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Time for a Touch of Eeeeeevil – THREE Fall Previews #11!

October is traditionally a month for villains, horror, and creepy, crawly things that go bump in the night, and this OCCULTOBER is no exception! Available RIGHT NOW exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore:

makeyourgamelegendary.com - Mythic Daemons Cover

Between law and chaos, demons and devils, there live the most depraved and deadly denizens of the depths: DAEMONS! You can pick up a dozen and one of the foulest fiendish foes you’ll ever face right now, featuring the Legendary Games debut of Alex Riggs and Steven T. Helt, along with the awesome Alistair J. Rigg and a creepy short fiction introduction by terrific Todd Stewart. You’ll love these sinister servants of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and bringers of famine, pestilence, war, and death, from minor minions to lords of slaughter. We even bring you the brand-new ignodaemon, in tribute to the giant-armed petty tyrants and loathsome lordlings of the daemon race! Get it today at the Legendary Games webstore or pick it up this weekend in wide release!

But wait, THERE’S MORE! 

We’ve already announced that Occult Character Codex: Spiritualists is on the way and should be available by this weekend, with heroic and hateful spirit-channelers alike. However, when it comes to classes we are also pleased to announce the Legendary debut of Jenny Jarzabski later this month with our latest love letter to villains: Legendary Villains: Evil Clerics! From the introduction to this book:

Evil clerics, though not always a GM’s go-to villain, are plentiful in fantasy games. Myriad options in the form of archetypes and domains already exist, but this book plumbs far deeper and darker depths in the varied types of evil clerics and the roles they can play as villains in a campaign. A new prestige class, the sinweaver, introduces an unusual take on the classic cleric, while new archetypes and the new disease domain provide additional ways to customize and augment the powers of evil clerics. The avatar of evil feat tree brings a cleric one step closer to divinity, variant channeling feats add to any cleric’s bag of tricks, and the Craft Cursed Item feat gives mischievous clerics a new way to torment their victims. In addition, a novel selection of items and spells stand ready to outfit an evil cleric with an arsenal of malicious magic, some of them connected to dark and blasphemous books of vile darkness and librams of ineffable damnation.

This book is in editing now, with some bonus material being added that should be very interesting to fans of our Gothic Grimoires series from the Gothic Horror AP Plug-Ins. You should expect to see this one coming your way the last week of October.


There are so many mythic monsters that merit mention in the month of October, but when it comes to exploring the darkest and deadliest monsters around, how can you get darker than Mythic Monsters: Shadow! Brought to you by the tag-team of Jason Nelson and Jeff Lee, peer into the blackest depths of the bestiary and feast your eyes on the enemies to come later this month!

Mythic Monsters: Shadow brings you a dozen and one shadowy sneaks from the realms of endless nocturn. Whether lurking in the dark and hidden places beneath the ground or emerging from beshadowed realms far beyond this mortal coil, there is something terribly cool about creatures of raw and endless darkness. From the sleek and sinister unseelie realms to the coiling, roiling, pits of eternal night, creatures of shadow have always captured our imagination, whether they are simply misunderstood dwellers in darkness or truly villains of the deepest dye. From CR 3 to 25, we bring you the living and the dead that live beyond the light, from simple shadows seeking to blot out the light and drink your life to towering nightwalkers, the devastating heralds of annihilation. The secretive and stealthy dark creepers and dark stalkers lurk within these pages, alongside the misshapen umbral shepherds and the terrifying tenebrous worms that mature into beautiful but deadly gloomwings. A quartet of killer kytons are found, from the bloodthirsty lampadarius and the vivisecting interlocutor to the sinister sacristan and the horrid eremite lords of the kyton race. Finally, the umbral dragon graces these pages with its sleek shimmer-gloom, breathing darkness and devouring light. As if a dozen existing monsters were not enough, the mysterious shadowpeople exist forever on the edge of sight, their motives as much an enigma as their true face and form. For heroes or villains wishing to tame the shadow, we also present a mythic version of the shadowdancer prestige class, with mythic versions of each and every class feature!