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5E Quick-Starter Switch – Asian Monsters Next Week and Guide to Omeria Final Day!

We’ve been going great guns on our incredible Boricubos: The Lost Isles project, featuring a campaign setting, awesome character options, monsters, spells, adventure hooks, and more, PLUS a companion bestiary of Latin American Monsters! You can see all the details right here! It’s a big project, though, one we’re doing for DnD 5E and Pathfinder 1E and 2E, and it’s not quite where we want it to be yet in terms of being ready for you. HOWEVER, we have fantastic news, because we never have just one project working at a time, so we are excited to prepare to launch our incredible Asian Monsters 5E bestiary Quick-Starter next week, June 9th!

Asian Monsters is a 112-page softcover 5E bestiary featuring over 90 incredible creatures drawn from the myths and legends of Asia. Researched and developed with a diverse team of authors, artists, and cultural consultants, you’ll find an awesome array of enemies and allies from Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Tibet, and Vietnam, as well as nations of the western Pacific like Indonesia, Australia, and the Philippines, beautifully illustrated and ready to unleash in your DnD 5E campaign. It ends July 1st, and like all of our Quick-Starters it features immediate delivery of PDF rewards! As soon as I can get your information downloaded and processed into Drivethru’s system, your PDFs will be on their way! Layout is already nearly complete and we will be doing our editing passes and getting things set up with our printer as the campaign goes along so we’ll be able to get things rolling with them ASAP! You can follow our project right here to get notified as soon as we launch next week on the 9th! 

Of course, we’re hardly the only Kickstarter game in town! Our friends at Nord Games are getting ready to launch their Oracle DnD 5E Kickstarter soon as well, and it’s the FINAL 24 hours of the Pexia’s Guide to Omeria (and a companion adventure saga for level 1-11, Hand of the Eight)! Kickstarter from our friends atDMDave! Many of you are no doubt fans already of their terrific Patreon or other projects, but if you haven’t checked them out before, you definitely should check out this killer new campaign with adventures to support it. They’ve got new race and class options as well, which would work very nicely with a certain book of badass barbarians and fantastic fighters that you’ll already have on your computer in just two days!

Click the image below or the link here to head right over to their Kickstarter page and let the adventure begin! It all ends TOMORROW! 



It’s Samurai Saturday… now on a Friday! And the FINAL Mythic weekend!

We are excited to debut the latest of our incredible collection of class cyclopedias for Pathfinder with the amazing Legendary Samurai by N. Jolly, Siobhan Bjorknas, Adam Ricks, and Wren Rosario! Consigned by some as the poor cousin of the cavalier, the samurai should be an iconic warrior of honor, strength, skill, and subtlety, and this terrific team of designers has delivered in spades with a killer revision of the class that weds martial iaijutsu talents to mystical kiai arts to forge a truly badass master of bow and blade. You’ll find a dozen awesome archetypes plus feats, magic items, and so much more, plus a fully detailed sample character, Kuro Hiro, to show you what this class can do! Grab it today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and soon at Amazon!

We are also days away from the release of the incredible Arcforge: Technology Expanded coming next week from Matt Daley and Michael Sayre! What will you find inside?

Techs, Mechs, and So Much More!

Arcforge: Technology Expanded is an incredible expansion to using technology in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign, with a wealth of options for players and GMs alike, starting with the all-new helmsman base class, uniting the power of magic, mind, and machine, plus a dozen incredible archetypes from the circuitbreaker and road warrior to the mecha sentinel and reactor knight. Each one focuses on a different aspect of technological prowess, from piloting personal mecha to commanding rototic minions or high-tech vehicles. Explore even more options like the metaforge and psiborg adept prestige classes or any of five new variant playable races, or build your own mechanical assistants, familiars, and companion battlemechs from a variety of chassis and archetypes, each advancing in power as you gain levels, with over 20 unique enhancements. Akashic casters can construct technomagical veils (with 10 sample veils provided), and every character can benefit from over three dozen fantastic feats of inventive engineering like Artificial Spartan, Cockpit Jacker, and Machine Poltergeist. Psionic characters will find over two dozen new psionic powers like astral nanites, gravitic charge, and coded resurrection, and we also provide guidance for modeling psionics as advanced technology and akasha as cybertech, plus nearly 20 tables to make reference easy! Grab this incredible 82-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supplement today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

