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Start a Relationship on 5E Friday!


Today we are excited and delighted to present the latest installment in our killer collection of 5th Edition supplements for expanding your campaign beyond the dungeon! Get ready to embrace romance and rivalry, building from acquaintanceship to alliance, with a clear and concise yet rich and robust system for crafting unique relationship opportunities for your heroes to grow into with the important NPCs in your campaign! You get not only the rules framework for building camaraderie and reaping the rewards of making your relationship grow, but you also get six ready-to-use archetypal NPC roles that you can easily drop into your campaign, tailor for your game, or use as models to build relationships of your own! Grab this 32-page 5E supplement today and really make those opportunities matter as your characters enjoy finding their place in the world! Ultimate Relationships is available now in PDF and print from the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

But that’s not all, because coming soon we have an incredible addition to the Ultimate line for 5E with Ultimate Strongholds, a remarkable resource for all things fortified in your campaign. It’s nearly finished in layout and hopefully will be ready for release on the next 5E Friday, or at the latest the following week. What can you expect to find within its pages? Check it out!

Ultimate Strongholds brings you an awesome array of fantastic fortifications for your 5th Edition Campaign! This exhaustive encyclopedia integrates all levels of 5E play, from classic party-level adventuring to an easy system for creating buildings of your own, on up to the expansive kingdom-building and management rules in Kingdoms from Legendary Games! Explore tons of new options for buildings, rooms, augmentations, and fortified buildings, as well as unusual building locations. Dive into siege warfare with an array of siege weapons, ammunition, and special structures and building materials. Ultimate Strongholds goes far beyond the basic building blocks, of course, with a wealth of information for buildings integrated with kingdom and settlement attributes and a host of exotic strongholds and structures, from cloud castles to water walls, flesh piles to crystal palaces, hedge forts to ghostly redoubts, with rules for damaging such bizarre and magical constructions and the hazards they bring! Plus, you get over two dozen new spells ideal for defending your stronghold or breaching the holds of your enemies like battering bolt, deathless defenders, and spiritual pike wall, along with spells to enhance the fortress itself like elemental architecture and haunted ruin! Last but not least, you also get the brand-new castellan arcane tradition that guides and guards a fortress like no one else can!

Last but not least, if you like to blend a little star-spanning sci-fi into your 5E cup, don’t miss Legendary Worlds: Polaris 7 (5E)! At the farthest edge of explored space, this frozen world is the source for a rare life-giving mineral seething with raw power, with corrupt corporate overlords, savage intrigues between rival factions, and deadly xenomorphic monsters awakened from their deep tunnels to destroy the invaders from above! You’ll find new feats, magic items, pharmaceuticals, and a brand-new monster too! If your heroes happen to slip through the wrong magical gateway or portal to the great beyond, you’ve got a perfect planet of peril to unleash upon them before they can make their escape back home! Grab this 20-page 5E supplement at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG


So much stuff coming so soon!

September was kind of a slow month by LG standards, with only a couple of new titles debuting, but this fall is shaping up to be mighty busy! Coming your way very soon, you can look forward to some amazing stuff starting with:

  • Scorpions of Perdition is a sizzling sci-fi/western/horror crossover adventure for Starfinder by Alex Riggs and Nick Logue for 8th-level characters. Layout is complete and it’s ready to drop!
  • MYTHIC MONDAY for Pathfinder returns with Path of the Mystic, the final installment in the Mythic Paths series that closes the circle of enchantment with over 90 path abilities devoted to psychic characters and dabblers in the occult!
  • The titanic 444-page Alien Bestiary (5E) has completed its final revisions and is heading out to our backers as we speak and will soon be ready for each and every one of you, with nearly 300 incredible space and sci-fi themed monsters plus bonus rules for running sci-fi campaigns with 5th Edition!
  • The epic Legendary Planet saga continues with Confederates of the Shattered Zone (Starfinder), and Steve Helt and Jason Nelson are at long last closing in on completion for the long-awaited climactic conclusion of the saga in To Kill a Star!
  • The Ultimate series returns with the expansive encyclopedia of fortification in Ultimate Strongholds for Pathfinder, with integration with kingdom rules, downtime, and everyday adventuring, ranging from classic castles to fantastic fortresses!
  • Our Legendary Heroes series continues with not one but TWO new books heading your way, bringing a fantastic flair to your fighting characters with Legendary Samurai and Legendary Magus with massive expansions and rebuilt rules for each class! And can that be Legendary Alchemists out there on the horizon as well?
  • The long-awaited expansion to the Aethera Campaign Setting is nearly here with the Aethera Field Guide, debuting first for Pathfinder and with the Starfinder and 5E versions following in its wake.

