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40 Books, 30 Bucks Pathfinder MEGA-BUNDLE

40 PDFs perfect for your Pathfinder game!

It’s a great time to get a taste of all the incredible Pathfinder Roleplaying Game product lines Legendary Games has to offer with the THIRD fabulous mega-bundle featuring our peerless Pathfinder products! As if our 60 Books, 30 Bucks and 30 for 40 MEGA-BUNDLES were not enough, each offering around 1500 pages of Pathfinder pleasure for just $30, we’re at it again with another incredible assortment of adventures, magic items, character classes, spells, new rules, heroes, villains, and so much more, from fairy forests to Egyptian ruins, Gothic horror to high seas pirate adventure, and even venturing to the stars and beyond! For the entire month of September, you can save over 90% on an array of adventures and accessories, bringing you adventures ranging from 1st level to 14th level, monsters from measly minions to mighty menaces, magic items from common everyday treasures to mighty artifacts, ready-to-use creatures and characters, and much, much more, all with amazing artwork, delightful design, and flat-out Pathfinder fun! That’s nearly 1,500 pages of content for only $30!

We hope you love every one of these products and that you’ll keep an eye out for even more amazing Pathfinder products releasing every month from Legendary Games!


  • 1st level – Legendary Beginnings: Into the Feyweald
  • 2nd level – The Smuggler’s Seal
  • 2nd level – Trail of the Apprentice 2: The King’s Curse
  • 3rd level – Trail of the Apprentice 3: The Thieves’ Den
  • 7th level – The Horseshoe Calamity
  • 8th level – Whisper House
  • 9th level – Shrine of Serpents
  • 11th level – Legendary Planet: Confederates of the Shattered Zone
  • 13th level – On the Siberian Line
  • 14th level – Fort Scurvy


  • Killer Clowns from Hell
  • Malevolent Medium Monsters
  • Mythic Monsters 10: Sea Monsters
  • Mythic Monsters 41: India

Characters and Class Options

  • Aetheric Heroes
  • Asian Archetypes: Magical
  • Corrupted Classes
  • Eldritch Elementalism
  • Forest Kingdom Archetypes
  • Intrigue Archetypes
  • Legendary Hybrids: Doomguard
  • Legendary Hybrids: Skinchanger
  • Legendary Monks
  • Legendary Villains: Wicked Witches
  • Occult Archetypes II
  • The Robot Summoner

Spells and Magic

  • Ancient Curses
  • Ancient Idols
  • Asian Spell Compendium
  • Mythic Magic: Horror Spells
  • Mythic Magic: Intrigue Spells
  • Treasury of the Orient
  • Treasury of Winter

Campaign Expansions

  • Ancient Tombs
  • Legendary Worlds: Melefoni
  • Legendary Worlds: Calcarata
  • Legendary Worlds: Carsis
  • Legendary Worlds: Terminus
  • Legendary Worlds: Jowchit
  • Royal Tournaments

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A Feast of Flavor

Trouble on the Fey Frontier!

A Feast of Flavor takes your heroes into a world of adventure! On the wild borderlands between the Kingdom of Threll and the Faerie Realms, a vital pass through the mountains has been closed by forces unknown. The citizens of Bakewell Tart are frightened and angry, unable to trade their marvelous goods with the fanciful fey beyond and now with all manner of mischief running lose in and around the town as supplies run low and neighbor turns against neighbor. And now rumors come that a sinister servant of the fallen witch queen may be behind it all, having broken free from her immortal prison and ready to seek her revenge! This is a job for heroes with the strength, wit, and heart to try almost anything to bring peace and prosperity back to the frontier. This 1st to 2nd-level adventure is suitable for all ages using the standard Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or the boxed set for beginners.

The book includes social battle cards, pursuit cards, matching cards, and a variety of handouts. Premium Cards are available as print add ons. These enhanced cards feature full artwork on each card and include all four decks used in the Legendary Beginnings A Feast of Flavor adventure. You’ll find the following 100 cards:

  • 26 Quest Cards great for keeping track of the mini quests, rewards, and XP
  • 25 Social Battle Cards that can replace diplomacy struggles and other social combat
  • 12 Pursuit Cards that can be used in the adventure as well as in any chase in any low level adventure
  • 16 Matching Cards
  • 7 Handouts
  • 4 Zekerian Amulets Cards
  • 4 Toadstool Vest Cards
  • 4 Riddle Cards
  • 2 Special Item Cards

The Legendary Beginnings product line from Legendary Games is designed to creating exciting adventures suitable for all ages, but specially designed for those new to roleplaying and those on the younger side. Whether you try Into the Feywealdthe 5-part Trail of the Apprentice saga, or this brand-new fun-filled 72-page adventure, we hope these all-ages adventures help Make Your Game Legendary! 

