Metal Gods

It’s a Magical Machine Monday, with Intrigue Too!

We are excited to bring you a magnificent blending of magic and machine with Magitech Archetypes! Whether you’re infusing a little mad science into a classic fantasy campaign or setting out on a star-spanning sci-fi saga, you’ll find incredible options including archetypes, feats, and a brand-new kineticist element for your characters in this 32-page supplement by Jason Nelson, N. Jolly, Loren Sieg, Jeff Lee, and Clinton J. Boomer! You can pick up Magitech Archetypes right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

This book is a terrific accessory if you’re already playing in the Metal Gods Adventure Path or in the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, but if you want to combine sci-fi elements with urban intrigue in a future-punk noir kind of setting, you also might want to pick up last Friday’s brand-new Intrigue Archetypesas there is terrific synergy between these two products as well!

Our Legendary Planet subscribers will soon have something to celebrate this week, and we are hard at work to get Asian Archetypes: Magical out to you ASAP, but we also wanted to announce the next urban intrigue adventure coming your way from the talents of terrific Tom Phillips! 

Heroism Turned to Hate

As the PCs make their way through rugged territory claimed by warlike barbarian clans, they discover a frontier garrison surrounded by a corpse-strewn battlefield. Upon further investigation, the PCs find that the entire garrison has been slaughtered to a man and the fort has been turned into a charnel house. Furthermore, the bodies of the barbarian besiegers and those of the slain Corovossan solders all bear ghastly chest-wounds and have had their hearts cut out and removed. Who or what caused these terrible mutilations? And why is the silent, lifeless garrison’s main gate barred from within? What terrors may arise when the fires of courage turn to hate and the battlements run red with Hero’s Blood?


Hero’s Blood is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 4‒6 10th-level characters. It can be run as a standalone wilderness adventure or tied into an ongoing campaign dealing with warfare or clashes between a corrupt colonial city and the tribes of the hinterlands and is an ideal complement to the official “Red Queen Adventure Path,” easily connecting to the fourth adventure in that series. This adventure deals with the theme of corruption of the mind, body, and soul, using the corruption rules presented in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Horror Adventures, to bring an extra element of terror to PCs as they uncover acts of carnage and cruelty that are even more sinister than they appear. If you want to bring home the horrors of war to your PCs, open up the ?? pages of this terrible tale stained crimson with blood and Make Your Game Legendary! 

You can also look forward to the Treasury of the City by Loren Sieg, Victoria Joyner, and Jason Nelson coming your way soon, as well as the one-on-one adventure Orphans of the Hanged Man by Michael Allen and Matt Goodall!

Oh, and let me leave you one last thing. A few numbers for you. 30. 60. 337. 1487. They will be important very soon.


An Intriguing Friday – plus more sci-fi/fantasy news!

First of all, we are excited to debut today’s latest supplement for urban and intrigue campaigns, Intrigue Archetypes! A true team effort, this 40-page extravaganza authored by N. Jolly, Jason Nelson, Clinton J. Boomer, Jonathan H. Keith, Julian Neale, and David N. Ross contains dozens of new archetypes, feats, class features, and more options for characters and campaigns delving into courtly intrigue or the seamy underbelly of the urban jungle! You can pick it up right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon! 

Intrigue Archetypes is the perfect addition to any Pathfinder game set against a backdrop of courtly intrigue, clever manipulation, and urban decay, crime, and corruption. This 40-page class supplement features 10 incredible new archetypes replete with panache and flair, from the scheming priest and mastermind psychic to the trickshot sniper vigilante, wild card swashbuckler, spell hacker wizard, and cityscape hierophant druid. Each has an incredible array of unique and flavorful abilities that will make urban adventuring come to life like never before. You’ll also find over two dozen new intrigue and urban-focused feats and alternate class features like arcanist exploits, magus arcana, and vigilante talents, plus the metallomancy of the clever coinmage prestige class. Capping it all off, we bring you The Grey Shadow, a vengeful vigilante ready to use as an ally or adversary for your urban PCs while showing off some of the fantastic new options in this book. Your characters may delve the deepest dungeons and traverse the widest wilderness, but the siren song of the city calls, and when it’s time to answer your characters will be ready! Add Intrigue Archetypes to your Pathfinder campaign today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

While Intrigue Archetypes delves into the amazing possibilities of the fantasy city, it also can be used in more modern campaigns and even those with a sci-fi flair, but for those who want a more explicitly technological take on that sci-fi/fantasy combination, however, next Monday we’ll be unleashing the next of our incredible class compilations, Magitech Archtypes! 

