Spring Preview #9: Horns of the Hunted

New from Legendary Games, we proudly present Matt Goodall’s second foray into the world of adventure! Horns of the Hunted further expands the fey influence in the Kingbreaker Adventure Path, taking it from a background or fringe element and placing it more front and center. This adventure for characters around 6th-7th level, with marvelous maps by ace cartographer Alyssa Faden, takes up some of the dangling plot threads and concepts from the published AP and weaves a tale of malice and danger as the fey are on the prowl. Their nightly revels are not confined to the wild lands of the forest, either, as they rage across the land in pursuit of their prey: UNICORNS! But why, and to what terrible end have the fey turned upon their own kind? What connections do these darkling hunters have to the mysterious faerie queen whose hand guides all? Read and find out!

Horns of the Hunted also embodies something of the philosophy of our founder, Clark Peterson, when he launched Necromancer Games back at the dawn of 3rd Edition: 1st Edition Feel. In part this is rooted in Matt’s superstar adventure writing talent, but it also goes to the look of the product and the artwork in it. Given that the Kingbreaker Adventure Path itself is something of an homage to classic campaigning of the 1st Edition days, it seems only appropriate that we try to evoke some of that same feeling in our products for it artistically. To this end, some of the art you’ll see in our Kingbreaker products is deliberately skewed toward an old-school sensibility that may put you in mind of classic RPG artists like Jeff Dee, David S. LaForce, and Bill Willingham. I’ll close today’s preview with an example of that, with new artist Pete Fairfax and the sinister forlarren that plays a key role in this adventure.



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