Spring Preview #16: Ultimate Rulership

While we await the final layout pass on Ultimate Rulership, it seems like a good time to share with you some of the contents of this tremendous tome! I could give you the table of contents, but that’s boring. Everyone does that. Instead, why not share with you the Table of Tables!

In the Edicts section, we introduce Commission, Endowment, Espionage, Expansion, and Recruitment Edicts, including the following tables:

Table A1: Expansion Edicts

Table A2: Alternate Holiday Edicts

Table A3: Alternate Taxation Edicts

Table A4: Recruitment Edicts

The Noble Titles and Forms of Address section is just what it says – a fairly encyclopedic comparative ordered list of all manner of noble titles from various cultures, their orders of precedence and the kingdom sizes to which they correspond, what happens when you claim titles above your station, and more. Tables here include:

Table B1:  Noble Titles (European)

Table B2: Noble Titles (Ecclesiastic)

Table B3: Noble Titles (Middle Eastern)

Table B4: Noble Titles (Asian)

Table B5: Noble Titles (Greco-Roman)

Table B6: Noble Titles (Composite)

The section on Founding a Kingdom and Investing in Your Kingdom are more narrative and textual, including both advice and rules for how to facilitate the foundation of a new domain and how things might go differently depending on whether you hack your new domain from the empty wilderness or from the corpse of its previous ruler.

The Cities, Towns, and Villages section contains rules for building your settlements from the ground up, including a huge variety of rules for passable and impassable buildings, building with wood versus stone, construction time, almost 20 new building types from Lighthouse to Gambling Den, Hanging Gardens to Colossus, and natural site advantages and exotic settlements like Cliff Dwellings and Treetop Cities. Tables here include:

Table C1: Population by Terrain Type

Table C2: Building Characteristics

The Kingdom Events and Danger Level section provides a newly organized way of dealing with kingdom events that reflects the variation in what kinds of events might happen in different parts of your territory. Tables here include:

Table D1: Type of Event

Table D2: Danger Level of Event

Table D3: Beneficial Kingdom Events

Table D4: Dangerous Kingdom Events

Table D5: Beneficial Settlement Events

Table D6: Dangerous Kingdom Events

The section on Settlement Attributes describes way of integrating the rules for settlement attributes into the kingdom event system and the exploration of new territory, including how to deal with the positive and negative impact of settlement attributes. Tables here include:

Table E1: Natural Attributes

Table E2: Events, Danger, and Attributes

Table E3: Attitudes

Table E4: Civic Attributes

Table E5: Magical Attributes

Table E6: Disadvantages

Table E7: Magical Disadvantages


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