Magic and machinery are meet in magnificent ways with this incredible class supplement for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! You’ll find seven amazing archetypes that straddle the genres of sci-fi and fantasy, from the astrologer and engram channeler to the necrotech master, robot fighter, and penumbral arcanist! This book also includes a brand-new element for kineticist characters, the machine element, plus over 50 awesome infusions, wild talents, and more, from diesel heart and bloodrust infusion to construct hacker, technograft, mech synthesis,and forced reboot! Plus, new feats for technokineticists and technopaths of every kind! Whether you are adding a dash of sci-fi to your fantasy campaign or exploring a dead and blasted world peopled entirely with lifeless and deathless undead and constructs, you’ll find tons of exciting options here for battling robotic overlords, interfacing with alien lostech, and making the power of the machine yours to command! 

But wait, that’s not all! We are continually expanding our virtual tabletop options, and the latest for you from Fantasy Grounds is the incredible Scorpions of Perditiona sci-fi/fantasy/horror/western adventure by Alex Riggs and Nicolas Logue, now available for virtual use for Pathfinder and coming soon for 5E! Head on over to Fantasy Grounds and grab your copy today!

In Legendary Planet news, we are putting the finishing touches on Confederates of the Shattered Zone (5E) in layout this weekend and should have that ready to go for our backers next week, and we’ll be rolling right into layout on Dead Vault Descent for Pathfinder. Dead Vault Descent (5E) is in the conversion process right now, but should be ready soon thereafter, hopefully by the end of February.

Last but not least, Paizo Inc. has just formally released the first wave of product announcements for the upcoming Starfinder Roleplaying Game, including the Starfinder Compatibility License. Legendary Games has, of course, signed up for that license and will be preparing an array of Starfinder-compatible products once the game is released, including a Starfinder version of the Legendary Planet adventure saga, and much, much more! If you’ve got requests for Starfinder products that you’d love to see from LG, let us know, and we’ll be sure to Make the Stars Legendary! 


It’s ROBOT Time!

This week’s latest release from Legendary Games is a fantastic new class supplement by Jeff Lee, featuring a full-sized 20-level alternate class in The Robot Summoner! This variant on the unchained summoner is the steel soul, who wields power by tapping into microscopic nanite surges and unleashes mechanical manipulations of every kind. In place of an eidolon shaped from the raw stuff of the outer planes, the steel soul creates and controls a devastating robot companion, with nearly 50 awesome upgrades! This class is a perfect fit for a sci-fi fantasy mash-up campaign, whether you’re adding a technological twist to your game or playing a full-fledged adventure saga like Metal Gods or even our own swashbuckling sword-and-planet Legendary Planet saga! You can pick up this 24-page PDF for just 4.99 (with print versions also available at most outlets) at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPGand soon at Amazon as well!


Continuing the robot theme, we are equally excited to announce Mythic Monsters: Robots as our TWO$DAY product of the week, fresh off a fantastic 5-star-seal-of-approval review by Endzeitgeist, who called it one of the very best in the illustrious history of this fantastic series. If you want some amazing mechanical menaces for your Pathfinder campaign ranging from CR 1 to 20, with bonus material to boot, grab it today at the Legendary Games webstore for just $2!

