. Using the cover of nightfall, elaborate disguises, and practiced techniques, these swashbucklers use their panache to strike terrible fear into their enemies by night while keeping up an elaborate social façade by day.

Bonus: At 1st level, a phantom swashbuckler divides his personage into two separate halves: a social personage and a phantom personage. Although he is physically unchanged between these two identities, his phantom personage is comprised of a specific attire (such as a costume) and includes identifying features like specific colors or a logo, make-up, signature equipment, personality quirks, and a separate name. Knowledge checks about one of the phantom swashbuckler’s personages do not reveal information about the other unless the creature attempting the Knowledge check knows that the two personages are one and the same.

This ability improves as the phantom advances in level, developing both personas while keeping each carefully secret from the other.

Personage Abilities: At 2nd level, a phantom gains phantom’s renown, allowing her to spread her fame throughout the area where her masked alter ego roams, and as she advances in level she can make quick changes into her alter ego and back, and her fame and reputation are such that her influence on others linger even after she has vanished into the shadows.

Personage Deeds: A swashbuckler with the phantom personage gains the following deeds when she reaches the appropriate level.

Phantom’s Derring-Do (Ex): At 3rd level, a phantom swashbuckler can use derring-do in conjunction with any Strength-, Dexterity, or Charisma-based skill check, allowing him to roll 1d6 and add the result to the check. This deed otherwise functions as the standard swashbuckler’s derring-do deed, but if she using this deed when she makes a Charisma-based check and she rolls a result of a natural 6 on the 1d6, she can continue to roll 1d6s and add the result to her Charisma-based check up to a number of times equal to her Charisma modifier (minimum 1), instead of her Dexterity modifier. If the swashbuckler selects an archetype that alters or replaces the derring-do deed, the swashbuckler gains the unaltered version of the derring-do deed instead.

Phantom Disappearance (Ex): At 7th level, a phantom swashbuckler can spend 1 panache point to use the Stealth skill even while being observed. As long as he is within 10 feet of some sort object, condition, or effect that he could use to gain cover or concealment, the swashbuckler can hide himself from view in the open without having anything to actually hide behind. He can remain hidden in this manner until the end of his next turn, after which all creatures that he does not have cover or concealment automatically notice him. 

Evasive Tongue (Ex): At 11rd level, while she has at least 1 panache, a phantom swashbuckler’s disparate personages identities allow her to defeat her foes’ attempts to discern if she is lying. As long as what she says is true from her current personage’s perspective, the swashbuckler adds half her swashbuckler level on Bluff checks made to convince her opponent that what she is saying is true. Such statements also detect as true to effects like discern lies and she can say it in effects like zone of truth that force her to speak the truth.

Phantom Strike (Ex): At 15th level, a phantom swashbuckler can spend 1 panache whenever she hits a foe that is shaken, frightened, or panicked with a melee attack in order to attempt to paralyze it with fear. The opponent must succeed on a Will saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 the swashbuckler’s level + the swashbuckler’s Charisma modifier) or cower for 1 round. This ability is a mind-affecting fear effect. The swashbuckler may only use this deed in conjunction with a melee weapon that belongs to a fighter weapon group that she has selected with swashbuckler weapon training.

Lights Out (Ex): At 19th level, when a phantom swashbuckler uses the Intimidate skill to demoralize an opponent or hits an opponent with a melee weapon that deals nonlethal damage, he can spend 1 panache point to attack to knock out or frighten the opponent into unconsciousness. The target must succeed at a Will saving throw or immediately fall asleep for 3d6 x 10 minutes. Such creatures can be awakened from as a standard action (an application of the aid another action) and slapping or dealing lethal damage awakens the creature, but normal noise does not.

We are aiming to have Legendary Swashbucklers available this Friday, waiting on a few last pieces of art to come in, but in the meanwhile here are a few concept sketches we created for the phantom personage! - Zorro Swashbuckler1 - ZorroSwashbuckler2


The post-GenCon work begins to grow… with Mythic Plants!

Our first year exhibiting at GenCon was a whirlwind adventure, and while final numbers are being tallied I’d call it a definite success! We will be back next year for sure, ready to debut the hardback of the Legendary Planet Adventure Path for the general public. Don’t forget, while our Kickstarter has ended, there is still time to hop on board at the Kickstarter prices; just email us at and let us know what level you’d like to back! You’ll be able to immediately download The Assimilation Strain (which has already garnered it’s first 5-star review plus the coveted seal of approval from Endzeitgeist!) and the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide, and you’ll always be one adventure ahead of the general public when each new adventure comes out after that! Spread the word and see if we can get a few more folks on board before this gateway to adventure closes!


