Spring Previews #5: Beyond the Bright Veil

Sorry for the long delay in previews – launching the epic Cold Mountain adventure and our Kingbreaker AP Plug-Ins line along with it took a bit more time than expected this week, but I did want to provide you a sample of what to expect in this product. As we discussed in the last preview, you know you will be expecting some fantastic fluff from Todd Stewart, starting with a brief overview of the history of the fey and their influence across a broad range of real-world cultures and then delving deeply into how to make good use of fey not just as iconic creatures but how to really create a fey atmosphere in a campaign that makes it feel unique and different.

Mechanically speaking, Beyond the Bright Veil discusses the concepts of fey impulses and fey ruptures, different types of bleed-through of the fey realms into the “real” world of the campaign. Strange sights, sounds, happenings, and events that literally burst into being with an incredible vibrancy and detail that adds a touch of real magic and hooks for investigation and adventure. Take just one example of a fey rupture:

A gilded wooden doorframe dotted with living roses emerging from the surface appears overnight in the center of a town market with no explanation, leaving the locals curious and cautious at the same time. The door frame defies any and all attempt to remove it, and on moonlit nights a door appears, welcoming any to ‘Enter and Purchase That Which Delights and Entices’, with a subtitle in Aklo stating ‘Buyer Beware’. Several locals report entering a fabulous bazaar of meandering rows of stalls, lit by floating jars filled with enormously overgrown lightning bugs, staffed by beautiful and hideous fey offering fantasies made reality as well as piles of random, assorted junk. Two villagers emerge, having purchased things within. One holds a dozen rings of gold but no longer remembers his name, and neither do any of his friends or family. The other refuses to state what she purchased and what she paid, but her daughter is missing as well as her left eye, replaced with a single, stupendous pearl. Other villagers wonder just what horrific bargain she struck, and beg the PCs to investigate and potentially remove the entrance to the fey marketplace if they can.

Of course there’s more, but you’ll have to wait for the next preview to find out!


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