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Aethera Field Guide I (Pathfinder)

Amazing Creatures of the Aethera System!

Delve in depth into the worlds of the Aethera Campaign Setting in this massive 220-page exploration of the planets of the Aethera system and the flora and fauna that inhabit them! Inside you’ll discover dozens of new monsters ready for use. Each entry includes detailed entries outlining creatures’ habitats and life cycles and how they fit into the cosmology of the Aethera System. It’s not just about the monsters, though! You’ll also find new types of gear, character options, and more! Here’s just a sample of the things you’ll find in this monster-filled tome:

• Dozens of new monsters of the animal, humanoid, plant, and vermin creature types. Each one with their own unique ecological entries and full color art. From planar-bound giants trapped between elemental transitions, to hive-mind plant creatures!

• New options for playable races, like mindlink feats for the infused or fey morphs for zahajin.

• New animal companions for all animals and vermin, allowing you to play a character that uses alien wildlife in battle.

• Discover the secrets of the mythic paragons of Orbis Aurea!

• New templates, including the immortal rootsworn and the botanical verdant creature!

• Challenges for every adventurer and level of play.

• New alchemical items, artifacts, feats, magic items, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

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Arcforge Campaign Setting: Far Flung Frontiers

Into the Wild!

Although the spires of Vandaran civilization have built great cities and nations, not all have prospered in this manner. Scattered across the world are great wildlands, from the primeval dragon-ruled land of Utala to the ancient necromancer theocracy of Mariton to the decimated waste that has become the Freeman’s Lands.

Far-Flung Frontiers gives players and GMs an opportunity to explore these locales and their denizens, discovering the tactics they use to survive. Battle new monsters such as the titan naga, atropal, and dark walker. Utilize new Akashic Veils like the salvager’s gloves and stormwarden’s coat. Harness the power of a Draconic Channeler cleric or an Ovate oracle or slay your foes as a Paragon Freeman paladin or Bannerless Knight cavalier. Reach out into these untamed lands and discover what you are truly made of. Grab this 50-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game accessory today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

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Arcforge Campaign Setting: Gods and Peoples

Science, Faith, and Chaos in a Twisted World! 

Gods and Peoples brings you a vast and exciting world of diverse cultures and gods in a war-torn world for Pathfinder or Starfinder Roleplaying Game campaigns! Explore the planet of Vandara and its esoteric history and the strange magics that have birthed its panoply of cultures, races, and gods, from ancient peoples forged in the great furnace of the Makers’ War and mighty biomorphs who stand as marvels of genetic engineering to hideous chaos-blighted things enlaved to the will of the cosmic horror of the qlippoth invaders! From the settled remnants of peace and liberty to strangers in this already-fractured landscape, these individuals and the powers they worship all play a unique part in the Age of Shrouds.

GMs and players alike can find tons of great lore and character options for use in a sci-fi campaign where chaos hordes and psychic sorcery abound, including details on 35 different races and 25 deities and demigods and their philosophies and worshipers, plus new divine fighting techniques for the faithful to master! Be you in search of power, fame, or simply belonging, this catalogue of the sealed planet’s many faces will reveal a role for you to play. Grab this incredible 88-page Pathfinder and Starfinder supplement today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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Arcforge Campaign Setting: Spheres of Influence

A Magnificent World of Magitech

Welcome to Vandara, a world where magic and technology have grown as partners rather than adversaries! Forged in an ancient war between interstellar tyrants, where gods are born, ascend, and fade into oblivion with the hopes and woes of their followers, Vandara was poised to conquer the stars before it ambitions fell to ruin with the coming of the Qlippoth scourge. Uniting their skill and will to create the almighty Arcforge, the Vandarans have joined powerful arcana and incredible machines to battle back from extinction… though within their own creations lie the seeds of their ultimate demise.