My eyes are getting tired just READING that, and those are just the projects that are either finished in layout, already in layout, or waiting in line for the layout queue! There’s a whole lot more where those came from!


Go APE this Friday… and Set Sail for Adventure!

Today we are stoked to unveil the sixth installment in our Legendary Worlds series of ready-to-play sci-fi/fantasy hybrid planets with the debut LG book from George Loki Williams, a planet… of the apes! Welcome to Legendary Worlds: Jowchita sweltering jungle planet around a dying star, where ape oracles and simian scholars study the natural rhythms that pulse through the planet like a heartbeat, giving birth to an incredible array of titanic kaiju crawling from the planet’s underworld. Kaiju cultists strive against sinister insectoid aliens to control the uncontrollable gargantuas while the tree cities of the ape-lords desperately try to keep the peace on Jowchit. You’ll find new class options, drugs, and feats await, along with a detailed planetary gazetteer, adventure hooks, a new playable race, and the mystical Jowchit girallon! You can grab this fantastic world of adventure in print and PDF at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon!

The Starfinder version of Jowchit is on approach as well, and there’s plenty more alien adventure and intrigue on the way, with the Alien Bestiary Companion for Pathfinder in layout now and the 5E and Starfinder versions of the Alien Companion set to follow in their wake. The Starfinder version of Legendary Planet: Dead Vault Descent is also nearing completion, as is the final adventure in the saga, To Kill a Star! 

If your voyages are more nautical than astronomical, however, any fantasy campaign can be enriched by this Monday’s release of Ultimate Ships (5E)! This book, the latest installment in our amazing Ultimate line, is devoted to all things nautical, from shipboard combat to full-on fleet battles, with simple and advanced rules options for ship-to-ship combat, integrating magic and sea battles, and so much more! You’ll find detailed options for ships large and small from ancient times to the Age of Sail, with naval siege weapons from cannons to catapults, ballistas to firedrakes, as well as special ship modifications like concealed weapon ports, silk sails, and smuggling compartments. Add in spell effects on ships, shore bombardment rules, ramming, repairs, boarding actions, plus tons of sample ships, and you can play at the level of detail that suits your game and your players, from simple to complex. You can grab this fantastic 46-page 5th Edition rules supplement right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand soon at Amazon! 

Finally, off to layout today this week is Path of the Bound, the latest mythic path for Pathfinder to join up with past favorites like Path of the Stranger, Path of the Genius, and Path of the Reluctant Hero! We’ll have more previews for this book soon, but what is this new path to immortal power all about?

Some heroes are born, others are made, but some make a fateful choice that changes everything. Path of the Bound is designed to create characters who achieve immortality and legendary status by selling their soul, mortgaging their future, and giving themselves over to eldritch entities in exchange for power. Some have altruistic motivations, seeking the power to protect others, though often to the extremes in trying to cleanse the world from vice and sin. Others are more like victims of circumstance, the lonely survivors of an ancient curse that has left them lingering in a world no longer their own as the centuries have passed them by or born with mind and spirit already bound to the thoughts and senses of others in a mental network that spans the globe. Some are anointed to serve the realms beyond, taking the mantle willingly Those granting power may anoint others with glory or may seduce them into service, or bully or befuddle them into accepting far more than they bargained for. It is dangerous to deal with the devil, but even kinder spirits have their own designs for your immortal soul and your service. Path of the Bound does not stop with the paths of power from the immortal world to you, however, but also presents rules for becoming a mythic patron yourself, and binding others into your service in exchange for the power that you can provide! A bound character is part of the web of souls, becoming one with the infinite, inextricably tied up within it. Is the power worth the price? Just sign the contract and find out!


