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MYTHIC MONDAY is Mythic Mania 2-sday – Let the Mania BEGIN!

The MYTHIC MANIA II Kickstarter has begun! 

MYTHIC MONDAY was just not big enough to contain all the awesomeness that you’ll find in the Mythic Character Codex and Mythic Monster Manual 2, so it took until Tuesday for Kickstarter to comprehend and allow us to unleash SO MUCH MANIA!!!



When the mythic rules for Pathfinder debuted five years ago, Legendary Games unleashed an incredible project – MYTHIC MANIA – teaming up with Kobold Press, Rogue Genius Games, and Dreamscarred Press to bring you three comprehensive expansion volumes, the Mythic Hero’s Handbook, Mythic Monster Manual, and Mythic Spell Compendium. Altogether, we gave you over 900 pages of incredible material to blow the lid off your Pathfinder campaign with literally thousands of mythic feats, spells, monsters, magic items, psionic powers, class features, path abilities, skills, traps, curses, and more to make your campaign dynamic and cinematic in ways it never was before. It was amazing and we thank everyone who made it possible.

MYTHIC MANIA II encompasses two books rather than three and incorporates mythic material for hardbacks like the Advanced Class Guide, Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium, Horror Adventures, Occult Adventures, Ultimate Intrigue, and Ultimate Wilderness, as well as potentially adding in more material from the Adventurer’s Guide, Monster Codex, Planar Adventures, Villain Codex, Book of the Damned, Pirate Campaign Compendium, and more! What will you find in MYTHIC MANIA II?

Mythic Character Codex – Three new mythic paths – the bound, mystic, and reluctant hero – along with over a thousand new mythic path abilities, hybrid class features, feats, spells, magic items, and more!

Mythic Monster Manual II – Over 200 mythic monsters… and maybe a whole lot more! Plus appendices and bonus content!

We’ve had our team working behind the scenes on this project for months now, and we’re pleased to inform you that THE WRITING AND ART ARE DONE. That includes both the primary core of the product and the planned stretch goals. Material for bonus goals is already written – it’s just a matter of seeing how big these books can become and how much stuff we can include! There will be no lag time waiting to catch upon things to get finished with the authors. It’s already in the can. The more pledges we get, the bigger the books will get and the more material will be included, but art and text is already finished for all of the material we plan to include.

This Kickstarter project runs through Mythic Monday, December 17, so please do help spread the word to all and sundry about this amazing opportunity to bring two incredible accessories to your Pathfinder campaign, making it more dynamic, cinematic, and exciting in some truly amazing ways. These books compile and include a metric ton of 5-star awesome individual products created by the people who know mythic rules better than anyone, and cover the gamut of GM and player material, including tons of great stuff that you can easily incorporate into a traditional Pathfinder campaign even if you don’t use the mythic rules for everything. It’s an amazing toolset for you to use as you will to Make Your Game Legendary! 




Mythic Magic and Horrible Savings!

Today we bring you the latest installment in our series of mythic spells for Pathfinder with Mythic Magic: Horror Spells! This tome of terror brings you 69 brand-new frightfully fantastic spells rich in grisly gore and cosmic corruption, from combat spells like barbed chain, screaming flames, and waves of blood right alongside defensive magic like ban corruption, impossible angles, and profane nimbus, spells to bring sorrow and despair like mad sultan’s melody, dreadscape, and maze of madness and suffering, and of course a huge toolbox of magic designed to tap into the deepest and darkest secrets man was not meant to know, like contact entity, compelling rant, and plundered power! You can pick this up today for just $4.99 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG - Mythic Magic - Horror (small cover)

But wait, it gets better! In celebration of this latest addition to the Mythic Magic family, we are offering the massive Mythic Spell Compendium, with mythic versions of over 2000 spells, for 50% off! You can grab this 288-page PDF for $14.99, the print version for $24.99, or the print/PDF bundle for $29.99 right here at the Legendary Games webstore (or non-mint copies for even less), Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!

Mythic Spell Compendium Coversmall

Last but not least, we have plenty more spectacular September content coming, including Treasury of the Crusade and Islands of Plunder: Raid on the Emperor’s Hand for 5th Edition, and Legendary Vigilantes and Mythic Monsters 40: North America for Pathfinder in the next few weeks, plus some special surprises! Speaking of North America, here’s what you can expect to see in this marvelous manual of mythic monsters!