Spheres of Influence brings you the first chapter of Vandara’s lore, the three great empires of Cidalac, Taurun, and New Estaria that shape struggle for Vandara’s future supremacy, along with the great cities of Balyn and Maytar, whose industry and ideology are the fulcrums are at the heart of Vandara’s many-sided conflicts. In addition, you’ll find a wealth of character options for heroes and villains alike using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules, like the mech-riding Arcforged Champion and Morphmech Renegade, and for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game like the Forgepriest Technomancer and Machine Speaker Envoy. Plus fans of the Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might rules will find tons of new material for those systems, including the world-shaking forces of the Technomancy sphere. The world of Vandara belongs to those who have the audacity to claim it. Grab this 48-page multi-system accessory today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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Arcforge: Psibertech

Merge Mind and Machine!
Adventure marches ever forward into a high-tech future, and the skills and tactics your heroes use must evolve along with their tools, blending the arts of material and mental warfare into a complex web of technological marvels and strategic genius. Arcforge: Psibertech enables Pathfinder Roleplaying Game players and GMs to explore these new frontiers using incredible new options to merge technology and psionics with over 20 composite Psibertech disciplines, offering exciting new fighting styles and power combinations like Arm of the Augmented Blade and the Collectivist’s Mental Uplink with well over 100 unique augmentations. You’ll find other character options as well, with archetypes like the integrator aegis, biomech speaker druid, plus espionage daevic. In addition to character options, you’ll find new technological gear like the rocket glove and string launcher, as well as new alternate rules like armor penetration and power armor crafting. Sci-fi heroes need killer challenges too, and you’ll find a new system of over 60 modular robot upgrades plus seven new high-tech templates from biomechs and modular constructs to deadly data phantoms and radioactive and spellspurned creatures, along with nearly 30 detailed stat blocks from CR ½ to 17 ready to unleash on your players! A new age of technological terror is here, and your heroes must master mind and machine to rule the universe! Grab this killer 76-page sci-fi accessory today, or pair it with the companion volume Arcforge: Technology Expanded for even more amazing sci-fi material and Make Your Game Legendary!
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Arcforge: Ravages of the Qlippoth

Destroyers of Worlds! 

When the otherworldly horrors known as the qlippoth descended from the depths of space, they brought unimaginable devastation in their wake, an apocalypse for the world of Vandara. As entire continents lie in ruin, Vanadara’s people have adapted to this cosmic threat, wielding the psionic mysteries and alien technologies of these beings against them to turn the tide! In their desperate battle, the Vandarans have unearthed twisted secrets about the very origins of their planet that may shape the future of their world!


Ravages of the Qlippoth brings you some of Vandara’s most powerful and legendary monsters, including 15 types of psionic qlippoth and the seven CR 20+ qlippoth lords! Plus explore the lore of the lost lands devastated by the nightmare host from beyond the stars, from the once-prosperous Dorukalad to the death-stalked tunnel-runs of the Erebine. Harness the horrific powers of the qlippoth infestation with new templates or battle them with archetypes like the desperate apostate, the uncanny bio-experiments of the reshaper, or the war machines of the steelduster or rustworn hunter! As absolute destruction gazes down on you, what choice is there but to fight? Grab this amazing 60-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign expansion and monster book today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

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Cold Mountain

A mother’s love is stronger than death, but love and death walk hand in hand when mortals cross paths with the immortal fey of Cold Mountain. This adventure designed for 4th level characters stands on its own as a lush atmospheric journey into the dangers and mysteries of the wild, but it is especially suited for characters in a Kingbreaker Adventure Path campaign as they explore the unforgiving lands of a savage frontier and find them not uninhabited.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

As their kingdom expands, can your heroes find a way to peacefully coexist with clans of the lonely hills and the frightening powers of nature that threaten to rise up and devour barbarian village and new-founded kingdom alike?

Written by Jason Nelson, with art by Frank Hessefort and maps by ENnie-award-winning cartographer Todd Gamble, this 47-page this 47-page epic adventure features 3 new/variant creatures and a variety of harrowing challenges of mind, heart, and strength. Cold Mountain continues Legendary Games’ tradition of bringing you outstanding content by the best authors in the business, combined with amazing art and production values and innovative layout design, including a 4-page appendix of player-friendly text-free map handouts. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them, and that you’ll keep coming back again and again to Make Your Game Legendary!

