SUMMER PREVIEW #13: Bad luck for the heroes!

Yesterday we unveiled our upcoming Path of Villains product, and as we said it contains a variety of both advice and mechanics for making your villains that much more of a menace to the heroes in your campaign. With that said, here is a quick preview of a couple of the mythic path abilities you’ll find herein:


Bloodtheft (Su): When the villain confirms a critical hit against a mythic creature, it steals some of the target’s mythic power for its own, rolling 1d20 and adding its Hit Dice plus its mythic rank or tier against a DC equal to 15 plus the target’s Hit Dice and its mythic rank or tier. If this check fails to beat the DC, the target loses one daily use of its mythic power and the attacker gains nothing. If the check succeeds, the target loses a number of uses of mythic power equal to the weapon’s critical multiplier and these uses are temporarily added to the attacker’s daily uses of mythic power. A creature cannot have more temporary uses of mythic power than it has mythic ranks or tiers, and these temporary uses are lost at a rate of 1 per hour.

Format: bloodtheft; Location: Special Attacks.

Bloody Recovery (Ex): When the villain is damaged by an effect that reduces it below one-half its normal hit points, or when an opponent confirms a critical hit against the villain, it gains fast healing equal to its mythic rank or tier for 1 minute. In addition, if it is affected by an ongoing effect that allows a saving throw, it can attempt a new saving throw to end the effect. If it is affected by an ongoing effect that does not allow a saving throw, it has a 50% chance to end that effect.

Format: bloody recovery; Location: Defensive Abilities.

Escape Plan (Ex): When a villain uses the withdraw action, it can spend one use of its mythic power to take an additional move action at any point during the withdraw action. If the villain spends two uses of its mythic power, it can take a number of additional move actions equal to one-half its mythic rank or tier. It can use this move action to move as well as to open or close a door or perform any other move action desired. While using this ability, the villain can use move actions to drink potions. Until the beginning of its next turn, the villain gains the benefits of the Mobility and Wind Stance feats, and at the end of its movement it can make a Stealth check even if under direct observation.

Format: escape plan; Location: Defensive Abilities.


Tomorrow, we explore another path…