Of course, last and by no means least, we are heading into the FINAL WEEKEND of the MYTHIC MANIA 2 KICKSTARTER! We are already well over 400% funded and hoping for a fast and furious final three days to unlock even more amazing stuff! We’ve already got hundreds more mythic monsters, over a thousand mythic feats and spells, mythic class features for hybrid and occult classes, prestige classes and archetypes, mythic kingdom-building, and so much more! Plus you can still get your hands on some of the classic mythic expansions from Legendary Games like the Mythic Hero’s Handbook, Mythic Spell Compendium, Path of Dragons, and more! Don’t miss out – it all ends on MYTHIC MONDAY – December 17th! 



MYTHIC MONDAY is turning Japanese and TWO$DAY comes early!

But unlike tragic 1980’s pop songs, Mythic Monsters: Japan is AWESOME, featuring a dozen and one marvelous mythic monsters drawn from the myths and legends of ancient Japan from cunning shapechangers and seductive ghosts to charming beast-folk and terrifying skeletal avatars of death, PLUS five magnificent mythic magic items! You can grab the latest installment in the epic Mythic Monsters series by Mike Welham, Loren Sieg, and Jason Nelson at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

Speaking of gaming products inspired by the myths and legends of Earth, we are also happy to present a new TWO$DAY product of the week, though this one is best suited for the dusty deserts and ancient monoliths of Egypt and its fantasy equivalents. In celebration of the latest 5-star seal of approval for Legendary Games, we are pleased to present Egyptian Heroes this week at 70% off – just $2 for 8 incredibly detailed and lavishly illustrated pregenerated characters to use as allies, contacts, rivals, or even new recruits to an adventuring party of delving into the dusty tombs of long-fallen civilizations!

We have already gotten March off to a magnificent start with great new products like our first One Player Adventure, Orphans of the Hanged Man, and the latest fey supplement for 5E with Faerie Mysteries, and our Kickstarter backers are even more excited because today they have received the latest chapter of the star-spanning saga of Legendary Planet with Dead Vault Descent for Pathfinder, with the 5E version heading to layout next weekend!

Even more exciting stuff is coming on a fast train, with Legendary Kineticists II and Legendary Villains: Wicked Witches fighting it out in a celebrity death match to see who gets to come out this Friday and who has to wait until next week. We’ll have previews for both books coming your way soon, but… OWW, HEY STOP THA…

Trueno here. We’re not waiting. Preview now.

Legendary Kineticists II unleashes the true potential of the kineticist class with a vast array of new kinetic options, starting with 8 amazing archetypes for both kineticists, like the onslaught blaster and telekinetic bladeshifter, as well as for other classes like the planar custodian druid and order of the scion cavalier. You’ll also find dozens of new infusions, wild talents, and kinetic feats and spells to enhance your kineticists of every specialty. In addition, you can expand the bounds of kinetics like never before with the kinetic mystic prestige class, variant multiclassing for kineticists, and a complete 20-level rebuild of the core kinetic class, the legendary kineticist! On top of everything else, you will also find Trueno, herald of the White Sky, a richly detailed kineticist master complete with combat tactics and a compelling history and personality, to show how these powers play at the table in a ready-to-use character you can drop right into an existing game or even build an entire campaign around. Add Legendary Kineticists II to your Pathfinder campaign today and Make Your Game Legendary!

Witches can wait. Trueno out!

… okay, well in that case let the previews start now. I have a bad feeling what the witches are going to do for an encore, but I think hexes will be involved somewhere.

