Spring Preview #8: Road to Destiny

The next in our queue of long-awaited products to come your way is the Legendary Games debut of Jim Groves, Superstar finalist and author of several AP adventures in addition to a number other Pathfinder credits. Jim has turned in his final manuscript for Road to Destiny,¬†an overland adventure, caravan journey, and sandbox mini-campaign all wrapped up in one. While ideally suited as a companion adventure supplement to the early stages of the Far East Adventure Path, Road to Destiny is packed with rich detail that stands on its own just as well as it serves as a “story within the story” of that AP. Many of our AP Plug-Ins are designed to fill in gaps in published Adventure Paths, and this is no different, as it provides a wealth of story and adventure opportunities that allow GMs to dispense with random encounter tables and creatures pulled directly from a bestiary during an otherwise nondescript 500-mile journey. This adventure, however, can be slipped into any campaign set in a coastal region where PCs begin striking out into a wider world, accompanying a caravan or seeking their own fortune, while capitalizing upon trade opportunities along the way rather than combing through ancient ruins and forgotten dungeons. There is danger aplenty, and rich rewards as well, as PCs try to stay one step ahead of Ranulfr the White Wolf, locate the missing Folio of the Faebinder, or just try to keep their hides intact when deranged goblins, marauding bandits, and savage vikings attack!

Like Cold Mountain, this product is quite a bit longer than our earlier adventures, providing a great variety and depth of adventure opportunity, and its modular design allows for easy use of the adventure in whole or in parts sprinkled throughout any campaign. Designed for PCs starting at 2nd level, Road to Destiny is on the way!

As a final note, we’ve already previewed a number of Jason Juta’s terrific illustrations for this adventure and they are dynamite, but I’d like to take this moment to introduce the newest member of the Legendary team – 2013 Superstar finalist Pedro Coelho! In addition to his design skills that got him to the Top 4, Pedro also flashed some terrific mapping skills, and he has turned over some terrific maps for Jim’s adventure, like this one!



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