Our print fulfillment for the Mythic Mania Kickstarter also is underway. The first orders have been processed, and we’ll continue churning through them until every backer and customer from our site has their copies of the Mythic Hero’s Handbook, Mythic Monster Manualand Mythic Spell Compendium out to our Kickstarter backers and customers who have ordered the book

With GenCon behind us, however, we are now diving headlong into the latter part of the year with all due speed, catching up on some outstanding projects and getting ready to blow your mind with an avalanche of awesomeness. First up, MYTHIC MONSTERS: PLANTS! Yes, mythic plants, and no, we’re not kidding! A dozen and one marvelous monsters, from the adorable leaf leshy to the shambling mound and the pod-spawning bodythief , the rampaging plant-dragon zomok, and more! Plus new spells and rare mythic plants to make any garden truly legendary! This product also is the first Legendary Games book to feature psychic magic from Paizo’s brand-new Occult Adventures rulebook, as this installment’s new monster, the alien venusi, wields its psychic power to extend its exploratory excursions in search of the elusive elves that once dwelled in the acid-soaked jungles of its homeworld. You can pick up a copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG - Mythic Monsters - Plants (cover)

Also, in case you missed it earlier this week, our MYTHIC MONDAY special release was Mythic Minis 75: Orc Feats! Grab a copy today and grab 9 new mythic feats for your favorite blood-soaked savages. Your heroes will never look at orcs the same way again! Pick it up at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG! - Mythic Minis 75 Cover

We look forward to sharing our fall previews soon, but suffice to say there’s a lot going on right here on this world, as well as the fantastic new universe opening up on Legendary Planet!


Gygax Day is the best MYTHIC MONDAY – with PLANETS!

We couldn’t let a little thing like the final day of the awesome Legendary Planet Kickstarter (now well over 900% funded just under an hour left to go! – but if you miss the deadline, we generally take late pledges via Paypal for an extra week or three for people who may have missed the project) stand in the way of celebrating the godfather of gaming, Gary Gygax, born this day in 1938. Between Gary and Dave Arneson, they created this whole hobby that we know and love, and much as Gary loved a good bit of fantasy-sci-fi match-up, and it’s no accident that we chose this day to finish our Kickstarter. Give Gary some love and come grab onto an amazing adventure!


But it’s also our old friend, MYTHIC MONDAY, and this week’s Mythic Mini is devoted the sometimes unloved but always fierce half-orcs! Pick up a gaggle of new mythic half-orc feats from the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG! - Mythic Minis 74 Cover


With one week left in LEGENDARY PLANET, it’s time for half-sized heroes on MYTHIC MONDAY!

We are entering the final week of the Legendary Planet Kickstarter, currently sitting at almost $41,000 (nearly 700% funded) and racing towards the finish line! The prelude adventure The Assimilation Strain is ready to go for both Pathfinder and 5th Edition, and we should have To Worlds Unknown ready to go shortly after GenCon (you can even come see us in Booth 2639 and pick up your copy in person!). We are just over $3,000 from unlocking Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons, the penultimate adventure in the Legendary Planet saga featuring the terrifying talents of Tim Hitchcock, and fully funding the entire AP is easily within reach. Keep spreading the word across the Pathfinder and 5th Edition communities and let’s see how high this thing can go!

cantina color

Our mythic hardbacks are scheduled to arrive this week and we are excited to be debuting the Mythic Hero’s Handbook, Mythic Monster Manual, and Mythic Spell Compendium at GenCon, and sending out as many copies as we can before we leave for the convention. For those who like their mythic content in bite-sized pieces, however, check out the latest Mythic Mini for heroes that may lack in height but make up for it in heroic chutzpah – grab your copy of Mythic Minis 73: Gnome and Halfling Feats today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG! - Mythic Minis 73 Cover


It’s MYTHIC MONDAY, and Legendary Planet is in the ZONE!

Today’s MYTHIC MONDAY brings you 15 fabulous feats for that most familiar of all races: humans! Pick up Mythic Minis 70: Human Feats right now from the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoor DrivethruRPG

Speaking of fabulous, the launch of the Legendary Planet Kickstarter has been a rip-roaring rocket-ship ride, as we are just shy of $30,000 after our first week live! We have five weeks yet to go, and we have already unlocked over a dozen stretch goals, including new adventure chapters written by Mike Shel, Matt Goodall, and Richard Pett, along with bonus bestiaries, planetary gazetteers, and additional articles, as well as a 7-part fiction series by award-winning author Chris A. Jackson (Pirate’s Honor, Pirate’s Promise)! Plus with over 200 backers everyone who pledges for an adventure will receive a PDF art and map folio with every illustration and map (including unkeyed player-friendly maps) on its own page! We are at 400 pages of content and counting already! Take your characters from humble beginnings to 20th level with an awesome adventure beyond the stars with Legendary Planet!

Mythic Minis 70 Cover