MAY THE FOURTH is time to save BIG and get HYPER!

Today we celebrate the grand space opera and salute all things sci-fi and space, and in honor of that celebration we are running sales all over the place!  At  Open Gaming Store, you can pick up all of our Metal Gods AP Plug-Ins at 40% off and our Legendary Planet product line at 20% off! You can get the same discounts at, whether you want Metal GodsLegendary Planet (Pathfinder), or Legendary Planet (5E)!

Of course, we can do you one better right here at the Legendary Games webstore, with a 40% OFF coupon on BOTH Metal Gods and Legendary Planet, including print versions and print/PDF bundles not available at Paizo! Just enter the code MAYTHE4TH and SAVE!

But today is not just about big savings; it’s also about bringing you a brand-new sci-fi franchise from Legendary Games! Last summer we partnered with Mike Myler & Co. on a project Mike hatched with one of LG’s founders, Clinton J. Boomer. Mike and his team ran a successful Kickstarter campaign last fall and this spring have brought forth a cyber-super-sci-fi behemoth: HYPERCORPS 2099

Hypercorps 2099 5E cover

Set in a dystopian magitech future, this setting and system is available for both Pathfinder and 5th Edition, with both a massive core Hypercorps 2099 book for each system as well as brand-new adventures Specimens in Centralia and Thrillville or Killville? If you’re curious and want to try before you buy, the team also created FIVE FREE PDFs! Give them a look, and once you’ve gotten a taste come back and pick up the full setting and system, which is available exclusively right here at the Legendary Games webstore, before it’s available anywhere else!


BLACK FRIDAY savings are upon us – up to 80%!!!

It’s that time of year for retailers to offer you amazing deals they wouldn’t dare offer anywhere else, and when the wind bloweth, let not it be said that Legendary Games does not bend with it! Big savings at the Legendary Games webstore!


Not only can you get a whopping 40% off almost everything at the Legendary Games webstore, but you can DOUBLE YOUR SAVINGS and get an unbelievable 80% off on our classic Gothic Campaign Compendium! by entering the code GOTHIC80!

Gothic Compilation cover

Of course, we’re not hogging all the savings here on our site!

Open Gaming Store (  You can also pick up a wide range of our products for 40% off at the Open Gaming Store, including an array of bundles for Mythic Monsters, Heroes, Islands of Plunder pirate adventures, and more!

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DrivethruRPG: Rather than a general percent-off sale, we’ve combined a massive collection of all 80 Mythic Minis into a single super-bundle nearly 90% off for just $8.88! As if that were not enough, we are also introducing the Mythic Monster MEGA-BUNDLE, compiling the first THIRTY Mythic Monsters books, from Demons to Heavenly Host, for just $2 each – JUST $60 for a bundle worth OVER $200! 

Any way you slice it, the time to save is NOW! These deals will run through the end of November, but when Cyber Monday is gone, they’re gone too! GO SAVE SOME MONEY!

Black Friday