Psychics, Greek Myths, Forest Kingdoms, and Conquering Planets!

This weekend is a mighty busy one in Legendary-land! One week after it’s release, the already-legendary Aethera Campaign Setting continues its reign as the #1 product on all of DrivethruRPG! Meanwhile, the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium Kickstarter marches on #IntoTheForest, now over 300% funded and blowing through stretch goals bringing more monsters, forest feats, awesome archetypes, and expanded rules for tournaments and festivals, and is less than $500 away from ANOTHER goal, bringing even more misshapen monsters that backers get to vote on, like the jabberwock, jubjub bird, and frumious bandersnatch! Plus, we are just 15 backers away from 200, when the bonus goals start rolling in based on the total number of backers!

The latest chapter of the amazing Legendary Planet saga is almost ready for 5E release to backers, with Dead Vault Descent (5E) expected to be ready this weekend for backers, and not long thereafter to everyone. We are already assembling the pieces of the next installment, The Depths of Desperation, and will be launching that one into layout next week for Pathfinder!

Of course, we also have plenty of other projects on their way at Legendary Games, including the release of the latest accessory to stimulate your psychic spellcasters and occult crusaders with Occult Archetypes II! We’ve previewed this new book several times this week, but for a final taste we thought we’d run down the list of archetypes you’ll find within!

Alterationist (alchemist archetype)                                                                                          

Alchemist Discovery: Fire Blast                                                                                     

Archetype Variant: Philosophic Transmuter (alchemist archetype)        

Astropsychic (psychic archetype)                                                                                              

Aura Master (investigator archetype)                                                                     

Indomitable (kineticist archetype)

Iron Mind (barbarian archetype)                                                                                               

Archetype Variant: Bronze Mind (barbarian archetype)                                              

Kinetic Wizard (wizard archetype)                                                                                            

Martial Occultist (occultist archetype)                                                                     

Martial Seer (paladin/antipaladin archetype)                                                      

Psychic Hunter (psychic archetype)                                                                                         

Psychic Oracle (oracle archetype)                                                                                             

Rage Lord (barbarian archetype)                                                                                               

Soulful Druid (druid archetype)                                                                                 

Tranquil Occultist (occultist archetype)                                                                   

Trick Master (mesmerist archetype)  

Plus a gaggle of awesome Occult Feats too numerous and magnificent to list! 

Occult Archetypes 2 should be finished in layout this weekend and will be on its way soon, but wait, there’s more! The 47th!!! installment in the epic Mythic Monsters series takes on a truly classic monstrous legendarium, that of ancient Greece! After a long simmer this awesome accessory is out of the Bronze Age and off to layout and will be heading your way soon!

Mythic Monsters: Greek brings you an amazing and exciting assortment of monsters from the legends and lore of Greece, from enchanting spirits of nature to ferocious and legendary monsters fit for the greatest of epic heroes, ranging from CR 2 to 20. Some natives of Greek mythology are friendly and playful like the frolicsome faun and beautiful dryad and their seagoing oceanid cousins. Others may put on a pleasant guise or use their uncanny powers to lure heroes to destruction, like the song of the siren and the harpy or the enigmatic foresight of the cyclops. Some Greek monsters are clad in scales of bronze and iron, like the soaring stymphalides or the petrifying gorgon, and many are misshapen multi-headed monsters like the guardian cerberi or the savage chimera. Finally, the true titans challenged the Greek gods for supremacy, their monstrous brood left behind gargantuan monsters like the twin terrors of scylla and charybdis! As if a dozen existing monsters were not enough, the brand-new stheno, the immortal, brazen-scaled sisters of medusa whose strength and savagery defy description. In addition to the featured creatures, we bring you a bevy of magnificent magic items drawn from the legends of Jason and the Argonauts, the perfect prizes for mythic adventures with a taste for the classics!

Coming next week from Legendary Games, maybe even in time for MYTHIC MONDAY!!!