Spring Preview #10: Horns of the Hunted

Time to offer up a second helping of previews for Matt Goodall’s upcoming Horns of the Hunted, giving you a bit more of the adventure’s introduction.

Evil stirs in the depths of the Gnarled Forest. The heroes of the land, taming the wilderness and forging their kingdom, hear disturbing tales from woodsmen and trappers of a strange and ferocious hunting party ranging far and wide beneath the forest eaves. It is not only from human tongues that they hear warnings of these dread hunters, for the allies they have found amongst the feys and other woodland creatures are likewise deathly afraid of what these savage raiders may portend. The heroes are called upon by Myvenwy, a unicorn warden of the wood, who begs their aid in facing this peril, one that threatens him and his kind above all, but should the unicorns fall there will be none to stand against the raging Horns of the Hunted

The published kingdom-building adventure path foreshadows endangered unicorns as far back as the very first adventure, when one is found slain, but this plot thread is never really picked up again, save for a minor mention in the final adventure of the AP. This adventure changes all of that, bringing the threat of the unseelie servants of the Faerie Queen front and center right at the heart of the AP, when the PCs have become established, and may have even fought off the first severe threats to their new kingdom, but this threat is no troll-hold on the southern frontier, no rampaging brute of an owlbear. Those creatures live IN the Lost Lands. These hunters ARE the Lost Lands, at least the dark shadow of its soul, reflected in the warped mirror of the faerie realms.

Don’t believe me? Check out one of the adventure’s chief villains, again courtesy of Pete Fairfax:



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