Robots cover (small)

Last but not least, since good things come in threes, we have a third technological treat for you, and this one’s an even better deal – IT’S FREE!!! We are sponsoring the Hypercorps 2099 Wasteland Kickstarter to expand that cyberpunk/supers setting in a perfectly postapocalyptic direction for 5E, and as part of that we are presenting a series of free preview PDFs! Last week we released the Wastelands Primer and this week we follow it up with The Doctor, a 20-level class of marvelous mad science! Check them out and consider backing the campaign!



MAY THE FOURTH is time to save BIG and get HYPER!

Today we celebrate the grand space opera and salute all things sci-fi and space, and in honor of that celebration we are running sales all over the place!  At  Open Gaming Store, you can pick up all of our Metal Gods AP Plug-Ins at 40% off and our Legendary Planet product line at 20% off! You can get the same discounts at, whether you want Metal GodsLegendary Planet (Pathfinder), or Legendary Planet (5E)!

Of course, we can do you one better right here at the Legendary Games webstore, with a 40% OFF coupon on BOTH Metal Gods and Legendary Planet, including print versions and print/PDF bundles not available at Paizo! Just enter the code MAYTHE4TH and SAVE!

But today is not just about big savings; it’s also about bringing you a brand-new sci-fi franchise from Legendary Games! Last summer we partnered with Mike Myler & Co. on a project Mike hatched with one of LG’s founders, Clinton J. Boomer. Mike and his team ran a successful Kickstarter campaign last fall and this spring have brought forth a cyber-super-sci-fi behemoth: HYPERCORPS 2099

Hypercorps 2099 5E cover

Set in a dystopian magitech future, this setting and system is available for both Pathfinder and 5th Edition, with both a massive core Hypercorps 2099 book for each system as well as brand-new adventures Specimens in Centralia and Thrillville or Killville? If you’re curious and want to try before you buy, the team also created FIVE FREE PDFs! Give them a look, and once you’ve gotten a taste come back and pick up the full setting and system, which is available exclusively right here at the Legendary Games webstore, before it’s available anywhere else!


Kickstarter Joy, plus Archetypes and Heroes and Scorpions, Oh My!

Thanks to everyone for the great beginning to the Trail of the Apprentice Kickstarter! We launched just yesterday and already are nearly two-thirds of the way to our funding goal! Thank you for your support, and keep spreading the word on your social media! Likes, favorites, +1s, retweets, reposts, shares, comments, every little bit helps! If you haven’t yet, please consider backing this fantastic 5-part introductory adventure saga for Pathfinder and 5E!   ##‎kickstarter‬ ‪#‎5E‬ ‪#‎Pathfinder‬ ‪#‎beginner‬. ‪#‎TrailoftheApprentice‬

While we’re at it, though, we are pleased as punch to keep bringing the awesome to you with our regular product lines TIMES THREE (plus a bonus preview; stay to the end of the credits)!

1.  Planetary Heroes is a fantastic collection of 8 interplanetary adventurers ready to drop into your sword and planet campaign as friends or enemies, allies or rivals, or even replacement characters. Richly detailed and illustrated and deftly designed by Neil Spicer and Jeff Provine, these heroes are truly out of this world, and you can grab them right here at the Legendary Games webstore, Paizo, Open Gaming Store, DrivethruRPGand Amazon!

DriveThru Cover.indd


2.  Scorpions of Perdition is the long-awaited 8th-level Pathfinder adventure from Alex Riggs and Nick Logue, combining elements of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and even westerns into a terrifying journey into the wild hinterlands where THINGS are roaming that have no business plaguing this world. Can you and a mysterious drifter bring them to justice or put them down before their reign of terror runs wild? Grab your copy at the Legendary Games webstore, Paizo, Open Gaming Store, DrivethruRPGor Amazon!



3.  Occult Archetypes is a brand-new collection of nearly 20 archetypes plus additional class abilities from kineticist wild talents to elemental magic schools, bringing you an awesome array of new character options for your occult characters! You can pick this up right now exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore and the Open Gaming StoreThis fantastic supplement will be available through all our usual sales partners starting on Monday, but we wanted offer a special early-release event just for you!