A Scurvy Day at last for Pirates!

Today we are delighted and excited in the extreme to release one of the long-awaited aquatic adventure Fort Scurvy! This massive expedition takes the heroes into the heart of a living fortress swarming with pirates and scallywags of every stripe, with every one of them gunning for blood. Your PCs will need to blend guile, stealth, and strategy alongside brute force if they are to evade detection, create diversions, and press their advantage to pierce the stronghold of the Pirate King and seize the crown of the pirate isles for their own! You’ve never seen a high-level adventure quite like this, packed with over 70 pages of pulse-pounding pirate peril! You can grab this awesome adventure today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Of course, while knocking the second of the Holy Trinity of Jason’s Unfinished Products off the list (you’re next, Ultimate Armies!) is a beautiful thing on its own, you can certainly buy this awesome adventure as a standalone piece, but you also can get it as just one amazing part of the incredible Pirate Campaign Compendium for 5E and Pathfinder that is running on KICKSTARTER RIGHT NOWThis is a short, focused project, and in the first week alone we already have exceeded TRIPLE our base funding goal with over 300 backers, plus adding half a dozen terrific stretch goals and even more fun extras! This titanic tome should be over 300 pages full of five complete adventures, over a hundred ready-made monsters, NPCs, magic items, and so much more. Plus, backers get to sponsor unique content of their own and can vote to help decide which monsters make the cut for the final book!

This project ends in two weeks, on Monday, March 5th.

Climb aboard and spread the word in every port of call! 

Check out the Pirate Campaign Compendium for 5E and Pathfinder on Kickstarter!


A Sci-Fi 5E Friday in honor of Star Wars, plus super-savings for Christmas family fun!

Today we are delighted to debut another of our awesome ready-to-play worlds of adventure for 5th Edition, the war-torn water-world of Legendary Worlds: Melefoni (5E)! You’ll find dynamic adventure among the dwellers in the deep oceans who battle the colonists of a fallen starship whose shattered drive core poisons the pelagic depths, leading to all-out war above and below the sea against the invaders from beyond. New feats, spells, and gear to help you survive this war-torn water-world await, along with a detailed planetary gazetteer, adventure hooks, and brand-new monsters too! You can grab this terrific 20-page 5th Edition adventure accessory at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPGYou also can get this spectacular supplement for Pathfinder RPG or Starfinder RPG, as well as the rest of the Legendary Worlds collection and the incredible Legendary Planet Adventure Path at our Legendary Planet product page!

For those who prefer some fey and fantasy family fun, however, it’s time to save HUGE on an awesome assortment of all-ages adventures!

  • Get the whimsical 60+ page adventure A Feast of Flavor for Pathfinder RPG or 5th Edition for just $2!!!
  • Get the incredible 300-page Trail of the Apprentice Adventure Path for Pathfinder RPG or 5th Edition for HALF PRICE, just $14.99!
  • Get the terrific 12 Days of Christmas Pathfinder Beginner Bundle at DrivethruRPG 75% off for just $12, including A Feast of Flavor, Into the Feyweald, Crisis at Falling Spring Station, A Feast of Flavor Premium Cards, Trail of the Apprentice Character Cards, and Trail of the Apprentice Image Cards! 
  • Get the terrific 12 Days of Christmas 5E Beginner Bundle at DrivethruRPG 75% off for just $8, including A Feast of Flavor, Into the Feyweald, Crisis at Falling Spring Station, and Trail of the Apprentice Image Cards! 

Check out all the great deals at our Legendary Beginnings product page at the Legendary Games webstore, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG

Plus, don’t forget to check out last week’s incredible new Legendary Gunslingers class cyclopedia for Pathfinder RPG, and get ready for Legendary Brawlers coming next week!


TWO$DAY 12 Days of Christmas!

Today on 12/12, we wanted to celebrate the season with some spectacular savings on stuff for your families and the young at heart, with a special focus on new gamers! Celebrating a great new review from Endzeitgeist for Rachel Ventura’s all-ages adventure, A Feast of Flavorwe are offering it as our TWO$DAY product of the week, 80% off at just $2 for the Pathfinder or 5th Edition version – your choice!

