SUMMER PREVIEWS #17: Some THING wicked this way comes!

When we were preparing a product of Mythic Monsters: Aliens, we had to decide what our brand-new mythic alien would be. We considered a Giger-style xenomorph, of course, as well as a number of other ideas, but Tom Phillips pitched hard on something we thought we had never really seen before, and that is a good RPG interpretation of the kind of alien horror discovered in the sci-fi/horror classic, The Thing. At Legendary Games, our philosophy is that when you get great people working on products they are passionate about, that’s when you get great material, and that’s just what we got.


A slight tremor in the man’s face heralds the arrival of a ghastly horror. What was a man moments ago suddenly rips itself apart: its flesh bursts open, blood and viscera spray in all directions, and its internal organs liquefy and ooze to the floor. As the man-thing contorts and expands in impossible directions, great multi-jointed insectoid legs and a sickening array of clawed limbs, greasy tentacles, and sucking mouths sprout from its ruined torso and its face ruptures to form an awful split-faced maw of jagged teeth.


That’s 88 terrifically terrifying words, but they say a picture is worth a thousand. Good thing we don’t have to choose; we can have BOTH, thanks to the awesomely awful artistry of Michael Jaecks:

Nice to EAT YOU!

Nice to EAT YOU!

Of course, this guy is more than just another pretty face. Some of its abilities are, shall we say, complex, as befits a creature whose calling card is finding you, taking you, becoming you, and then using what’s left of you to take down your friends one… by… one… Here are just a few of the terrible things it can do to a hapless party of adventurers investigating a lonely outpost where things have already gone horribly, horribly wrong.


Assimilate (Ex) When a qomok slays a Small, Medium, Large, or Huge living creature (excluding non-native outsiders, oozes, plants, and creatures that do not have blood) with its blood drain attack, it reduces its victim to a gelatinous sludge that the qomok can absorb as a full-round action to assimilate that creature. An assimilated creature does not contract the qomok’s alien infection (see below) and transform into a qomok. Instead, an assimilated creature’s body is completely annihilated and can only be restored to life using miracle, true resurrection, or wish. However, if a qomok kills a creature with its feeding tendril and is prevented from—or chooses not to—assimilate its victim’s body, the victim’s remains automatically contract the qomok’s alien infection. After it assimilates a creature, a qomok has detailed information about the victim’s identity and personality and has access to all of the victim’s memories. A qomok does not gain access to a victim’s abilities unless it uses its alter shape ability to mimic its victim’s form.

Assimilated Knowledge (Ex) A qomok absorbs an incredible amount of knowledge from its assimilated victims over its long existence. It adds its HD on all Knowledge checks and can make all Knowledge checks untrained.

Extremities (Ex) When a qomok attacks, it generates various extremities that end in claws, pincers, bludgeoning protrusions, spikes, tentacles, or talons as a free action. Regardless of which attack form a qomok generates or what size a qomok assumes, the base damage for its extremities natural attack is 1d8.


Next preview, an advance look at a work in progress, because while it’s fun to preview things that are right on the cusp of coming your way, sometimes it’s fun to take a look a little bit farther ahead. Drink up me hearties, yo ho!