Last but not least, we are pleased to continue our incredible 60 BOOKS, 30 BUCKS Pathfinder MEGA-BUNDLE at Paizo.com! The same spectacular savings – over 90% off on 60 Pathfinder PDFs totaling 1,487 pages and with a regular sale price of $337!

Of course, you also can still get this amazing bundle right here at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Storeand DrivethruRPG, and 5E fans can get in on the fun too, with the 20 FOR 20 5E MEGA-BUNDLE, available at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Storeand DrivethruRPG! 



The Asian Magic Trilogy is Complete!

We’ve created over a dozen Asian Pathfinder products, but among the recent surge first came the Asian Spell Compendium, with 110 new arcane, divine, and psychic spells with a Far East flavor. Next came Asian Archetypes: Magical, with 14 fantastic new archetypes from across Asia, from the jade fist bloodrager to the wushen wizard. Now we bring you the third and final chapter in this enchanting saga: Asian Bloodlineswith over TWENTY bodacious bloodlines for sorcerers and bloodragers alike (including four mutated bloodlines for wildblooded sorcerers), from oni and kitsune to rakshasas, kappas, imperial dragons, and more! You can get this terrific 26-page tome by Jason Nelson, Alex Augunas, and David N. Ross right now starting at just $5.99 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG, and soon at Amazon!

Of course, our Asian adventures are not quite complete, as Mike Welham and Loren Sieg are just now putting the finishing touches on Mythic Monsters 46: Japan, and we might have one or two more surprises down the road to celebrate the mystery and majesty (and MONSTERS) of the largest continent!

This week also saw the wide release of both the 5E and Pathfinder versions of Legendary Planet: Confederates of the Shattered Zone by Richard Pett (which you can pick up from all your favorite RPG vendors using the links in Monday’s blog post), and we are delighted to announce that final edits on Dead Vault Descent by Matt Goodall are winding up over the long weekend, and layout work is beginning, so we hope to have this chapter ready for action by the end of the month for the Pathfinder version, with layout on the 5E version beginning after that.

Finally, of course, no announcement this month would be complete without reminding you to SAVE BIG MONEY RIGHT NOW with the incredible 60 BOOKS, 30 BUCKS PATHFINDER MEGA-BUNDLE and the 20 FOR 20 5E MEGA-BUNDLE!  Save over 80% on 5E products and over 90% on Pathfinder products with these incredible deals! You can get this bundle all month long right here at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Storeand DrivethruRPG, and next month at Paizo! 5E fans can get in on the fun too, with the 20 FOR 20 5E MEGA-BUNDLE, available at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Storeand DrivethruRPG! 


The latest LEGENDARY PLANET is here!

From the deranged scrivenings of the redoubtable Richard Pett comes the latest adventure in the star-spanning interplanetary saga – Confederates of the Shattered Zone! This massive hundred-page book includes a harrowing adventure for 11th-14th level characters through a polluted puritanical post-industrial paradise of cyborg fanatics, asteroid mines, and long-buried horrors crawling forth to infest body and mind alike, but that’s not all! You also get brand-new monsters, magic and technological items, cybernetic enhancements, a gazetteer of the asteroid field, and the latest in Chris A. Jackson’s ongoing fiction series! You can pick up this adventure today for both Pathfinder and 5th Edition at the following places:

Pathfinder – Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

5E – Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

We are also delighted with the response to last Friday’s release of Asian Archetypes: Magical, with over a dozen new character options for infusing the magic of the Far East into your campaign, and I’ve just completed my final review of the layout on its sequel, Asian Bloodlines, with over 20 bloodrager and sorcerer bloodlines drawing on the myths and legends of the Orient, from nagas and rakshasas to kitsune, tengu, and imperial dragons! There’s also a little Asian flavor in the upcoming Legendary Kineticists II, which we’ll preview more later but for now how about a sneak peek at another great piece of artwork!