4.  If this sounds like a lot of great product, just wait until next week, when we’ll be bringing you not only the wide release of Occult Archetypes but also Mythic Minis 83: Mesmerist Feats, Beasts of Legend: Construct Codex (5E), and the first product in our new line of Horror Plug-Ins:

No, we're not kidding.  KILLER CLOWNS! From HELL!

No, we’re not kidding. KILLER CLOWNS! From HELL!


Legendary Product Preview for February!

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s jam-packed with products you’re not going to want to miss! For starters, available right now exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore (and starting Friday in wide release) we are proud to present Mythic Monsters: Mesoamerica by Mike Welham and Jason Nelson, delving into the deliciously deadly myths and legends of Central and South America and the Caribbean, from chupacabras to tzitzimitls, including the brand-new fallen demigod Xipe Totec and both mythic and non-mythic versions of a brand-new prestige class, the plumed servant! 

Mythic Monsters - Mesoamerica Cover

There will be more mythic monsters coming as well, as our Mythic Module Monsters: Rune Lords series continues, with new issues coming out almost every Monday in celebration of MYTHIC MONDAY! You can pick up individual issues for 1.99 each or grab a subscription to all six issue of each AP for 10% off right here at the Legendary Games webstore!

Speaking of mythic, we are have already released mythic versions of all spells in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Class Guide in Mythic Magic: Advanced Spells III, but we are also closing in on the release of Mythic Magic: Occult Spells by Amanda Hamon Kunz, presenting mythic versions of all of the spells from Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures, if not in February then hopefully next month. Of course, mythic isn’t all about monsters and magic, so we are also pleased to announce that February will see the release of a brand-new mythic path, the Path of the Reluctant Hero by Tork Shaw and Jason Nelson! Some heroes just don’t want to be the stars of the show, to just get home, to tend their home and hearth in peace, yet adventure and destiny keep finding them again and again, and every time they stand tall. This brand-new path should be available by next Friday, or the following week at the latest!

Of course, mythic is just one of the many things we’ve got going at Legendary Games! We are also delighted to present our second Legendary Beginnings adventure aimed at younger audiences and newer gamers, The Bandit’s Cave by Paris Crenshaw!

Bandit Cave Cover

This great new adventure can stand on its own, of course, but it also comprises the first issue in the new five-part Trail of the Apprentice adventure path. Yes, that’s right, an entire AP designed especially for novice gamers! Here’s the promo text by the author:

Trail of the Apprentice
A hidden danger threatens the kingdom of Threll and brave adventurers must answer the call! A bold attack and a mysterious theft set a group of heroes on a mission to find the mastermind behind them. They must follow clues, face great dangers, and uncover ancient secrets to stop a madman before he can unleash a terrible evil upon the world.
Trail of the Apprentice is a 5-part mini-campaign, designed for beginners and younger players of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Each adventure takes your heroes through one character level, from 1st though 5th. Trail of the Apprentice is part of the Legendary Beginnings line, designed to create exciting adventures suitable for all ages. These modules use simplified stat blocks and other rules adjustments to keep gameplay fun for new players, and contains helpful sidebars that provide advice on how to run RPGs for younger gamers so your whole family can Make Your Game Legendary!
Now some of your more mature gamers might like something about grittier, and we have got you covered there as well. The long-simmering Metal Gods adventure Scorpions of Perdition by Alex Riggs and Nicolas Logue is slated for release later this month, featuring body snatchers, alien horrors, and a ruined city with secrets too impossible to tell!
Continuing in a creepy vibe, we also look forward to the release of the fifth in our series of occult character supplements, Occult Character Codex: Mediums by Julian Neale, bringing you fully developed stat blocks for occult mediums of all types from 1st to 20th level!
Cover and Pietra Sibble_Tawny Fritz
Depending on how production goes with several of our other projects, we may have some more exciting announcements on other long-awaited products and updates on the progress of the Legendary Planet project, but we’ll wait until we’ve got things closer to final completion before making any formal announcements.
We are looking forward to a fabulous February and we hope you are looking forward to some of these new products to help Make Your Game Legendary!