But wait, it gets better, because you also can get the incredible Trail of the Apprentice Adventure Pathagain available for either Pathfinder or 5th Editionfor HALF PRICE, just $14.99 for 300 pages of awesome all-ages adventure! Explore the The Bandit’s Cave, dare The King’s Curserisk The Thieves’ Den, accept The Oracle’s Test, and plunge into the depths and danger of The Wizard’s Dungeon, with new character classes, magic, monsters, a detailed gazetteer of the kingdom, and ready-to-play characters so the adventure is ready to go!

AND THERE’S MORE!!! If you’d like to complete your collection of our Legendary Beginnings product line, you also can cash in on HUGE 75% savings over at DrivethruRPG with our 12 Days of Christmas Beginner Bundles – ready for you for 5th Edition and for Pathfinder with adventures like A Feast of Flavor, Into the Feyweald, and Crisis at Falling Spring Stationplus PDF card packs to accessorize your adventures!


A 5E Friday Festival – plus MEGA-BUNDLES!

Our 5E Friday returns with the fantastic and festive Royal Tournaments (5E), a fabulous resource for all manner of festival games and events from classic jousts and archery contests to athletic contests for running, riding, jumping, and more, plus exotic events like caber tossing, target shooting, tag-team wrestling, and aerial ring races! From the prosaic rural delights of a country fair to exotic events like the tower of jewels and pillars of life and death, Royal Tournaments provides a wealth of tournament events and awards, some physical, some magical, some social, and all delightful. Whether your players want to promote the interests of their own kingdom or simply fight for glory and prizes, this 40-page book has everything you need to make the tournaments in your campaign magnificent and memorable. You can grab it today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon! 

Pathfinder RPG fans can also get Royal Tournaments for Pathfinder at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon! And next week, 5E fans can get ready for Fey and Forest Options for their characters of every kind!

Of course, we also kicked off BLACK FRIDAY a couple of weeks early with not one but TWO marvelous mega-bundles! For our 5th Edition fans, we are proud to present 20 FOR 20 II 5E Mega-Bundle, the sequel to last year’s amazing bundle, with 20 all-new 5E PDFs for just $20! Get over 600 pages of fantastic 5th Edition fun, from adventures to monsters, magic items, spells, feats, character options, new rules, and more, all over 80% off the original MSRP of over $120! Grab this bodacious bundle right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

For our Pathfinder players and GMs, we go even bigger, with our 30 for 40 Pathfinder Mega-Bundle, where for just $30 you get 40 fabulous Pathfinder PDFs, featuring hundreds of monsters, magic items, spells, feats, class options, pregenerated characters, new rules subsystems, and so much more, nearly 1400 pages of material at nearly 90% off the original cover price of nearly $270! Grab it today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoor DrivethruRPG

Of course, you can always do both, and get over 2,000 pages of incredible gaming material for just $50! For anyone who picked up last year’s 20 for 20 5E bundle or the 30 BUCKS, 60 BOOKS Pathfinder bundle, rest assured that there is no overlap here. It’s all new goodness for you, compliments of Legendary Games!

Of course, our new releases continue this month, with 5E Friday coming back, along with brand new Pathfinder and Starfinder products coming your way too, but we wanted to unleash the savings now for you


Sci-fi Saturday for 5E with Elementals on the Way!

The Alien Bestiary Kickstarter is in the books (though you can still email us if you want to hop on board!) and we’ve shifted our focus to a Fall of Fantasy, but there’s still plenty of sci-fi coming your way. The penultimate chapter of the Legendary Planet saga, Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons, is coming this month for Kickstarter backer and soon thereafter for everyone else, with more scintillating Starfinder supplements as well including Treasury of the Machine, Legendary Planet: The Scavenged Codex, and even more mind-blowing Legendary Worlds. Today brings you the latest in that series with Legendary Worlds: Carsis (5E), where the shards of a shattered world dance and churn around a verdant light, while fecund forests seething with swarms overgrowth cover the planet-shards and soaring insectoid predators prowl the grinding gulfs between them. You can grab this amazing planet of adventure packed into 22 pages, with the new playable carsian race, new monsters, and a mini-adventure for just $4.99 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!


