Sci-Fi 5E for 5/5!!!!!

Since today is 5/5, it’s only fitting that we celebrate with 5E Friday, releasing the latest and greatest chapter in our epic Legendary Planet saga, Dead Vault Descent (5E)! This awesome adventure spans over 100 pages, including a high-stakes heist, an interplanetary getaway, a tidally locked world trapped between endless fiery day and freezing eternal night, and a vast catacomb network where deathless kingdoms hide the secrets of an ancient race that could hold the key to spanning the galaxy! Plus brand-new monsters, magic items, character options, a planetary gazetteer, and an ongoing fiction saga, all yours in print and PDF for 5th Edition at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, PaizoDrivethruRPG, and soon at Amazon!

Of course, you can also get Dead Vault Descent for Pathfinder too at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazonand the latest volume for Pathfinder, The Depths of Desperation by Steve Helt, is in layout as we speak and should be ready soon!

Of course, Legendary Planet is just the start of our sci-fi/fantasy options for 5E! We also have just recently released our post-apocalyptic 2099 Wasteland (5E) campaign setting, with a metric ton of monsters, characters, equipment, rules, and options for creating your own campaign in the wake of worldwide devastation, whether your world ended in nuclear fire or an eldritch cataclysm! You can check out this exciting sourcebook at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Of course, you can get almost the entire Hypercorps 2099 product line for 5E or Pathfinder right here!

For Pathfinder purists, we are extremely excited about the HUGE response we’ve gotten to the debut of the Aethera Campaign Setting, blending not just sci-fi and fantasy but also elements of steampunk noir and cosmic horror in an incredible campaign setting of gleaming shadows and twisted light, an incredible value at an astounding 576 pages for just $29.99 in PDF, plus you can preorder your print copy EXCLUSIVELY at the Legendary Games webstore. We are hard at work on a long line of adventures and accessories for this setting as well, starting with Aetheric Heroes and the Intrigue Manual and continuing on through the rest of the year. You can check out Aethera at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Of course, sci-fi doesn’t always mean far-flung interplanetary adventure. We have just sent the time-travel On the Siberian Line to layout, and it should be ready soon for your reading pleasure. This epic takes your fantasy heroes to the early 20th century, into war-torn and ragged revolutionary Russia in pursuit of the mad monk Rasputin where your heroes find far more than they bargained for! Add to that our entire line-up of Metal Gods products (many available for both Pathfinder and 5E), and you’ve got a metric ton of amazing options for adding a little science to your sorcery!

And if you might perchance need some heroes to adventure into worlds where magic and machinery meet, you definitely need to check out our titanic Top 10 Heroes Bundle! This incredible collection brings you all 10 of our Legendary “Heroes” products for JUST 10 DOLLARS! That’s 80 incredibly detailed and carefully crafted characters for campaigns of every kind, not just Metal Heroes and Planetary Heroes for your sci-fi flavored characters, but a ton of terrific ready-to-use characters from faerie forests to the swashbuckling seven seas, and from Egyptian ruins to realms of Gothic horror!  Grab this bundle and get over 300 pages of material, with a retail price of almost $70, for just $10! Best of all, you can grab this amazing bundle at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoor DrivethruRPG



It’s ROBOT Time!

This week’s latest release from Legendary Games is a fantastic new class supplement by Jeff Lee, featuring a full-sized 20-level alternate class in The Robot Summoner! This variant on the unchained summoner is the steel soul, who wields power by tapping into microscopic nanite surges and unleashes mechanical manipulations of every kind. In place of an eidolon shaped from the raw stuff of the outer planes, the steel soul creates and controls a devastating robot companion, with nearly 50 awesome upgrades! This class is a perfect fit for a sci-fi fantasy mash-up campaign, whether you’re adding a technological twist to your game or playing a full-fledged adventure saga like Metal Gods or even our own swashbuckling sword-and-planet Legendary Planet saga! You can pick up this 24-page PDF for just 4.99 (with print versions also available at most outlets) at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPGand soon at Amazon as well!