Legendary Review Roundup!

We don’t always take the time to link you to reviews for our products, but I thought I’d take the chance to point out some of the high praise our products have received and to send out a special thanks to everyone that takes the time to give us a shout! In this post, we’re highlighting a quartet of reviews from Endzeitgeist, looking at our three (so far) “Legendary Heroes” products for paladins, rogues, and swashbucklers, plus his brand-new review for Treasury of the Machine! 


Tim Hitchcock, Robert Brookes, Jeff Lee, Jonathan H. Keith – these gentlemen seem to have had a field day here, with development from Jason Nelson: Treasury of the Machine is the most inspired book among the treasuries so far. This book has everything you’d want from an item-centric book: Heck, even basic spell-duplicators herein feel unique and sport some sort of twist that renders them distinct in mechanics and feeling. There literally is no filler herein, making this an all awesome smörgåsbord of pure awesomeness: When an item-book sports items that, in the vast majority of cases, manages to inspire the reader regarding modules; when such a book provides means of telling new and exciting stories – then you know, you’ve got something great on your hands. This is such a case. My final verdict for this inspired book will clock in at 5 stars + seal of approval.

Read the full review for Treasury of the Machine and buy your copy right here! - Legendary swashbucklers cover

Legendary Swashbuckler succeeds triumphantly in one simple regard: Making one of the choice-wise blandest, uninvolving classes in PFRPG actually provide variety, meaningful choices. The legendary swashbuckler herein is absolutely and without a single second of doubt superior in every way to the default swashbuckler by virtue of the significantly extended options available. The legendary swashbuckler is a nice class that makes skirmishing a valid option via the wealth of choices herein. The fact that a cover identity herein is not something that cripples you every time you’re surprised is also a component that should be lauded.

Let me state, thus, loud and clear, that this still is THE swashbuckler-resource, the redesign of the class is desperately needed and a must-have for fans of the concept and frame of the swashbuckler – hence, my final verdict will clock in at 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5 for the purpose of this platform, with a must-have buy-now-recommendation for everyone dissatisfied by the vanilla swashbuckler – this is the class you deserved and wanted.

Read the full review for Legendary Swashbucklers and buy your copy right here! 

Legendary Rogues Cover

Matt Goodall and Jason Nelson’s Legendary Rogue, at first glance, looked like it was too good to be true; and since most books like this are just that, I went on to test the living hell out of this book. Okay, let me make this abundantly clear: No matter the power-level of your campaign, no matter how much you may like the Unchained Rogue, the Glory Rogue or the like – YOU NEED THIS. I didn’t realize how much I needed this book until I actually read it. Beyond taking care and fixing several trap options and retaining their feasibility over the levels, beyond a power-upgrade that was sorely required, the legendary rogue as presented herein is still as rogue-y as it can be – and so much more!

This book, in short, provides the player-driven, versatile rogue I’ve always been wanting since the inception of 3.0, the class I always longed for, but never got. Legendary Rogue is, without any hyperbole, a truly astonishing, downright brilliant piece of work and will be the standard by which I henceforth measure class-fix-style pdfs. It is simply ridiculously good and a shining example of what a crunch can do; it thus receives 5 stars + seal of approval, nomination for my Top Ten of 2015 and the EZG Essential tag – if it also covered trap-rules and a fix for the Stealth-skill, it would completely replace my previously favorite rogue fix, Rogue Glory, completely; as it stands, Legendary Rogues is a true must-own book for anyone who likes playing rogues and felt that the class fell flat of what it should be able to do, for everyone who wants more customization, options, flair – this is for you and worth every cent of its asking price a hundredfold.

