14th level

To Be the Pirate King!

As we ramp up to our Pirate Campaign Compendium Kickstarter starting soon, it is with great excitement that we announce one of the longest-running back-burner projects at Legendary Games, part of the “Holy Trinity” of unfinished works, is UNFINISHED NO MORE! In development off and on for years, the high-level pirate stronghold invasion adventure Fort Scurvy is at last headed to layout, at a whopping word count of precisely 37,000! This long-simmering labor of love for 14th-level characters is a brutal and unforgiving expedition into the heart of the Pirate King’s domain, but hey, if you want to be the king, you’ve gotta beat the king! 

Fort Scurvy is a high-level nautical Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure that pits a crew of nautical heroes who have made a name for themselves up against one final obstacle standing between them and glory. Surrounded by devoted scallywags and scurvy seadogs in his island fortress, the Pirate King looms over the southern seas like a shadow of menace and legend. To some he is a symbol of liberty, keeping tyrants at bay with equal parts cunning and cruelty, and those seeking to take him down must offer to their fellow pirate lords and ladies the promise of maintaining the freedom of the seas for simple sailors to make a dishonest living. To others, the Pirate King is a purveyor of perfidy and a plunderer without peer, a nautical knave who must be brought back in chains or in pieces if the backbone of the pirate menace is ever to be broken. Your heroes must take up the challenge to topple the suzerain of the seven seas and claim the Typhoon Throne for their own. Set a course for fame and fortune with this amazing adventure for 14th-level Pathfinder characters and Make Your Game Legendary! 

I’m diving back into our Kickstarter page today, and if all goes well we are looking to launch this weekend, or possibly even tomorrow! We hope you love the amazing pirate adventures and accessories we are putting together here in an incredible resource for your nautical campaigns. Spread the word, THE PIRATES ARE ALMOST HERE!!!