SUMMER PREVIEW #15: Dragon things out!

I am delighted to announce that Path of Dragons is currently on its very last editing pass before getting sent over to layout. The product looks great, and I have every confidence it will play great as well. In the spirit of fun (hey, the DRAGONS will have fun anyway, even if your PCs don’t!), we are going to preview some of the mythic abilities that dragons might employ.

The draconic abilities fall into the following stat block locations; abilities marked with an asterisk are associated with one of the dragon paths described in the following section.

Attacks: steal*

Aura: aura of terror*, calming presence*, draconic reek

Defensive Abilities: bloodied recovery, draconic fortitude, draconic toughness, eater of magic, glittering scales, impenetrable scales, indomitable will, inviolate body, jeweled coat*, lifewarding, precocious spell resistance, shimmerscale, sigils of warding*, unstoppable force*

Senses: penetrating gaze*,searching gaze*

Special Attacks: bloodied breath, breathshaper, carry off, clinging breath, constricting coils, deadly drop, death throes, devastating stoop*, dire charge, drink enchantment*, experimental breath weapon*, fling, hiss of sleep*, hoard crawlers*, imperious glare*, large and in charge, mesmerizing gaze*, mythic drain, overhead backlash*, plummet*, rapid raker, rending claws*, spell sunder, strafing breath, thundering tail*, twin talons, wing ripper*, winged tempest

Special Qualities: a thousand faces*,cult of the dragon*,draconic archmage*, dragon sage*, dragonforge*, feats of flight*, fool’s gold*, future sight*, hulking brute*, mythic minion, mythic pool, plunderer*, recover breath, riddling talk*, scrier*, tainted bloodline*, thief-taker*, trickster path*, tyrannical tactics


Some of these abilities are ones that any dragon could take, whether substituting for one of a mythic dragon’s normal abilities or adding as a bonus to a non-mythic dragon just to keep your players on your toes.

Mythic Drain (Su): Whenever the dragon confirms a critical hit against a creature that has mythic power, the dragon steals one use of that creature’s mythic power and adds it to its own daily uses of mythic power. If the dragon has a mythic feat or ability that has a daily limit on its use, it can use the stolen mythic power to recharge and activate one daily use of that ability, but this must be done within 1 minute of stealing the mythic power. Otherwise, the additional use of mythic power is subject to the normal restrictions on its use.

Format: mythic drain; Location: Special Attacks.

Strafing Breath (Su): As a full-round action, the creature can fly at half speed in a straight line while using its breath weapon. The range of this strafing breath is equal to one-half the normal length of its breath weapon, and it deals half normal damage. If it is a breath weapon that does not deal hit point damage, creatures in the area gain a +4 bonus on their saving throw. If the breath weapon is line-shaped, it affects all creatures and objects on the ground in a line 5 feet wide, and if the breath weapon is cone-shaped, it affects a line half as wide as the cone the creature normally creates. In either case, the length of the line on the ground affected by its breath is equal to the distance the creature travels on its turn. In addition to affecting targets on the ground, any creature or object between the flying creature and the line it creates on the ground is also affected by its strafing breath.

When using a double move or the withdraw action, the creature can instead spend one use of its mythic power to use its breath weapon as a free action at any point during its movement, with its normal range and area. If its breath weapon requires an amount of time to elapse in between uses and that time has not elapsed, the creature must expend two uses of your mythic power to use this ability.

Format: strafing breath (15-foot-wide line, range 30 feet); Location: Special Attacks.


Other abilities in this book are closely associated with one of the dragon paths, like the Watcher.


A watcher is a coolly dispassionate observer of events, a witness to history and a chronicler of events. The appearance of a watcher is sometimes viewed as a mark in and of itself that some momentous happening is about to occur. Watchers rarely involve themselves in the affairs they observe, but may be sources of information as they and their forebears have accumulated unparalleled libraries of lore.


Each path typically has 5-6 abilities that are particularly associated with it. While they are designed to work specifically with that path, you of course can use them anywhere you think they would be awesome to create exactly the kind of magnificent mythic dragon you want.

Scrier (Sp): The dragon can use detect scrying, private sanctum, and scrying at will as spell-like abilities and can expend its mythic power to use the augmented and/or mythic versions of those spells, treating its mythic rank as its tier. The dragon can use any reflective surface as a scrying focus, including a pool of water or an ordinary crystal ball. If the dragon observes a creature that is using a scrying effect (including getting a visual image from detect scrying of a creature scrying on it), the dragon can expend one use of its mythic power as an immediate action to treat that creature’s scrying focus as a crystal hypnosis ball through which it can implant a suggestion. If the creature fails its save, the dragon becomes attuned to that creature’s scrying focus and immediately becomes aware of whenever that creature is using a scrying effect as long as the dragon is on the same plane.

Format: scrier; Location: Special Qualities.