However, it’s not all about Asia! For a fantastic resource for featuring the fey in your campaign, we’ve also sent Faerie Mysteries (5E) to layout, and it will be on its way soon, and we’re happy to provide a preview of that for all our 5E fans!

Faerie Mysteries explores the influence of fey creatures and the faerie realms on a 5th Edition campaign world. It is not so much about monsters and magic as it is about how the influence of the fey can change the feel and flow of a campaign, and it gives you a game-mechanical system for describing and representing that in-breaking of raw, untamed, primal magic that make the fey what they are. Fey do not simply walk about within the world; they carry their version of the world along with them, and make our world more like theirs with every step. The rumors and ripples and ruptures in our reality really lay the groundwork for enriching any campaign where civilization is not the only power in the world, and where the force and spirit of nature can push right back.


Like its companion product, Faerie Passions, this product provides a fantastic primer on the use of fey creatures in a campaign, balancing the hardcore game rules with explorations of fey creatures’ mythological origins and role in real-life history and legends. What this product is really about is making fey different, to make them strange, unpredictable, and menacing in turn. They are never quite what you expect, and this product describes subtle shifts you can use to create an interesting variety of alternate creatures. The fey represent the raw and wild extremes of the life and spirit of the land and those that dwell within it, possessed of a mercurial emotionality and an integration with the natural world that flits between an impossibly saturated hyper-reality and the dreamily surreal. A campaign featuring the fey should feel different than other campaigns, and when you introduce Faerie Mysteries, it will.

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Asian Archetypes: Magical is here!

Today we are pleased to present the latest installment in our fantastic Far East fantasy series: Asian Archetypes: Magical by Jason Nelson and David N. Ross! Within these pages you’ll find 14 fabulous archetypes that embody the spirit of Asian magic and mysticism, from one end of the Orient to the other, from the raiden shaman to the bodhisattva paladin, the wushen wizard to the kaiju caller summoner! Whether you’re running a full-fledged Asian campaign or just want to incorporate a touch of the east in a traditional fantasy game, you can get this incredible resource for magical characters right now starting at 6.99 at the Legendary Games webstoreOpen Gaming Store, Paizo, Drivethru, and Amazon!

Next week brings us even more amazing stuff, first off in the penultimate product in the Far East product line, with the amazing Asian Bloodlines  already in layout and on target for release next Friday, with the final book in our Far East series coming next month with the marvelous Mythic Monsters: Japan by Mike Welham and Loren Sieg!

Even more great books are already in the layout queue, including Legendary Kineticists 2 by N. Jolly and Onyx Tanuki, Legendary Hybrids: Doomguard by Carl Cramer and Jason Nelson, Legendary Villains: Wicked Witches by Alex Riggs, and the one-on-one adventure Orphans of the Hanged Man by Michael Allen and Matt Goodall!

Next Monday, though, is going to be out of this world as we celebrate the wide release of Legendary Planet: Confederates of the Shattered Zone by Richard Pett! This epic adventure spans an array of polluted and puritanical asteroid mining colonies populated by the cybernetic auttaine and hiding secrets too terrible to contemplate. A way home may yet await amid the clashing rocks, if only the silent screams of the God-Seer do not drive you mad like a splinter in your mind. Look for it on Monday!

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Wuxia, Wizardry, and Week 2 of MEGA-BUNDLE MANIA!

This week we are excited to bring you another awesome Asian-themed product in the enchanting Asian Archetypes: Magical by Jason Nelson and David N. Ross! This fantastic Far East book is coming in wide release on Friday, but you can get it RIGHT NOW exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore! 

