Treasury of the Crusade (PF2)


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To Smite the Demon Horde!

The Treasury of the Crusade brings you over 30 new magical items for Pathfinder Second Edition, each perfect to gear up for a righteous crusade where valorous guardians of the mortal realms stand in defiant resistance against the encroaching armies of the demon lords. They range in power from simple trinkets and tokens and magical signaling devices to mighty weapons and powerful artifacts. Some are emblematic of glorious goodness, while others reek of ineff able evil and demoniac damnation, but every one can serve to make your campaign more exciting and your treasure hoards more interesting. They add delightful detail and innovative options for heroes and villains alike, whether found as captured plunder after the sack of an enemy fortress or recovered relics of a lost outpost or expedition, or even granted as a token of esteem by the crusader commanders who keep vigilant watch upon the demonhaunted borderlands. These items range from the militant to the mundane in this book, from weapons and shields to bindings, books, and music boxes. It’s true that a crusader’s heart is not quite so deeply invested in treasure as a mercenary’s or explorer’s, but if it’s a rich assortment of gear for good and bad alike they seek, they are going to love what they find in the Treasury of the Crusade. Grab this 22-page Pathfinder Second Edition magic item supplement today and Make Your Game Legendary!


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