Read the full review for Legendary Rogues and buy your copy right here! 

legendary paladin cover

Legendary Paladins is a good book. *budoom-dish* Yeah, I know, that one was bad. Sorry, I’ll put on those muting manacles later. ? Kidding aside, I was positively surprised by quite a few of the pieces of content in Jason Nelson adn Amber Scott’s book – particularly most of the magic items and, surprisingly, the alternate class options and the PrC definitely are highlights for this book and justify its asking price. Now personally, I wasn’t that blown away by most archetypes herein, but, again, the minor problems some have are offset by the e.g. the great Celestial Centurion archetype. Rules-language is generally VERY precise, as we’ve come to expect from legendary Games, and manages to convey complex concepts in a concise manner, though there are slightly more minor hiccups here than in most of LG’s offerings. All in all, this book remains a good buy, with some brilliant pieces that shine, like the paladins that take them, brighter than some of its other components. As such, my final verdict will clock in at 4 stars.

Read the full review for Legendary Paladins and buy your copy right here! 


Coming soon from Legendary Games! SEVEN SPECTACULAR COVERS!

Have we got some goodies coming for YOU! First and foremost, the next installment in the Legendary Planet Adventure Path is in final layout now, which means our Kickstarter backers are about to travel To Worlds Unknown! 

Cover - To Worlds Unknown Double Bar - TKL

However, as backers get the very latest adventure that ALSO means that the previous adventure, The Assimilation Strain, will be going on sale to the general public at the same time!

5th Edition cover

And so will the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide! 

Cover - Players guide cover- SWood

But we’ve got far more than Legendary Planet going on here at Legendary Games! This is still OCCULTOBER, and while we won’t quite have Mythic Magic: Occult Spells out this month it is still on track for release in November, along with Occult Character Codex: Mesmerists and more. This week, though, in honor of Halloween, we are releasing a book of the very darkest dungeon denizens of them all: Mythic Monsters: Shadow! - Mythic Monsters Shadow front cover

And wait, there’s MORE! Did we mention October is for VILLAINS? Because we’ve got villains. Oh mercy do we have villains!


Legendary Villains: Evil Clerics might not quite make it out to you by the end of October, so let’s just say we’re extending villains month by an extra week. Don’t your favorite bad guys deserve that much? What we CAN send your way, however, is a dose of cosmic horror in the long-awaited next installment in our Metal Gods Adventure Path Plug-Ins!


But all of the above you’ve seen or heard us mention before. What we’re about to show you is a brand-new product that, unless you’re a Patreon patron, has never been seen before! We are proud to present the next product in our Egyptian Adventure Path Plug-Ins line, an awesome adventure through accursed ruins and corrupted cults to save the soul of a city… or at least your heroes.

makeyourgamelegendary - FesteredSunsmallcover

We’ll be posting up more details soon, but we just wanted to give you a foretaste of what is coming in the next few weeks, and it is going to be LEGENDARY!


A Fantastic Friday – Machines, Towers, and Planets, OH MY!

Things are moving fast here at Castle Legendary, so hop on board and see all the amazing stuff going on! Good things come in threes, so let’s go!

1.  We are delighted to announce the release of Treasury of the Machine, our latest book of fantastic treasures, this time for the sci-fi/fantasy themed Metal Gods Adventure Path! This book is jam-packed with over 60 techno-magical treats for your PCs (or their enemies), delightfully illustrated and fully compatible with the official guide to technology for Pathfinder! Pick up your copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoor DrivethruRPG! 


2. We’ve been working with the Sasquatch Game Studio over the last year or two, cooperating on their Primeval Thule Campaign Setting, and as part of their Kickstarter I created an adventure set in the icy northern seas of Thule and venturing into the frozen wastes to uncover the riches of a legendary wizard. That adventure, The Lost Tower of Viondor, is available now, for both the Pathfinder RPG and for 13th Age, and you can get it for just 3.99 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!


