Some LEGENDARY news for PaizoCon!

If you’re a subscriber to our Myths and Legends newsletter (and you totally should – sign up here!), you’ve already gotten a foretaste of the amazing lineup of products coming in the next several months, and those of you coming to PaizoCon 2016 can find out even more at our What’s New with Legendary Games? seminar on Saturday 5/28 from 4:00-5:00 PM. However, we wanted to let you in on a couple of more very important announcements right now!

  1.  Since at Legendary Games we love to make great products AND save you big money, we are celebrating PaizoCon 2016 with a big sale at the webstore. Starting Friday when PaizoCon begins and running through the end of May, you can pick up almost every Pathfinder product we sell for 40% OFF PDFS and 20% PRINT AND PRINT BUNDLESThis special sale also applies on products you buy at the Paizo dealer room at PaizoCon, so come by and see us and say hi and save some cash!
  2. Of course, here at our own webstore, since we aren’t paying any consignment fees to anybody, we can do you one better! In lieu of a TWO$DAY product of the week this week, we are instead offering a simple coupon code: PAIZOCON40, which starting tomorrow gets you 40% OFF PDF AND PRINT PRODUCTS! This applies to all but our newest Pathfinder and 5E releases (marked with **) and is valid through May 31st.
  3. This week we will also be debuting several PaizoCon exclusive products that will be available right here at the Legendary Games webstore and nowhere else, including Legendary Kineticists, Beneath the Festered Sun (5E), and Trail of the Apprentice: The Thieves’ Den!

Finally, we also want to give a special shout-out to Rick Kunz, who has just been named the Art Director for Legendary Games. Rick has been working with us on layout for several years, coming over from the commercial graphic design world but wanting to pursue his passion for RPG products, and his hard work, skills, talents, and terrific team spirit have been a joy. He’ll be coordinating formats and standards with our team of artists all over the world and coordinating however we need it with our layout team including Rick Hershey and BJ Hensley. As fans you may not realize how important a good layout artist is, but without them, there’s no product, and we are pleased to have some very talented folks working with us. Bey0nd talent, though, it’s a great thing to work with great people, and that is definitely the case with our new Art Director, so Viva la Rick!

Rick Kunz image

P.S. While we’re talking layout, let me give an extra shout to some of our past layout artists, including Reece Ambrose, Dain Nielsen, Liz Courts, and our original layout man Tim Wickham!