Iron Gods

A Fantastic Friday – Machines, Towers, and Planets, OH MY!

Things are moving fast here at Castle Legendary, so hop on board and see all the amazing stuff going on! Good things come in threes, so let’s go!

1.  We are delighted to announce the release of Treasury of the Machine, our latest book of fantastic treasures, this time for the sci-fi/fantasy themed Metal Gods Adventure Path! This book is jam-packed with over 60 techno-magical treats for your PCs (or their enemies), delightfully illustrated and fully compatible with the official guide to technology for Pathfinder! Pick up your copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoor DrivethruRPG! 


2. We’ve been working with the Sasquatch Game Studio over the last year or two, cooperating on their Primeval Thule Campaign Setting, and as part of their Kickstarter I created an adventure set in the icy northern seas of Thule and venturing into the frozen wastes to uncover the riches of a legendary wizard. That adventure, The Lost Tower of Viondor, is available now, for both the Pathfinder RPG and for 13th Age, and you can get it for just 3.99 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!


3.  The Legendary Planet Adventure Path continues smashing through stretch goals! We already blew through the final section of Richard Pett’s Confederates of the Shattered Zone last night, and as we sit today we are just over $600 away from funding Steven T. Helt’s Depths of Desperation and pushing this project to 500 pages and beyond! We are delighted and excited with the progress of this project, and we have about 2-1/2 weeks left to go and plenty more surprises coming soon. Check out the latest updates on our Kickstarter page and hop on board with the legendary designers of the Sasquatch Game Studio, whom we are pleased to announce are joining forces with the Legendary team in creating background and bonus material for this adventure saga and campaign setting; when you’re working with guys like Rich Baker, Dave Noonan, and Stephen Schubert, you know it’s gonna be good. Even if you only back for the prelude and first adventure, you’ll be helping us reach some terrific backer goals, and your players will be very happy if you can guide them to 300 backers and beyond!

Take your campaign OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Take your campaign OUT OF THIS WORLD!


Legendary Planet at Paizo, and more machines for you!

Check out the latest Paizo blog for today, highlighting the Legendary Planet Kickstarter as well as the Aventyr Bestiary from our friends at Adventure-a-Week and Wardens of the Wild from TPK Games, with whom we’re sharing GenCon booth #2639 along with Kobold Press! We are delighted to be in such great company with some terrific product and projects. It’s a great time to be part of the Pathfinder community, with Paizo showing such great support for the companies in the community!


We are also looking forward to tomorrow’s release of the Treasury of the Machine, a jam-packed product full of mechanical marvels for every sci-fi/fantasy crossover campaign. We previewed the cover last week and today we’re going to drop the table of contents so you can see what technomagical terrors await you!

Item Name    –   Price

chemosol: artificial pheromone  –  varies

learning helmet – varies

chemosol: irritant              –         50 gp

chemosol: stimsensitizer – 130 gp

chemosol: neural disruptor    –      200 gp

recoil compensator, mark I   –      200 gp

thermal bag     –  200 gp

nanite tissue gauze       –  300 gp

neutralizing safety blanket         –  300 gp

recoil compensator, mark II     –   300 gp

thermal salts     – 300 gp

optical lock      –  375 gp

recoil compensator, mark III  –     500 gp

scope, mark I  –  500 gp

scope, mark II  – 700 gp

chemo-oxidizer reactor capsule –  750 gp

chemosol: artificial hormone     –  750 gp

tangler grenade – 750 gp

recoil compensator, mark IV  –     800 gp

zero-G grenade – 950 gp

solar array      –  1,000 gp

recoil compensator, mark V    –     1,200 gp

scope, mark III – 1,200 gp

chemosol: neural exciter           –  1,500 gp

targeting computer, mark I    –     1,500 gp

witch-thorn tangler grenade –       1,500 gp

vacusealer       –  1,580 gp

optic enhancement, mark I   –       2,000 gp

scope, mark IV  – 3,000 gp

amnesia tick     – 3,300 gp

optic enhancement, mark II  –      4,000 gp

dermal photosynthesis   – 4,500 gp

singularity grenade        – 4,500 gp

targeting computer, mark II  –      4,750 gp

gravity belt       – 6,000 gp

optic enhancement, mark III   –    6,000 gp

scope, mark V   – 6,500 gp

kinesis grappler – 7,500 gp

adrenal enhancement, mark I –     8,000 gp

heavy pistol     –  8,000 gp

micrograppler  –  8,750 gp

polytool           –  8,750 gp

shotgun, automatic   –      10,000 gp

targeting computer, mark III  –     10,000 gp

beam saber      – 12,750 gp

discipline chip  –  15,000 gp

rapture chip      – 15,000 gp

sniper rifle       –  16,000 gp

targeting computer, mark IV  –     16,500 gp

screamer pistol  – 18,000 gp

detector globe   – 20,000 gp

circuit tracer-cloner  –      24,000 gp

targeting computer, mark V       –  25,750 gp

discipline rod    – 30,000 gp

rapture ray      –  30,000 gp

adrenal enhancement, mark II –   32,000 gp

slipsuit             – 32,000 gp

living lightning gun       –  40,000 gp

memory transfer probe  – 49,500 gp

ghosting unit     – 55,000 gp

adrenal enhancement, mark III –  72,000 gp

gravity cannon  – 180,000 gp

robot control harness      ─ (minor artifact)

Treasury of Machine - guns