Next week brings us back to Fantasy-land with Monday’s release of the excellent Eldritch Elementalism, an exploration of the arts of elemental magic for spellcasters with new archetypes and feats, but also with a dozen dynamic templates for redesigning your elementals in some amazing ways, from shape-altering piscine and predator elementals to consuming elementals, draconic elementals, and even radioactive elementals! If you love working with elementals as a player or GM, you’ve gotta get this when it goes live on Monday!

Of course, you shouldn’t forget this past Monday’s new release, the fantastic Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium! This fabulous 424-page encyclopedia of adventure is an incredible resource for any wilderness campaign, especially one featuring the fey, with tons of character options, spells, magic items, feats, monsters, and so much more, including rules for tournaments and festivals, sample characters and kingdoms on the borderlands of the wild, and a wealth of incredibly rich material dealing with faeries and the fey realms! You can grab the PDF right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG, and you can preorder the print version and print/PDF bundle exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore!

The 5th Edition version of the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium is nearly done in layout and will be going out to our Kickstarter backers first, and then out in general release later. The PDF will be released first, but the print version and print/PDF bundles will also be available for preorder right here at the Legendary Games webstore!

Don’t miss our TWO$DAY product of the week, even kicking it off a day earlier with the amazing Ancient Tombs, recent recipient of Endzeitgeist’s 5-star seal of approval (read his review here)! You can get this amazing 36-page supplement of spells, curses, traps, lore, and so much more, exploring all things tomb-tastic and terrifying for 70% off right here at the Legendary Games webstore for just $2!

Last but by no means least, we are delighted to continue our contributions to disaster recovery and relief. Our Heroes for Harvey bundle was a great success, as was the multi-publisher mega-bundle on DrivethruRPG, and we’ve helped organize another one to help those in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean to recover from an unbelievable succession of hurricanes from Harvey to Irma to Jose to Katia to Maria!

Head on over to DrivethruRPG and grab the new Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Bundle, getting almost $500 worth of incredible gaming products for all kinds of systems for just $25! Even if you had a heart of stone, that’s an incredible deal! We hope we can help get everyone in the mood to do even more, so whatever your favorite relief organization may be, whether international or local, we encourage you to do all you can to help the people of the Caribbean and the real-life heroes out there on the front lines!

Set sail to help the Caribbean!


5E Friday: A new World and a new Alien Codex!

Today we are excited to release the latest in our our spectacular series of ready-to-play planets for 5th Edition with Legendary Worlds: Calcarata (5E), where a long-lost offshoot of humanity has turned dream into science in an endless dance, but drug wars flourish between the lonely waypoint stations while the psychic screams of the dream-devoured echo through the endless canyons. Like every one of our Legendary Worlds, you’ll find a richly detailed planet with geography, history, society, and more, plus brand-new rules, a new monster, and a new playable race, the psychic penthe! You can grab this new world of adventure starting at just $4.99 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG right now for 5E (and also available right now for Pathfinder and soon for Starfinder too)!


Of course, we are also excited by the continued explosion of the ALIEN BESTIARY Kickstarter for 5E, Starfinder, and Pathfinder! We are more than DOUBLE our original funding goal, which has allowed us to add a second book to the project! Now, not only can you get the 200+ monsters of the Alien Bestiary (and we are just a few hundred dollars away from adding even MORE new monsters with our Planetary Plants stretch goal, where YOU get to decide which extraterrestrial hungry vegetation creeps into the book), but you also can get the Alien Codex, which starts out as a 120-page encyclopedia of awesome ready-to-use NPCs for a wide variety of roles and levels, plus vividly detailed iconic heroes across multiple levels to use as recurring characters! The base book contains a ton of familiar races like humans, dwarves, and elves with a sci-fi twist, as well as brand-new alien races like the cybernetic auttaine, the bioengineered super-soldier klaven, and the sinister genetic scientists of the jagladine! Plus more new monsters and more alien races keep getting added all the time!