Asian Archetypes: Magical brings you an incredible array of new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game class options for characters drawing upon the classic tropes and traditions of Asian fantasy! You’ll find 14 awesome archetypes here covering almost every field of magic imaginable. You’ll find hermits of the wild like miko shamans drawing their power from kami spirits and wushen wizards relying on primitive fetishes and obsessive taboos, as well as worldly and urbane arcane academics like the studious numerologist wizard and the origamist arcanist. For some, magic is a tool to serve a higher purpose, whether jinshi wizards upholding the state and its bureaucracy or censor inquisitors ensuring purity of thought. Bodhisattva paladins and jade fist bloodragers each seek purification of themselves and the world from the taint of evil, while kenja clerics seek the subtle pleasures of peaceful contemplation and spreading tranquility wherever they roam. The roaring thunder of raiden shamans and the booming fireworks of skyflower savant alchemists embody the opposite extreme, but even their bombast pales before the nearly suicidal devotion to destruction that is the daily bread  of a kaiju caller summoner! Whether you’re playing a completely Asian campaign or just want to add a dash more Asian spice to the ninjas, samurai, and more in your game, you’ll find a wealth of exciting new opportunities in Asian Archetypes: Magical. Pick up this 30-page character supplement today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

Because we just kept adding more cool stuff, we ended up spinning Asian Bloodlines off into its own separate product by Jason Nelson, Alex Augunas, and David N. Ross, focusing on bloodrager and sorcerer bloodlines on the same pan-Asian theme, and this book is in layout as we speak and should be ready in the next week or two. For a quick preview:

Asian Bloodlines brings you an awesome array of new options for spontaneous spellcasters in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign, drawn from the myths and legends of fantasy Asia! Inside you’ll find over 20 dynamic and exciting bloodlines for sorcerers and bloodragers alike! Whether your heroes are descended from the clever kitsune or the treacherous kappa, the friendly and protective kami spirits or the seductively sinister rakshasa, or the imperial dragons that span every part of the alignment spectrum, you’ll find options here for you. Feathered tengu sword saints and noble naga bloodlines stand alongside those of the savage oni or the imperious descendants of kings and emperors, with mutated bloodlines for kitsune, nagas, and oni as well! If you want to bring a touch of the Orient to sorcery in your campaign, Asian Bloodlines is your ticket to ride!

But wait, there’s more! In real-life a number of our artists are from Asia, and long-time Legendary favorite Tanyaporn Sangsnit has brought her terrific talents to the upcoming Legendary Kineticists 2, which is next up in the layout queue, and we thought we’d feature one of her amazing illustrations here as well (and just wait until you see her own personal take on a red-hot muay thai master channeling her inner power to kick some serious tail!).

We are also looking forward to the Legendary debut of Carl Cramer who teamed up with Jason Nelson on Legendary Hybrids: Doomguard, and you’ll be seeing more previews on that soon, along with many more marvelous and magnificent books coming soon, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t also remind you to SAVE BIG MONEY RIGHT NOW with the incredible 60 BOOKS, 30 BUCKS PATHFINDER MEGA-BUNDLE and the 20 FOR 20 5E MEGA-BUNDLE!  Save over 80% on 5E products and over 90% on Pathfinder products with these incredible deals! You can get this bundle all month long right here at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Storeand DrivethruRPG, and next month at Paizo! 5E fans can get in on the fun too, with the 20 FOR 20 5E MEGA-BUNDLE, available at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Storeand DrivethruRPG! 



Far East Friday is here – and more is on the way!

Today we are pleased to present a double-dip of fantastic Far East-flavored Pathfinder products! First off, you can pick up an amazing assortment of Asian enchantments in the Asian Spell Compendium, with 110 arcane, divine, and psychic spells for 20 different classes. From flame shuriken to rain of sacred lotus petals, tiger trap to divine wind, you’ll find a ton of great new options to give your magic the mystery and majesty of the Orient. Grab this book today the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon!

