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Featuring 18 amazing PDFs containing an incredible 340 unique magical and technological items! You'll find terrific treats for warriors with 80 types of armor, shields, weapons, and weapon special abilities, while magical characters can celebrate with three dozen magical rods, rings, and staves, plus over 150 wondrous items, over 60 technological items, over 40 mythic items, and even 9 artifacts!

Treasury of the Macabre
Treasury of the Orient
Treasury of the Fleet
Treasury of the Kingdom
Treasury of the Pharaohs
Treasury of the Machine
Treasury of the Crusade
Treasury of the Winter


Mythic Mini 41: Rods
Mythic Mini 43: Rings
Mythic Mini 46: Armor
Mythic Mini 48: Gloves and Bracers
Mythic Mini 52: Weapons
Mythic Mini 54: Clothing
Mythic Mini 56: Jewels
Mythic Mini 58: Slotless
Mythic Mini 60: Legendary Item Abilities
Mythic Mini 105: Halloween Treats
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Price: $50.92

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