3.  The Legendary Planet Adventure Path continues smashing through stretch goals! We already blew through the final section of Richard Pett’s Confederates of the Shattered Zone last night, and as we sit today we are just over $600 away from funding Steven T. Helt’s Depths of Desperation and pushing this project to 500 pages and beyond! We are delighted and excited with the progress of this project, and we have about 2-1/2 weeks left to go and plenty more surprises coming soon. Check out the latest updates on our Kickstarter page and hop on board with the legendary designers of the Sasquatch Game Studio, whom we are pleased to announce are joining forces with the Legendary team in creating background and bonus material for this adventure saga and campaign setting; when you’re working with guys like Rich Baker, Dave Noonan, and Stephen Schubert, you know it’s gonna be good. Even if you only back for the prelude and first adventure, you’ll be helping us reach some terrific backer goals, and your players will be very happy if you can guide them to 300 backers and beyond!

Take your campaign OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Take your campaign OUT OF THIS WORLD!


Legendary Planet at Paizo, and more machines for you!

Check out the latest Paizo blog for today, highlighting the Legendary Planet Kickstarter as well as the Aventyr Bestiary from our friends at Adventure-a-Week and Wardens of the Wild from TPK Games, with whom we’re sharing GenCon booth #2639 along with Kobold Press! We are delighted to be in such great company with some terrific product and projects. It’s a great time to be part of the Pathfinder community, with Paizo showing such great support for the companies in the community!


We are also looking forward to tomorrow’s release of the Treasury of the Machine, a jam-packed product full of mechanical marvels for every sci-fi/fantasy crossover campaign. We previewed the cover last week and today we’re going to drop the table of contents so you can see what technomagical terrors await you!

Item Name    –   Price

chemosol: artificial pheromone  –  varies

learning helmet – varies

chemosol: irritant              –         50 gp

chemosol: stimsensitizer – 130 gp

chemosol: neural disruptor    –      200 gp

recoil compensator, mark I   –      200 gp

thermal bag     –  200 gp

nanite tissue gauze       –  300 gp

neutralizing safety blanket         –  300 gp

recoil compensator, mark II     –   300 gp

thermal salts     – 300 gp

optical lock      –  375 gp

recoil compensator, mark III  –     500 gp

scope, mark I  –  500 gp

scope, mark II  – 700 gp

chemo-oxidizer reactor capsule –  750 gp

chemosol: artificial hormone     –  750 gp

tangler grenade – 750 gp

recoil compensator, mark IV  –     800 gp

zero-G grenade – 950 gp

solar array      –  1,000 gp

recoil compensator, mark V    –     1,200 gp

scope, mark III – 1,200 gp

chemosol: neural exciter           –  1,500 gp

targeting computer, mark I    –     1,500 gp

witch-thorn tangler grenade –       1,500 gp

vacusealer       –  1,580 gp

optic enhancement, mark I   –       2,000 gp

scope, mark IV  – 3,000 gp

amnesia tick     – 3,300 gp

optic enhancement, mark II  –      4,000 gp

dermal photosynthesis   – 4,500 gp

singularity grenade        – 4,500 gp

targeting computer, mark II  –      4,750 gp

gravity belt       – 6,000 gp

optic enhancement, mark III   –    6,000 gp

scope, mark V   – 6,500 gp

kinesis grappler – 7,500 gp

adrenal enhancement, mark I –     8,000 gp

heavy pistol     –  8,000 gp

micrograppler  –  8,750 gp

polytool           –  8,750 gp

shotgun, automatic   –      10,000 gp

targeting computer, mark III  –     10,000 gp

beam saber      – 12,750 gp

discipline chip  –  15,000 gp

rapture chip      – 15,000 gp

sniper rifle       –  16,000 gp

targeting computer, mark IV  –     16,500 gp

screamer pistol  – 18,000 gp

detector globe   – 20,000 gp

circuit tracer-cloner  –      24,000 gp

targeting computer, mark V       –  25,750 gp

discipline rod    – 30,000 gp

rapture ray      –  30,000 gp

adrenal enhancement, mark II –   32,000 gp

slipsuit             – 32,000 gp

living lightning gun       –  40,000 gp

memory transfer probe  – 49,500 gp

ghosting unit     – 55,000 gp

adrenal enhancement, mark III –  72,000 gp

gravity cannon  – 180,000 gp

robot control harness      ─ (minor artifact)

Treasury of Machine - guns