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A Halloween treat from Legendary Games, with nary a trick in sight! Designed by the redoubtable Timothy Wickham, Gothic Visions assembles dozens of pages of amazing artwork from half a dozen products, all in one place. Our cost to you? Nothing.


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For anyone who loved the illustration books that made some of those old-school adventures so memorable, from Tomb of Horrors to Hidden Shrime of Tamoachan, consider this our fond look back, and our gift to you for your support.

If you haven't picked up any of our Gothic Adventure Path yet, what are you waiting for? Consider this our invitation to inspiration. If you like what you see then by all means check out our other product lines as well. Whether you run an Adventure Path campaign or just want supplemental products of fantastic quality in both art and writing, Legendary Games is your source for the very best in 3rd party publications for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Designed and laid out by Art Director Tim Wickham and featuring the fabulous illustrations and interpretations of Jason Juta, Hugo Solis, and Colby Stevenson, along with the cunning cartography of Rob Lazzaretti. These artworks were inspired by the terrific writing of the original Legendary Games design team of Neil Spicer, Greg A. Vaughan, Clinton J. Boomer, and Clark Peterson as part of our Gothic Adventure Path Plug-In series of products. Legendary Games' Adventure Path Plug-Ins supplement and enrich your campaign experience, offering adventures and supporting products that incorporate and expanding upon unique concepts, themes, and rules subsystems introduced in the Adventure Paths while filling in the background characters, items, and locations that make those adventures come alive in delightful (and often dangerous) detail. Legendary Games combines stellar writing talent with innovative layout and product design and top-notch artistic values that we think will bring you back again and again.

Check out this FREE 44-page gothic-themed art accessory and Make Your Game Legendary!

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