SUMMER PREVIEW #12: The PATH to the dark side!

One of the new products we unveiled at our What’s New from Legendary Games? seminar at PaizoCon was the first in a new line of products dedicated to the proposition that bad guys should never play fair.

More specifically, the action economy imbalance that often wrecks villains in a standard Pathfinder game is only made worse in a mythic game, where even a mythic villain can be simply overwhelmed with the number of actions that an entire party of mythic PCs can take. Instead of 4 PCs taking actions to 1 villain, now it’s 4 PCs taking 2-3 actions each, so that even if the villain gets 2-3 actions himself there is no way they can compensate for how much the PCs can throw at him. Until now.


Legendary Games is proud to unveil Path of Villains, a product that combines the art and science of creating a great villain, especially within the context of a mythic campaign. There is philosophy and advice here about how to create memorable and survivable villains, including their motivation, their methods, the means they use to achieve their goals, and the milestones they seek along the way. The product also discusses how to make villains sympathetic or truly awful and wholly abhorrent. The meat of the product, however, is devoted to detailing a mechanical system for making magnificent mythic villains that are marvels of malevolence, including an entire new villainous path complete with over 30 new path abilities that can be used as alternatives to standard path abilities or as an adjunct to existing mythic abilities from a villain’s mythic tier, or their mythic rank for monstrous villains.

Tomorrow’s preview will bring you an inside look at some of those villainous mythic path abilities, but rest assured that if you have ever worried that your carefully crafted villain might go down like a punk in front an avalanche of mythic PC powers, Path of Villains will give you an excellent toolbox to stop your PCs right in their tracks. Your heroes might still win, but they will definitely know that they’ve earned it.