We also have a brand-new 20-level character class for those who walk on the shady side of life, Legendary Hybrids: Yakuza! This clever combination of the cavalier and ninja (not even kidding) is all about stealth and subterfuge alongside tattoos and treachery… and teamwork! These masters of gang warfare are lords of the city’s underbelly, but have a wide variety of tactics and tricks that make them excellent adventurers in any situation. Check out this new class by Jason Nelson and N. Jolly right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Of course, this week also brought you a spectacular supplement featuring the myths and legends of southwestern Asia in Mythic Monsters 45: Middle Eastwith creatures from Persia, Mesopotamia, Israel, and Arabia by Loren Sieg, Victoria Joyner, and Jason Nelson!

And, last but not least (except in terms of the price), we have our TWO$DAY product of the week, the newly minted 5-star-seal-of-approval awesome Past Lives: Secrets of Reincarnationan incredible expansion to the idea of coming back from death, and how the spirits of the past might linger and rise again in your heroes! Check it out at 70% off, just $2! 

We also are rolling on towards some fantastic new character options for next week as well, with Intrigue Archetypes and Magitech Archetypes in the final stages of layout and coming your way soon! Cover previews and more will be up this weekend!

Thanks for all your support of Legendary Games!



Tomorrow brings you a delightful double-shot of fantastic Far East Friday goodness with the Asian Spell Compendium and Legendary Hybrids: Yakuza! Having already given you a look at what’s coming with those spells, today it’s the Yakuza’s turn!

Here’s a quick run-down:

Tattoos, Triads, and Treachery

Legendary Hybrids: Yakuza is the latest volume in our series of class-focused player supplements, introducing a new series of hybrid classes like those in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Class Guide that blend the core elements of two different base classes into a unique synergy all their own. The yakuza is a 20-level hybrid class that combines sneakiness and skullduggery with the power of teamwork and organization, bringing together the tactically minded and charismatic cavalier with the shadow-stepping ninja to produce a deadly combination of secret societies and smuggling, wielding the power of their gangs to rule the black markets with equal parts backstabbing and bravado. In addition to the yakuza class and 5 gangs like the Blood Tong and Jade Triad, you’ll also find 8 incredible archetypes from the gun runner and tattooed one to junk pirate and flying tiger, plus favored class bonuses, yakuza feats, and a ready-to-use sample yakuza gang boss, Shinsuke Tatsu of the Dragon Lords!  Grab this 30-page Pathfinder class supplement and Make Your Game Legendary! 

Both this book and the Asian Spell Compendium will be available starting tomorrow everywhere fine Pathfinder products are sold, but these are not the last Asian-themed products we have on the way! Our Mythic Monsters team, having already brought you monsters from China and India, is now hard at work on Mythic Monsters: Japan, and of course we also have the incredible Asian Archetypes: Magical coming your way soon, with bloodlines for sorcerers and bloodragers alike as well as some fantastically fun new archetypal options, like the Kaiju Caller, an archetype for the unchained summoner. Since we’re in a previewing mood, here are just a few of its class features!

Chant of Doom (Su): At 8th level, a kaiju caller can expend one daily use of his summon monster spell-like ability while bellowing a terrifying primal chant imploring the attention of the great kaiju. This causes the sky to seem to grow dark, the wind to rise, trees to sway, and the distant tread of enormous footsteps to be heard and felt, interspersed with faraway echoing screeches and roars that slowly draw closer. Living enemies within 30 feet of the kaiju caller automatically become shaken (no save) as long as he continues to chant, up to a maximum number of rounds equal to his Charisma modifier or his number of ranks in Perform (singing), whichever is less (minimum 1 round). This cannot cause a creature to become frightened or panicked, even if they are already shaken. Beginning this chant is a move action but maintaining it is a free action in subsequent rounds. The kaiju caller can take other actions while chanting but cannot cast spells with a verbal component or speak command words while maintaining the chant. If the kaiju caller is deaf, he has a 20% chance for this ability to fail without effect, still expending one use of his summon monster ability. This is a sonic mind-affecting fear effect, and deaf creatures are immune to it.