Continuing the robot theme, we are equally excited to announce Mythic Monsters: Robots as our TWO$DAY product of the week, fresh off a fantastic 5-star-seal-of-approval review by Endzeitgeist, who called it one of the very best in the illustrious history of this fantastic series. If you want some amazing mechanical menaces for your Pathfinder campaign ranging from CR 1 to 20, with bonus material to boot, grab it today at the Legendary Games webstore for just $2!

Robots cover (small)

Last but not least, since good things come in threes, we have a third technological treat for you, and this one’s an even better deal – IT’S FREE!!! We are sponsoring the Hypercorps 2099 Wasteland Kickstarter to expand that cyberpunk/supers setting in a perfectly postapocalyptic direction for 5E, and as part of that we are presenting a series of free preview PDFs! Last week we released the Wastelands Primer and this week we follow it up with The Doctor, a 20-level class of marvelous mad science! Check them out and consider backing the campaign!



An agile MYTHIC MONDAY also brings you a HYPER novel!

Today brings the latest in our long-running series of minis devoted to the new rules in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Intrigue, with a batch of fantastic gymnastic feats for your fleet-footed fencers in Mythic Minis 93: Feats of Agility, available now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Mythic Minis 93 - Feats of Agility cover

In addition to a new installment of our long-running series, we are also celebrating the debut of something BRAND NEW! For the first time, Legendary Games is publishing its own fiction set in the universes we have created; in this case the breakneck action-packed cyber-supers world of Hypercorps 2099! The creators of this amazing magitech ultracorporate dystopia are here to introduce you to their universe in a way no else can! Mike Myler, Savannah Broadway, Luis Loza, and Michael McCarthy invite you to dive into the Hypercorps 2099: An Undying ContractIf you enjoy this intense adventure, check out the setting, supplements, adventures, and free preview products for Pathfinder and 5th Edition right here!  Meanwhile, you can pick up this new novel as a PDF and EPUB digital download or in print at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Undying Contract cover draft quatro (reduced)


MAY THE FOURTH is time to save BIG and get HYPER!

Today we celebrate the grand space opera and salute all things sci-fi and space, and in honor of that celebration we are running sales all over the place!  At  Open Gaming Store, you can pick up all of our Metal Gods AP Plug-Ins at 40% off and our Legendary Planet product line at 20% off! You can get the same discounts at Paizo.com, whether you want Metal GodsLegendary Planet (Pathfinder), or Legendary Planet (5E)!

Of course, we can do you one better right here at the Legendary Games webstore, with a 40% OFF coupon on BOTH Metal Gods and Legendary Planet, including print versions and print/PDF bundles not available at Paizo! Just enter the code MAYTHE4TH and SAVE!

But today is not just about big savings; it’s also about bringing you a brand-new sci-fi franchise from Legendary Games! Last summer we partnered with Mike Myler & Co. on a project Mike hatched with one of LG’s founders, Clinton J. Boomer. Mike and his team ran a successful Kickstarter campaign last fall and this spring have brought forth a cyber-super-sci-fi behemoth: HYPERCORPS 2099

Hypercorps 2099 5E cover

Set in a dystopian magitech future, this setting and system is available for both Pathfinder and 5th Edition, with both a massive core Hypercorps 2099 book for each system as well as brand-new adventures Specimens in Centralia and Thrillville or Killville? If you’re curious and want to try before you buy, the team also created FIVE FREE PDFs! Give them a look, and once you’ve gotten a taste come back and pick up the full setting and system, which is available exclusively right here at the Legendary Games webstore, before it’s available anywhere else!


The time is R.I.P.E. for Fall Preview #8: Let OCCULTober to begin early!