Whether you’re a Space Cadet, Star Lord, or part of the Alien Invasion, back it today right here!

You can get just the Alien Bestiary alone, or you can add in your choice of companion books like the Alien Codex, the Alien Bestiary Companion (for Pathfinder), the spectacular nearly-600-page Aethera Campaign Setting, and not far away the Aethera Field Guide as well, and you can choose which system you want for your books – 5E, Starfinder, or Pathfinder, or a mix of multiple versions!

If you’re bringing sci-fi elements into your 5th Edition game, of course, don’t forget about last week’s new release, the Treasury of the Machine (5E), with over 60 spectacular new technomagical treasures for your campaign, , from devastating weapons like the rapture ray, targeting computer, gravity cannon, kinesis grappler, or singularity grenade, to amazing accessories like the learning helmet, targeting computer, slipsuit, and ghosting unit, and much, more more! You can grab this killer collection of technomagical loot starting at just $4.99 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and soon at Amazon!



The Alien Codex is here – let the ALIEN INVASION begin!

The Alien Bestiary Kickstarter is now DOUBLE FUNDED, thanks to each and every one of our nearly 400 backers! We have not only unlocked the Alien Codex but also an awesome array of new pledge levels! Those starfaring hero goody-goodies have had it their way so far, but now it’s time for the ALIENS to have their revenge! It’s time for the Alien Assault, Alien Invasion, and Alien Annihilation Pledges!

To keep these new pledge levels simplified, we have made them modular rather than specific, with a base pledge to get all of the included items for one system (Pathfinder, Starfinderor 5E), with additional amounts listed if you’d like to get your Alien Bestiary and companion books two systems or even for all three. You can specify your system(s) of choice and which companion books you want when we send out our backer surveys at the end of the Kickstarter. (Note: The Alien Bestiary Companion and Aethera Campaign Setting companion books are Pathfinder only.)

Alien Assault (PDF) – $40+

You get the PDFs, including all stretch goals, for the Alien Bestiary and one companion PDF (Alien Codex, Aethera Field Guide, Aethera Campaign Setting, or Alien Bestiary Companion). Choose 5E, Starfinder, or Pathfinder.  Add a second system: Increase pledge to $75 (save $5)  All three systems: Increase pledge to $100 (save $20)

Alien Invasion (PDF) – $60+

You get the PDFs, including all stretch goals, for the Alien Bestiary and two companion PDFs (Alien Codex, Aethera Field Guide, Aethera Campaign Setting, or Alien Bestiary Companion). Choose 5E, Starfinder, or Pathfinder.  Add a second system: Increase pledge to $110 (save $10) All three systems: Increase pledge to $150 (save $30)

Alien Assault (Print) – $90+

You get the beautiful hardcover Alien Bestiary and one awesome alien companion book (Alien Codex, Aethera Field Guide, Aethera Campaign Setting, or Alien Bestiary Companion). Includes all PDFs. Choose 5E, Starfinder, or PathfinderAdd a second system: Increase pledge to $170 (save $10) All three systems: Increase pledge to $240 (save $30)

Alien Invasion (Print) – $130+

You get the beautiful hardcover Alien Bestiary and two awesome alien companion books (Alien Codex, Aethera Field Guide, Aethera Campaign Setting, or Alien Bestiary Companion). Includes all PDFs. Choose 5E, Starfinder, or Pathfinder.Add a second system: Increase pledge to $250 (save $10) All three systems: Increase pledge to $350 (save $40)

Alien Annihilation – $399

You get the beautiful hardcover Alien Bestiary plus print copies of the Alien Codex and Aethera Field Guide. Includes PDFs. Choose Starfinder, Pathfinder, or 5E. You also get one of EVERY Pawn Pack funded during the campaign and a free Xenobiologist sponsorship to bring your favorite monster to life!

PATHFINDER NOTE: If you want all of your books for Pathfinder at these levels, you also get Mythic Monsters: Aliens (in PDF or print+PDF, as appropriate for their pledge) as a FREEbonus book when getting the Alien Bestiary Companion in place of the Alien Bestiary!