Mythic Monsters: North America brings you an amazing and exciting assortment of monsters from the legends and lore of North America, from ancient aboriginal adversaries and spirits of the land to more modern cryptids and mysterious beasts, ranging from CR 3 to 21. Some natives of North America are benevolent spirits, like the stately and mighty manitou, and the curious wakandagi the purifies the lakes and rivers, each guiding and guarding those who travel their lands. Others simply prefer to be left alone, like the shy and secretivesasquatch or the mysterious and magical tupilaq, or prowl the wilderness proud and alone, daring any to challenge them like the hungry hodag and the majestic thunderbird. Many more, however, are far more sinister, whether cunning and cruel like the murderous wikkawakor simply savage like the snallygaster. Sinister and jealous tricksters like the shapeshifting ijiraq and the child-stealing qallupilluk hunt those that wander the wilds, making them lose their way and fall into their dread clutches, while others inspire such dread and terror that they have no need of trickery, from the titanic akhlut wolf-whale, the ominous Jersey devil, and the flesh-feasting wendigo! As if a dozen existing monsters were not enough, the brand-new giiwedin is tormented spirit of the northern winds, a horrid howling gale of doom that can raise an army of the frozen dead in its wake. In addition to the featured creatures, we bring you a brand new kind of magic item with scrimshaw magic graven into the bones of the beasts of the north!


Magic Most INTRIGUING, plus horrifying savings!

We are delighted to announce today the release of our latest Mythic Magic installment, featuring the talents of Alex Riggs and the Legendary debut of David N. Ross, a longtime friend of LG and collaborator at Paizo, who has a deft hand with all things intriguing! This terrific tome features an even 100 new mythic spells, including mythic versions of every single spell in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Intrigue, from absolution to wizened appearance and all points in between, with tricksy ruse spells, divinations, and mental magic of every kind. You can pick up this 32-page book right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Paizo, Open Gaming Store, DrivethruRPGand soon at Amazon! 


But wait, that’s not all! In celebration of the new release of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Horror Adventures, we wanted to proclaim our undying love for all things creepy, crawly, and bumping in the night, which means for the entire month of August we are offering 50% off horror and occult-themed products! You can get them right here at the Legendary Games webstore, of course, with the coupon code HORROR2016, but you also can get every one of our Gothic, horror, and occult products at half price at the Open Gaming Store and at Paizo!  From classics like the Treasury of the Macabre, The Haunted Hamlet of Raven’s Hill (5E) and the hardback Gothic Campaign Compendium to new-school horror like Mythic Magic: Occult Spells, Occult Archetypes, and Killer Clowns from Hell, for Pathfinder or 5th Edition, ALL OF IT IS HALF PRICE! These savings are so good, it’s scary!


MYTHIC MONDAY and the End of Intrigue!

Just because GenCon is over doesn’t mean we don’t have MORE NEW STUFF for you! This week brings our Intrigues to a close, starting today with MYTHIC MONDAY and the final installment of mythic intrigue feats!From saboteurs to tricksters to angry drunks, you Intrigue Feats II right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!

Mythic Minis 98 - Intrigue Feats II Cover

But that’s not all! In layout now and on target for release this Friday, we have the latest installment of mythic spells for you from Alex Riggs and Legendary newcoming David N. Ross, featuring mythic versions of every spell from Ultimate Intrigue! You’ll be able to pick up Mythic Magic: Intrigue Spells this Friday! Over 100 new mythic spells, from absolution to wizened appearance and all spells in between, if you want to take your intrigue to a new level, you need to get this book!


Coming soon thereafter, Horrific Curses is on the horizon, with tons of terrific new horror content, and Mythic Monsters: Slavic and Mythic Monsters: North America! Plus more 5E adventures coming, and even more expansions for kingdom-building and mass combat rules for 5th Edition!


The Occult Spells are Here!

