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At Halloween, we announced an upcoming product, The Necrotic Verses and Other Tales, representing an opportunity to reach back and reconnect with our Gothic Adventure Path Plug-In line and featuring the return of Clark Peterson! We had hoped to release that product by the end of November, but as we went through the production process we discussed the way we do things at Legendary Games–both the good and the bad–and decided to try something different.

Up until now, every product Legendary Games has produced has been of the same general scope (and price), as we assemble writing, art, layout, and review for final publication. Sometimes, though, things don’t go quite according to plan and projects move or get delayed, and the larger a product is the more chance that will happen. This is especially true in compilation-type products like Tomes of Arcane Knowledge or Meditations of the Imperial Mystics, each of which gathers together several loosely related magical codices. But what if we’ve got a great idea that doesn’t exactly fit with some of the other great ideas? Do we wait until we have a critical mass of similar products? We could, but then we’re back to more delays!

Instead, our big idea is to go the opposite route. Rather than being a compilation product, The Necrotic Verses will instead be the first in an ongoing product series we are calling Gothic Grimoires, which will hopefully be ready for purchase by Tuesday.

Each Gothic Grimoire will focus on a single book (or set of ancient clay tablets, or rune-graven prayer wheel, or whatever the case may be), with a rich and detailed history, innovative spells, feats, skill applications, or other specialized rules, all with beautiful full color art and layout just like our regular products. The Gothic Grimoires will, of course, have a smaller price point reflecting their smaller size compared to our regular products, though each grimoire will be longer and more detailed than those in our previous similar products.

We hope to be able to release a new Gothic Grimoire every week or two, and we think you will enjoy each and every one, but releasing them singly allows you to pick and choose if you wish. On the off chance one comes along that doesn’t pique your interest, we hope you’ll check out the next one coming down the line. More to the point, the main goal of creating the Gothic Grimoires line is to make sure that our “line” functions better when it comes to delivering great content that you’ll love reading and using!

P.S.  Those “and Other Tales” will be following soon.  Next week, look for On the Inverse Calculus of Unseen Refraction, a must for every mad alchemist who ever contemplated what he might do if he didn’t have to look himself in the mirror afterwards…


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