So much stuff coming so soon!

September was kind of a slow month by LG standards, with only a couple of new titles debuting, but this fall is shaping up to be mighty busy! Coming your way very soon, you can look forward to some amazing stuff starting with:

  • Scorpions of Perdition is a sizzling sci-fi/western/horror crossover adventure for Starfinder by Alex Riggs and Nick Logue for 8th-level characters. Layout is complete and it’s ready to drop!
  • MYTHIC MONDAY for Pathfinder returns with Path of the Mystic, the final installment in the Mythic Paths series that closes the circle of enchantment with over 90 path abilities devoted to psychic characters and dabblers in the occult!
  • The titanic 444-page Alien Bestiary (5E) has completed its final revisions and is heading out to our backers as we speak and will soon be ready for each and every one of you, with nearly 300 incredible space and sci-fi themed monsters plus bonus rules for running sci-fi campaigns with 5th Edition!
  • The epic Legendary Planet saga continues with Confederates of the Shattered Zone (Starfinder), and Steve Helt and Jason Nelson are at long last closing in on completion for the long-awaited climactic conclusion of the saga in To Kill a Star!
  • The Ultimate series returns with the expansive encyclopedia of fortification in Ultimate Strongholds for Pathfinder, with integration with kingdom rules, downtime, and everyday adventuring, ranging from classic castles to fantastic fortresses!
  • Our Legendary Heroes series continues with not one but TWO new books heading your way, bringing a fantastic flair to your fighting characters with Legendary Samurai and Legendary Magus with massive expansions and rebuilt rules for each class! And can that be Legendary Alchemists out there on the horizon as well?
  • The long-awaited expansion to the Aethera Campaign Setting is nearly here with the Aethera Field Guide, debuting first for Pathfinder and with the Starfinder and 5E versions following in its wake.

My eyes are getting tired just READING that, and those are just the projects that are either finished in layout, already in layout, or waiting in line for the layout queue! There’s a whole lot more where those came from!