If a kaiju caller has a drum or similar percussion instrument, he may play this instrument rather than chanting in order to create this effect (using Perform (percussion) in place of Perform (singing) to determine the maximum duration he can maintain the effect). If he does so, he can speak and utter command words while maintaining the chant but must use both hands to continue playing the instrument and so cannot cast spells with somatic components or perform other actions requiring his hands.

While this expends a use of his summon monster ability, using it does not interfere with the kaiju caller’s ability to summon other monsters or his eidolon.

This replaces transposition.

Invoke Disaster (Sp): At 20th level, a kaiju caller can expend two uses of his summon monster spell-like ability in order to create a localized natural disaster, duplicating the effect of any of the following spells: control weather, earthquake, storm of vengeance, tsunamiAPG, whirlwind. Alternatively, he can expend all of his daily uses of summon monster in order to call a kaiju to him. This may be a specific kaiju or spawn of the destroyer known to exist in the campaign world, or may take the form of a tempest, thalassic, or thunder behemothB3. The kaiju or spawn arrives within 1d100 minutes and is not under the kaiju caller’s control. After using this ability, the kaiju caller takes a number of points of Constitution damage equal to the level of the spell he duplicates (or 10 points of Constitution damage for summoning a kaiju) and becomes exhausted. A successful Fortitude save (DC 20 + the spell’s level) reduces Constitution damage by half and leaves the kaiju caller fatigued rather than exhausted. This replaces twin eidolon.


A Middle Eastern Mythic Monday!

Today we are pleased to present the latest creature collection from Legendary Games, Mythic Monsters: Middle East! With a dozen and one delightful denizens of the myths and legends of the cradle of civilization, this book brings you creatures from Persia, Mesopotamia, Israel, and Arabia, as well as some delightfully deadly rules for desert adventuring! You can pick up this terrific new book at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

That’s not the only news relevant to ancient civilizations, either, as we are also proud to present (a day early) our latest TWO$DAY product of the week, now the proud recipient of Endzeitgeist’s 5-star seal of approvalPast Lives: Secrets of Reincarnation by Michael Kortes! This incredible supplement explores reincarnation in a whole new way, not just some silly table to see whether you come back as a gnome or a badger, but an in-depth exploration of legends of the past coming to life once more through repressed memories, thematic touchstones, feats, magic items, and more. And all for just $2 this week! 

Of course the “Middle East” is just a euphemism for the southwestern part of Asia here on earth, and we’ve got plenty more Asian awesomeness coming from parts farther east. This Friday you can look forward to the debut of not one but TWO new outstanding Asian-themed products: the Asian Spell Compendium and Legendary Hybrids: Yakuzawhich we’ll be previewing this week to whet your appetite. Starting in alphabetical order…

The Asian Spell Compendium brings you 110 amazing new magical spells inspired by the mysteries of the Orient, from the frozen tundra and boreal forests of the far north to the serpent jungles of the south. Drawing from the myths, legends, and lore of China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, Siberia, and more, you’ll find tons of new spells for every school and 20 spellcasting classes, from ancestral wrath to word of pain and all spells in between. You’ll see offensive spells like flame shuriken, tiger trap, and blessed jade strike and defensive incantations like spirit ward, toad’s kiss, and sublime detachment, from minor magics like awful apparition, drowsy fireflies, and punji pit to mighty enchantments like divine wind, rain of sacred lotus petals, terra cotta legion, and the deadly marvelous chopsticks. Whether you favor arcane, divine, or psychic spells, tapping the power of elements or magic of the mind, you’ll find an incredible array of new and inventive spells perfect for introduction into an all-Asian campaign or one that simply draws a bit here and there from the magic and mystery of the unapproachable east.

Keep your eyes here for more information on Legendary Hybrids: Yakuzaand also for updates on all of our product lines. For those following the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, we’ve just sent out a Kickstarter update with the latest information on progress, like Confederates of the Shattered Zone (5E) already in layout as we speak, and upcoming adventure manuscripts complete and now in development!