How does 50% off EVERY PDF from Legendary Games sound? And 25% off print products and print/PDF bundles and compilations?


Legendary Games was founded on April Fool’s Day (no foolin’!) of 2011, but when I took over the company our big relaunch was on July 1st of 2012, so in a way that’s a good marker for our company anniversary. We’ve come an awfully long way in just two short years. Before that day, we had 2 products. As of tomorrow, we’ll have EIGHTY!!! Our anniversary, of course, conveniently coincides with PaizoCon! We can’t really have a “we aren’t going to PaizoCon sale” this week, since we’ll be there with bells on, but we’re just going to have a big sale ANYWAY, and not just here, but also with our sales partners on, d20pfsrd, and DrivethruRPG, but the best deals are right here.


From our earliest classics like Treasury of the Macabre and Gothic Heroes to our latest Mythic Monsters and Islands of Plunder adventures and all products in between, be they for the Gothic, Far East, Righteous Crusade, Pirate, or Kingdom-Building AP Plug-Ins or our fabulous lines or Mythic and Ultimate Plug-Ins, it’s all on sale… EXCEPT for our brand-new PaizoCon week exclusives that will be available starting tomorrow ONLY from the Legendary Games:webstore, and then starting next Monday in wide release! Starting tomorrow you can pick up Treasury of the Fleetand Islands of Plunder: Scourge of the Steaming Isle for the Pirate Adventure Path Plug-Ins line and Mythic Monsters: Magical Beasts for our Mythic Plug-Ins. We’ve previewed them all this past week and you’ve got to admit that they look GREAT!


If you’ve been looking forward to finding out what Legendary Games is all about, or if you’ve just been excited to add to your collection, the time is NOW, and the name is LEGENDARY! The sale begins tomorrow, July 1st, and runs through the end of Sunday, July 6th. When PaizoCon is gone, so is your chance at this amazing deal. Don’t miss it!