March is the month to adopt some Orphans and save big at Paizo!

Today we are pleased to present the latest adventure in our Red Queen line of urban intrigue products, and the very first installment in our One Player Adventures series: Orphans of the Hanged Man by Matt Goodall and Legendary newcomer Michael Allen! This fabulous 40-page adventure through the back alleys and mean streets of a corrupt city rife with crime and mystery can be played with a small group with a bit of tweaking, but it’s ideally suited to run as a side-trek or as the first installment in a solo city-based campaign with one GM and one player, the Guildmaster Adventure Path! You can get this amazing adventure at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

For 5E fans, Faerie Mysteries (5E) is getting a last bit of polish in layout and should be ready to launch this Friday, and Pathfinder fans also can look forward to Legendary Kineticists II, Legendary Villains: Wicked Witches, and Mythic Monsters 46: Japan coming in rapid succession! Speaking of that latter book, just for fun here’s a bit of art for the yamata-no-orochi, a brand-new monster by Mike Welham and illustrated by Tanyaporn Sangsnit. (Spoiler alert: Yes, that’s just ONE monster. And it’s CR 30/MR 10!)

Last but not least, we are pleased to launch our incredible 60 BOOKS, 30 BUCKS Pathfinder MEGA-BUNDLE at! The same spectacular savings – over 90% off on 60 Pathfinder PDFs totaling 1,487 pages and with a regular sale price of $337! GM’s Day is coming up in Saturday, so you should totally MARCH 4TH AND BUY IT!

Of course, you also can still get this amazing bundle right here at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Storeand DrivethruRPG, and 5E fans can get in on the fun too, with the 20 FOR 20 5E MEGA-BUNDLE, available at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Storeand DrivethruRPG! 



A Fabulous Friday for Future, Fantasy, and Fear!

This week we bring you a pair of products with a more sci-fi flavor! First we present Scorpions of Perdition (5E), a fantastic 5E adventure by Alex Riggs and Nicolas Logue for 8th to 9th-level characters that blends sci-fi, fantasy, and western themes with a dash of cosmic horror. Deadly mutants, skittering aliens, toxic waterfalls in the caverns and canyons of the waste, and an android bounty hunter with a merciless mission. Pick it up today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPGand soon at Amazon!


But the sci-fi doesn’t stop there! We also have the latest installment in our hit Hypercorps 2099 cyberpunk-supers setting for Pathfinder, with a whopping 70-page supplement detailing the Failures And Merits Of The Hypernet – F.A.M.O.T.H.! Within you’ll find tons of great new character options from feats to flaws, archetypes to a brand-new class, with monsters, magic, technological items, and more! You can grab this today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG


Of course, next Monday is Halloween, which means you’ve still got time to pick up some great holiday products like Mythic Monsters: Halloween or our line of Horror Plug-Ins, plus coming next Monday a special treat for you!


Last but not least, next week will be bringing the latest chapter of Legendary Planet to 5th Edition, with The Scavenged Codex (5E), and we are just about ready to send the next chapter to layout, so get ready for Dead Vault Descent coming soon! We also will be bringing you the first full-sized product for the Red Queen AP Plug-Ins line with Legendary Villains: Vigilantes!

Legendary Villains: Vigilantes brings you an incredible array of character options for taking the vigilante class for Pathfinder in a dastardly direction! Inside you’ll find 8 notorious new archetypes like the dread champion, fortune thief, protean prowler, andsymbiotic slayer, perfect for making your vigilante a master of the malevolent, either as a vile villain striving against the PCs, or an amoral antihero willing to do whatever it takes to see justice—or vengeance—done! You will also find nearly 80 tantalizing talents, fantastic feats, and vigilante-focused magic items suitable for all vigilantes, plus the savage and unstoppable crimson dreadnoughtprestige class. Last but not least, you’ll find statistics for the dashing and deadly Red Love, a ready-to-use vigilante villain for your campaign to showcase the dirty tricks and devilish deeds you’ll find within! Grab this Pathfinder class product for vigilantes and Make Your Game Legendary!

Oh, and one more thing…

Stay tuned for what’s coming next Tuesday, for what just might be the BIGGEST BARGAIN BUNDLE Legendary Games has ever done!


5E Friday with Martial Arts and METAL!

Last month we released The Way of Ki, a 5th Edition supplement greatly expanding the options for characters and ki, not just for monks but for characters of every class. Today we are pleased to present a fantastic followup to that expansion (though it can be used without it) in Meditations of the Imperial Mystics, a collection of four ancient tomes and texts of Eastern wisdom. Each one has its own history and flavor, and understanding their mystic secrets can be fraught with peril, but each is a unique treasure to be found by the heroes unaware of its nature, or you can drop clues about their existence and have the track them down in search of the hidden power within Body Outside Body, Instructions of Yin-Blood and Thundering Yang, Prayers of Empty Flesh and Undying Ki, and Seven Ghost Needles! You can pick up this great 5E supplement for just 4.99 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG


We hope you enjoy the awesome accessories we’ve been creating for Asian-influenced games, whether you go with full on Oriental Adventures or just a dash of Asian flavor. You can pick up other great products in this line like Beasts of Legend: Beasts of the East and adventures like Road to Destiny, The Baleful Coven, and Under Frozen Stars, with more Asian-themed products coming down the road!