Legendary Games is proud to present the latest addition to our series of mythic spells for the latest rulebooks for the Pathfinder RPG: Mythic Magic: Occult SpellsThis 28-page compendium features 129 spells, from create mindscape and tower of iron will to dream council and explode head, with base mythic options and augmentations that will blow your mind! Pick it up today from the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPGIf you love mixing mythic with occult, also keep an eye on the relaunch of our Mythic Minis coming in March!

Occult Spells cover


Spells are about to get Stranger

Our latest addition to the mythic options available for Pathfinder RPG is in layout as we speak! We are pleased to announce the Legendary debut of Amanda Hamon Kunz, who teamed up with Jason Nelson and Jonathan H. Keith to bring you a brand new collection of mythic magic that will blow your mind!

Occult Spells cover

Mythic Magic: Occult Spells brings you you 129 all-new mythic spells from Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures! While the original mythic rules for Pathfinder included many cherished favorites from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook as well as the other core rules hardback rulebooks and the Mythic Spell Compendium compiled a vast array of mythic spells for your game, new rules for Pathfinder continue to come out and spellcasters have a continual supply of new tricks to try from more recent rulebooks. If you like occult mysteries and psychic magic, this is the book for you as it completes the mythic rules for every spell in Pathfinder Roleplaying Occult Adventures. All of them, from akashic form to withdraw affliction and all spells in between.


Whether you’re a true psychic spellcaster or a user of arcane or divine magic who simply dabbles in the world of spirits and psychics, Mythic Magic: Occult Spells contains mythic spells of every level and every kind, from minor spells to the mightiest magics. You will find combat spells like id insinuation, synaptic overload, and explode head right alongside defensive magic like sealed life and tower of iron will, spells to aid your allies like dream voyage and contagious zeal, and utility spells like akashic form, create mindscape, and bilocation! Grab this book today and make the occult Legendary!


Hypercorps 2099 ends today, and More Mythic Magic Begins – Fall Preview #9!

Today is the final day of the HYPERCORPS 2099 Kickstarter, bringing high-impact cyberpunk and supers action to your 5th Edition or Pathfinder game. Check out the FIVE FREE PDFS to preview the setting and system. The Kickstarter ends at midnight tonight, and is just a few hundred dollars away from unlocking another stretch goal in cover art by Claudio Pozas! Spread the HYPE!


But wait, there’s more! The Hypercorps 2099 Kickstarter is ending, and the Mythic Mania Kickstarter is long since done, but some projects just keep on going. The Mythic Spell Compendium contains over 2000 mythic spells from across a wide range of official Pathfinder core rulebooks and supplements, as well as Deep Magic from Kobold Press, the Gothic Campaign Compendium from Legendary Games, and more! But those crazy golems that publish Pathfinder just keep publishing more books, and far be it from us not to continue to meet your need for MORE MYTHIC MAGIC!


This product is the first all-new Mythic Magic supplement since the publication of the Mythic Spell Compendium from Legendary Games and Kobold Press, and it brings you 134 all-new mythic spells from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Class Guide! While the original mythic rules for Pathfinder included many cherished favorites from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook as well as the other core rules hardback rulebooks and the Mythic Spell Compendium compiled a vast array of mythic spells for your game, new rules for Pathfinder continue to come out and spellcasters have a continual supply of new tricks to try from more recent rulebooks like the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Class Guide. That diversity of options that we love so much about the game is what Legendary Games brings to you in the Mythic Magic series. The product before you completes the mythic rules for every spell in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Advanced Class Guide. All of them, from adhesive blood to widen auras and all spells in between.


Whether you’re an arcane or a divine caster, Mythic Magic: Advanced Spells III contains mythic spells of every level and every kind, from minor spells to the mightiest magics. You will find combat spells like molten orb, sonic scream, and whip of spiders right alongside defensive magic like guardian of faith and shield of fortification, spells to aid your allies like path of glory and contingent action, and utility spells like investigative mind and climbing beanstalk. They are all here, every one, developed with flair and function in mind as only Legendary Games can bring it, by the same designers that wrote most of the mythic spells in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures in the first place.


And as a bonus nugget, by the end of October we also hope to bring you Mythic Magic: Occult Spells, featuring the first wave of new psychic magic spells and more featured in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures, featuring the Legendary Games debut of the awesome Amanda Hamon Kunz!