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Faerie Bargains

Be Careful What You Wish For

The magic and mystery of the fey is on display in Faerie Bargains! From Rumpelstiltskin to Rapunzel, fairy tales, myths, and legends all over the world are replete with tales of bargains struck with the sublime and sometimes sinister magical creatures from the realms beyond. Long life, wealth beyond imagining, true love, or whatever your heart’s desire all wrapped up in a promise and a price that seems but a trifle, until the bargain comes due and the fair folk come to collect. Faerie Bargains provides you a richly detailed system for using this classic fantasy trope in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign. You can design your own faerie bargains or use one of the over 40 sample bargains provided, from bounty of the wilds and unseen assistants to woven wealth, silent metamorphosis, fey queen’s ransom, and one with the land! Each bargain grants a benefit once payment is made, of course, but you’ll also find rules for hidden conditions, escape clauses, tokens, and more, along with how to research and negotiate bargains with different kinds of fey and unique magical items you might obtain in a faerie bargain or make with fey assistance, like the cauldron of autumnal bounty and sword of vernal light. Whether your heroes want to trade their dreams for the charm of magic, a gift of blood for accursed mercy, or their sanity itself for inspired perfection, you’ll find an amazing array of mystical covenants that bring fantastic new flavor to the fey in your game! Grab this 32-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game accessory today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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Faerie Mysteries

An innovative system for bringing the magic of the fey realms home to your campaign! 


When the realms of mortal folk and immortal fey cross paths, strange and weirdling wonders appear! Sometimes dangerous, sometimes delightful, sometimes both intertwined in a passionate embrace. At least, that is what we want to happen when we bring the fey into a campaign: to create an atmosphere of absolute wonder and mystery. All too often, however, that magical vision in our minds just doesn’t come through, and the fey end up as just another monster with a veneer of pretension.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Faerie Mysteries changes all of that with an innovative system of crossing over the warped reality where the influence of the fey makes itself known in the world. These fey impulses vary from rumors that are mostly atmospheric and sensory effects to ripples that disrupt and disturb creatures and objects to full-fledged ruptures that bring rapid and radical change both beautiful and bizarre. This system does for the fey what haunts do for undead, showing how their influence is not limited to simple encounters. That said, Faerie Mysteries also provides a wealth of sample encounters and events focused on the fey and the strange circumstances that may surround a meeting with them or may follow in their wake, and also deals with making subtle variations of existing non-fey creatures to provide unexpected challenges for creatures who think they know it all when it comes to fighting the fey.

Brought to you from the magical minds at Legendary Games, Faerie Mysteries also serves as a sequel to Faerie Passions, providing a rich mechanical supplement to the role-playing concepts and player options presented there. If you’re running a campaign where the fey play a significant role, or even if you just want to inject a bit of magical mystery into your game, download this 29-page supplement today and Make Your Game Legendary!

Price: $5.99

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Faerie Passions

A fantastical resource for integrating the fey into campaigns, for players and GMs alike!  What happens when immortal infatuation breaks forth into the world of mortals? Faerie Passions holds the answers, with advice and optional rules for GMs as well as new character options for characters. Faerie Passions explores the mindset of the fey and their motivations when interacting with mortals and a world that is not their own, richly illustrated with detailed examples.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

It also engages children of mortals and the fey, the legacies of love (or lust) left behind in the wake of the often fleeting or turbulent romance between lovers that are worlds apart. Finally, you will find within these pages five new fey-themed sorcerer bloodlines as well as a pair of archetypes devoted to a closer relationship to all things faerie: the feyfriend druid who desperately wishes to be like them in every way, and the fey hunter ranger who wishes only to get close enough to kill every last one for spite and vengeance on the Fair Folk who wronged them dearly once upon a time.

Ideally suited for use with the Kingdom-Building Adventure Path or for any campaign where they fey play a significant role, Faerie Passionsis brought to you by the authorial team of Russ Taylor and Todd Stewart making their Legendary debut, with marvelous artwork by the esteemed Mike Lowe. Add this 18-page to your collection today, and Make Your Game Legendary!

Download includes both full-color and print-safe versions.

Price: $4.99

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