The last adventure in that list, Under Frozen Stars, combines Asian elements with exploration of the polar regions, plus a hearty dash of sci-fi elements, and we are excited to offer new 5E products that blend sci-fi with fantasy! We have our massive Legendary Planet Adventure Path, for which we have just released the latest chapter to our Kickstarter backers and which be available to the general public next month! The Scavenged Codex is a massive 120-page adventure for 5th-8th level characters that includes new monsters, magic items, a planetary gazetteer, special rules for vehicles and chase scenes, an ongoing fiction saga, and more! You can use this adventure on its own or as a follow-up to The Assimilation Strain (1st-2nd level) and To Worlds Unknown (2nd-5th level), as well as pairing it with the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide, and can pick up all of these up right here at the Legendary Games webstore or wherever you get your gaming products!

The Scavenged Codex (Pathfinder) CoverIn addition to Legendary Planet, though, we are also gearing up a new series of standalone sci-fi/fantasy products that can be easily incorporated into any ongoing campaign where you just want a dash of technology or magitech to spice up a traditional fantasy setting. The first in this series is coming soon for 5E characters of 8th-9th level: Prepare for the Scorpions of Perdition! 


What’s Down in Those Mines; It Ain’t of This World!

A strange craft fallen from the stars, long the home of a tribe of monstrous mutants worshiping the long-forgotten technology in its ruined bowels, has birthed a new and fearsome scourge. Alien prisoners once bound in its holds have escaped from the derelict, bringing terror and death to a poor mining town while a lone android marshal wanders the wasteland seeking these escaped interplanetary convicts. The heroes find themselves stalked in turn by an unearthly abomination in a twisting catacomb of mines and must dare the precarious ruins of the dangling spacecraft embedded in the cliffs if they are to stop the conquering forerunners of an ancient empire buried centuries ago from rising again to pick up where they left off… with world domination!


Kineticists, Cunning, and a massive amount of great products!

Lovers of Legendary have already sunk their mental teeth into Legendary Kineticistsbut this titanic tome of 46 pages of spectacular psychic stuff is now available everywhere! Pick up your copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Legendary Kineticists Cover

We’ve also got a crafty and clever gang of mythic feats with you, cunningly released on FEAT FRIDAY instead of MYTHIC MONDAY (since I’ll be out of town on Monday): Mythic Minis 91: Feats of CunningYou can grab this set of marvelous mythic feats dedicated to using your mind to outwit, outmaneuver, and outlast your enemies at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Mythic Minis 91 - Feats of Cunning Cover

But wait, it gets better. Much, MUCH better! Our PaizoCon exclusives are now available in wide release, including a pair of 5th Edition adventures for 3rd level characters! You can grab the Egyptian-themed Beneath the Festered Sun at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!


Plus, the third installment in the Trail of the Apprentice saga, The Thieves’ Den, is available for both Pathfinder and 5th Edition! Grab them at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming StorePaizo (Pathfinder or 5E), or DrivethruRPG!

Thieves' Den Cover

But wait, there’s EVEN MORE!

  • All month long, you can get 20% off Legendary Games products at d20Pro! Just go here!
  • We have just uploaded a TON of great bundles to, where you can save huge on monsters, magic, mythic, heroes, villains, pirates, kingdom building, mass combat, and more! Just go here!
  • At long last, the first of our massive mythic hardback books is available in HeroLab! You can grab the Mythic Spell Compendium today, and the Mythic Hero’s Handbook and Mythic Monster Manual will be following later this summer. Just go here!

Mythic Spell Compendium Coversmall


Legendary Exclusives and SAVINGS for PaizoCon!

PaizoCon is upon is, and in honor of this august occasion we are delighted to point you to our friends over at to save 40% off almost all Pathfinder PDFs and 20% off Pathfinder print books and bundles this weekend. Of course, starting RIGHT NOW, you can get 40% OFF ALMOST EVERYTHING IN THE LEGENDARY GAMES WEBSTORE! Just use the coupon code PAIZOCON40 and save on any and every product – whether PDF, print, or bundle – save for a handful of new products marked with **.

Speaking of new products, of course, we are proud to present a set of PaizoCon exclusives for both Pathfinder and 5th Edition, available right now EXCLUSIVELY at the Legendary Games webstore. Until after PaizoCon is over, you can’t get these products anywhere else!

