SUMMER PREVIEWS #2: The treasure map leads to… a GOLDEN GUN!

Yesterday’s preview brought forth a list of the fantastic treasures within, but while it’s what’s on the inside that counts it can also be said that sometimes you CAN judge a book by it’s cover. Thanks to the artistic talents of James Krause and the mad layout skills of Rick Hershey, I think that is indeed the case! BEHOLD!


Pretty! But let’s take another look inside. One of the issues people face when you’re running a pirate campaign is this: To gunpowder, or not to gunpowder, that is the question. It’s a valid question, with reasonable proponents for each position, and one we address in the book:


This treasury does include a number of firearms and gunpowder-related items. Such things can be a bridge too far for fantasy gamers, and if they are not your cup of tea feel free to ignore them. Using pirates does result a kind of genre mash-up in fantasy RPGs, incorporating tropes more suited to the Age of Exploration (and conquest) from Earth’s history than the more Dark Ages or early Medieval motifs that form the heart of RPG traditions. Still, genre mash-ups are a trope unto themselves dating from the earliest days of RPGs, and in the spirit of swashbuckling fun we have included a number of things that go boom in the Treasury of the Fleet, and we think they are a great addition to the collection. 

TL;DR – if you love firearms and cannon for your pirates, they are here and you will have tons of fun with the bullet shield, cannonball breastplate, golden gun, sharpshooter’s carabine, and spiral saker. (and you might be very glad to have a set of sails of extinguishing furled if you get a catastrophic misfire), but even if you consider gunpowder anathema to a fantasy campaign you still have 26 delightful magic items and 4 new magical weapon properties that have nothing to do with it.

Since we’re talking about gunpowder items, though, why not give you one for free! It may not have been a great James Bond movie (though nothing with Christopher Lee could ever be wholly terrible), but I think your PCs might be tickled at the chance to own a GOLDEN GUN of their very own!

Golden Gun                                Price 83,300 gp

Slot none; CL 12th; Weight 4 lbs.

Aura strong conjuration, divination, and transmutation

This long-handled +1 reliable distance seeking human bane thundering pistol is engraved with golden lettering on barrel and grip. The weapon’s gilded grip contains an extradimensional space which admits only Tiny or smaller items crafted of gold, melting them into a repository of enchanted molten gold within the weapon. A golden gun can store up to 20 pounds of gold (1000 gp value), and bullets fired by the weapon are sheathed in 1/2 pound of pure gold gold (25 gp value), increasing their mass and inflicting damage as a weapon one size larger; this effect is identical to and does not stack with gravity bow). An alchemical paper cartridge coated in gold functions as a metal cartridge and does not increase the gun’s misfire chance. Refilling 1/2 pound of gold into the grip’s reservoir is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity.

Construction Requirements     Cost 42,300 gp

Craft Magic Arms & Armor, blindness/deafness, clairaudience/clairvoyance, mending, summon monster I, true seeing