We are delighted to announce the release of our final FREE preview PDF for the Hypercorps 2099 Kickstarter project, which has just under a week left to fund and is closing in on adding superstar artist Claudio Pozas for the cover art as our next stretch goal. You can pick up this spectacular sample adventure, A R.I.P.E. Investment (already bestowed with a 5-star review by Endzeitgeist), at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

cover - HC 2099 A R.I.P.E. Investment - small

But wait, there’s more! While Hypercorps 2099 reaches into a techno-cyber near future, the Pathfinder RPG has also taken a long and loving look into the esoteric mysteries of the near past, with the Victorian-inspired Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures. Taking the idea of mind-magic and psionics in a very different direction than past editions of the game, Occult Adventures established psychic magic and a half-dozen classes that use it as the core of an occult-themed vision of Pathfinder that draws upon wells of mysticism, alchemy, theosophy, astral projection, dreamwalking, cryptozoology, spiritualism, and more.

Into this fascinating new flavor of our favorite game, Legendary Games is proud to launch our new line of Occult Plug-Ins, products specially designed to dial the occult up to eleven in your game while at the same time making the new classes and rules easier to use and even more interesting to explore! The first product in this line is available NOW: Occult Character Codex: Psychics! 

makeyourgamelegendary.com - OCC - Psychics cover (small)

Similar to Legendary Games’ Pirate Codex and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game NPC Codex, each installment in this product line will bring you 20 detailed psychic stat blocks for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, plus advice on using that character class in play whether you’re a player looking for advice on constructing your own psychic character or a GM looking for pregenerated psychic characters ready to drop into your campaign at a moment’s notice as allies, enemies, or mysterious strangers. Check out the full details on this book’s product page at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoor DrivethruRPG and make your OCCULT game Legendary!

Future installments will look more deeply at other occult classes, like Occult Character Codex: Mediums, Occult Character Codex: Spiritualists, and more, but we’re not stopping there. For fans of the mythic rules, we are also working on Mythic Magic: Occult Spells to bring you mythic versions of the entire corpus of psychic magic, as well as mythic feats, classes, and more! We are also developing the Treasury of the Occult, bringing you an array of amazing occult-inspired items that fit delightfully into any adventure dabbling in horror, occultism, or the discovery of esoteric lore!


We are excited to bring you an entire new product line devoted to the occult rules and all the new possibilities they open up, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading and using them as much as we enjoy making them. In the meanwhile, keep your mystic third eye open; more forbidden lore awaits, and these are secrets we were definitely meant to know!


Hypercorps Hits a Hundred!

The Hypercorps 2099 Kickstarter has hit 100 backers with almost three weeks to go, and that means more free stuff for you! We’ll be releasing three more free preview PDFs, the first of which is available for you today! Already the proud possessor of a 5-star review and the coveted seal of approval from EndzeitgeistHypercorps 2099: Hypernet brings you deep into the virtual world that binds the cyber-super setting of Hypercorps together! You can download it now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!


Coming soon are the Netjacker Class supplement and A R.I.P.E. Investment adventure! Check them out and keep spreading the word about Hypercorps 2099! 


Legendary Swashbucklers NOW AVAILABLE, and so is the Hypercorps Pathfinder Primer!

Today sees a double-shot of new releases from Legendary Games, including the latest in our line of Legendary Heroes products, this one taking aim at the most flashy and flamboyant of fighters: Legendary Swashbucklers by the dynamic duo of Alex Augunas and Jason Nelson. This fantastic 44-page supplement brings you a redesigned swashbuckler base class along with archetypes, new class personages to develop a swashbuckler’s background, the dervish darter prestige class, and an array of magnificent magic items dripping with style. You can pick up Legendary Swashbucklers right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!

makeyourgamelegendary.com - Legendary swashbucklers cover

But wait, there’s more! If your tastes for daring and dauntless adventure run closer to a fantastic future than to the glorious past, all you Pathfinder players can check out the Hypercorps 2099 Kickstartera new setting and system for near future dystopian cyberpunk supers action based on the Pathfinder RPG and the mythic rules! You can check out the free 21-page Hypercorps 2099: Pathfinder Primer, complete with new rules for feats, skills, and the dynamic hyper score system, available right here at the Legendary Games webstore as well as the Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!