Legendary Kineticists Cover

Brought to you by kineticist scribe extraordinaire Brian Jolly in his debut product for Legendary Games, this encyclopedic accessory is 46 pages jam-packed with killer kinetic content, including 140 new blasts, defenses, infusions, and wild talents, 7 archetypes, plus masterpieces, magic items, saturations, and more! Get it right here!


For 5th Edition fans, we have a 3rd-level 5E adventure in an accursed city sweltering in the shadows of long-fallen civilizations. The city trembles before the withering fury of the sun itself as an ancient evil awakens and threatens to destroy heroes and villains alike! This 42-page adventure by Pedro Coelho features urban intrigue and peril and plunder among the dusty tombs of the elder kingdoms. Get it here!


Last but not least, we have another 3rd-level adventure, this one available for both Pathfinder and 5E! This 48-page adventure by Paris Crenshaw takes the heroes through a deadly wilderness into a trap-infested lair of the mysterious Fox Prince, seeking his aid to unravel a plot that threatens the entire kingdom if they cannot meet his price. This is the third adventure in the Trail of the Apprentice saga, and is a great old-school romp for experienced players as well as an ideal adventure series for introducing new and younger players to RPGs. Get the Pathfinder version here or the 5th Edition version here!

Keep an eye here or on our Facebook page for pictures from PaizoCon, and on Saturday keep an eye out for the PowerPoint presentation from our What’s New with Legendary Games? seminar, which will reveal a TON of amazing products coming soon from Legendary Games! Meanwhile, shop right here at the Legendary Games webstore and save, Save, SAVE with coupon code PAIZOCON40.


From Past Lives to Legendary Beginnings, we CONQUER!

Today offers a bonanza of new material for Pathfinder and 5th Edition from Legendary Games! Our generous patrons at Patreon have helped us bring to life a personal Pathfinder passion project from the marvelous Michael Kortes, an amazing supplement exploring the notion of reincarnation. Not the kind where you get brought back from the dead as a badger or a kobold, but the notion of past lives that cycle back through the real world, with ancient legacies that tangle your destiny with legendary figures from the past! Chock full of Past Life Profiles, incarnation feats, unique magic items, and more, you can pick up Past Lives: Secrets of Reincarnation right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!


Of course, sometimes you need a hero RIGHT NOW, and that’s why we are excited to debut our first compilation of pregenerated characters for 5th Edition! These lavishly detailed and illustrated heroes are ideal as allies, enemies, rivals, or even playable characters, each one with a detailed backstory and connections with other characters, and well-suited for any campaign wandering in the wild, delving into the hollow hills and the faerie forests, blazing a trail and carving out a kingdom of your own! Plus, foldable paper minis for each character! You can grab this 5E collection of Conquering Heroes right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Conquering Heroes (5E) cover image

Last, but certainly not least, we have the debut in wide release of the first TWO adventures from our Trail of the Apprentice introductory adventure saga, available for BOTH Pathfinder and 5th Edition! Start off with the 1st-level adventure The Bandit’s Cave as you chase down notorious brigands that have stolen a town’s greatest treasure, and proceed on to the 2nd-level adventure The King’s Curse as you uncover a plot to steal even more mysterious artifacts from a lavish museum, though even if you succeed you risk unleashing an awful curse! Our backers have already received the next installment, The Thieves’ Den, and more adventures are coming soon, but you can pick up these fabulous adventures in print or PDF at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo (Pathfinder or 5th Edition Bandit’s Cave or King’s Curse), DrivethruRPGor Amazon! 

Bandit Cave Cover


Legendary Beginnings are about to begin for Pathfinder and 5E!

Last Friday saw the spectacular debut of the latest installment in the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, with the awesome adventure To Worlds Unknown for both Pathfinder and 5th Edition! That’s a big adventure in a star-spanning saga, taking your heroes right out of this world and into the cosmos, and we think you’ll love every bit of it! However, everything big had to start small, and that’s where Legendary Beginnings come in.



No matter how long you’ve been playing RPGs, a challenge for gamers is bringing new players into the hobby, whether friends our age or younger players. Starter sets and boxes for beginners are great but not enough, and that’s why we started Legendary Beginnings, products designed to be tons of fun for experienced gamers with structure and content suitable for new gamers and younger players. The first adventure, Into the Feyweald, has received very positive feedback, but single adventures are one thing. We had bigger plans in mind, and with that, we invite you to support the Trail of the Apprentice Kickstarter, scheduled to begin next week!


Wizard's Dungeon Cover
Trail of the Apprentice is a 5-part series of exciting adventures suitable for all ages, available for 5th Edition and Pathfinder. These modules use simplified stat blocks and other rules adjustments to keep gameplay fun and fast for new players, with helpful sidebars that provide advice on how to run RPGs for younger gamers so your whole family can Make Your Game Legendary!

