Starfinder Saturday brings the latest Legendary World!

Today brings us the latest in our fantastic series of Legendary Worlds, the pulse-pounding peril of Polaris 7 by Russ Brown, now available for Starfinder! This terrifying ice planet of corrupt cartels and malevolent megacorps pushing past the boundaries of safety in pursuit of precious, precious energy, awakening a xenomorphic plague that threatens to destroy all they have built! You can already get this amazing micro-setting for Pathfinder and 5E (check the links right here) and now you can get the new version for Starfinder right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!

This is by no means all, of course! We’ve just sent off the spectacular Star Relationships to layout, bringing all of the awesome relationship rules from our best-selling Ultimate Relationships book integrated with spacefaring flair, with new sample NPCs like the Estranged Inhuman, the Noble Heir, and the Zealous Renegade, integrated with the rules from Star Intrigue! 

Plus, we’ve got something VERY special coming for Starfinder fans next month, just in time for May the Fourth!!!