We are delighted to have a talented creative team on Trail of the Apprentice,  including lead author Paris Crenshaw, Mike Welham, Linda Zayas-Palmer, Matt Goodall, Amanda Hamon Kunz, and more lending their talents to this spectacular series of adventures! The first four adventures in the series all have been written and the fifth is well underway, along with bonus material for stretch and the campaign setting of Terralien inspired in part by the American Colonial era. Artwork for the AP is likewise nearly half-done, with the final art and map orders going out this week! When the Kickstarter ends on April 22nd, backers will be able to immediately download the first several adventures, and if all goes well they’ll be able to get all five as soon as the project closes, with print versions and the full compilation with bonus material available by the end of May!


NOTE: The creative team for Legendary Beginnings is entirely separate from the crew working on the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, save for some bonus goal contributions from authors that have already completed their work on Legendary Planet. Progress on Legendary Planet will not be delayed by anyone working on Trail of the Apprentice!  We are excited to get both adventure series in your hands as soon as possible!


Our regular product cycle continues as well! For 5th Edition, we are looking forward to the release this week of Beasts of Legend: Construct Codex (5E), featuring nearly a dozen creepy constructs themed for horror, from the bloodthirsty manikin to the crowflight carriage and the griever morgech to the living crematory!


Our Pathfinder fans can look forward to this week’s release of Occult Archetypes, with almost 20 new character options for their occult characters, and speaking of occult, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it’s also MYTHIC MONDAY, which brings us Mythic Minis 82: Occult Feats II, from Psychic Virtuoso to Xenoglossy and more, which is available NOW at the Legendary Games webstore, Paizo, Open Gaming Store, and DrivethruRPG82 Cover


Legendary Beginnings have BEGUN!

In the spirit of Christmas (and in celebration of childhood wonder and nostalgia on this Star Wars Day), Legendary Games is pleased to present the first book in our Legendary Beginnings series, Into the Feyweald - Into the Feyweald (cover)

Perfect for gaming with families or people new to the hobby but just as much fun for experienced players, Legendary Beginnings are exciting and inventive adventures and supplements that can be used in conjunction with the standard Pathfinder RPG rules or with the simplified rules in the Pathfinder boxed set for beginners, with bonus content specially designed to work well with those rules. This 36-page adventure is a rollicking ride through a fairy forest, full of delightful twists and turns and heroes and villains fanciful and frightening. You can pick up your copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG


Legendary Beginnings adventures are packed with every bit of the fantastic flair, amazing artwork, and flat-out fun you’ve come to expect from Legendary Games. We think you’ll love them no matter your age or experience, but you’ll find they’re especially inviting in terms of themes and style to help spread the love for gaming with friends, family, youth groups, scout troops, and social clubs of every kind. We hope you and yours enjoy playing these adventures as much as we enjoyed making them!


Three times the LEGENDARY this Friday!

In a busy couple of weeks, this is a day we will long remember at Legendary Games! Not one, not two, but THREE new Legendary products are available for you today, each more Legendary than the last! First off, we have the latest installment in our villain-focused series, Legendary Villains: Evil Clerics, featuring the Legendary debut of Jenny Jarzabski with 40 pages jam-packed with fiendish fanatics and black-hearted bishops. If you’d love some sinister new feats, spells, archetypes, prestige classes, and more for your corrupted priesthood, to say nothing of a pair of awesome blasphemous books, pick this up today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, or DrivethruRPG!


Mmmm… that cover art by Bruno Balixa is making me hungry… for MORE LEGENDARY! This summer’s big project was the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, and while our backers have long since received their first adventure and player’s guide, everyone else had to wait. Until now. The second adventure in the saga, the titanic 96-page To Worlds Unknown by Jim Groves with Thurston Hillman, Chris A. Jackson, Jonathan H. Keith, Jeff Lee, and Sean K Reynolds has gone out to our Pathfinder backers and the 5th Edition version will be soon to follow, which means that The Assimilation Strain and the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide for Pathfinder are now available in wide release!

That’s right, now everyone can pick up this 42-page planetary prelude, complete with a 12-page PDF art and map folio (including unkeyed player-friendly maps), right here at the Legendary Games webstore and at the Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPGand Amazon

Assimilation Cover (lighter)

But wait, good things come in threes! When you’re ready to run your Legendary Planet campaign, you’re definitely going to want a copy of the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide, complete with 4 new playable races, details and advice on religion, society, race, and character class out among the stars, plus a dozen campaign traits that plug your characters into the action and the overarching themes of the campaign without giving too much away. You can pick up this 19-page PDF at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG! - Legendary Planet Player's Guide cover (small)

Grab one, or two, or ALL THREE, and Make Your Weekend Legendary!