The Way of Ki (5E)


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Mind, Body, Spirit… Power!

The Way of Ki contains a rule system for integrating ki or spirit energy into any campaign but is particularly well-suited for campaigns set in or journeying to fantasy realms inspired by the Far East and the Asian traditions of martial arts and mysticism. With 60 new ki feats, The Way of Ki contains a wealth of options for increasing the variety and flavor of what not just monks but any class can do with proper focus and meditation on unlocking the mysteries and transcending the natural into the sublime, including new samurai and ninja archetypes to show how fighters and rogues can use the power of mind, body, and spirit to hone their craft to deadly perfection. The power of ki lies in the extension of the self into communion with the universe and its hidden flows, and its secrets are yours to contemplate and yours to master! Grab this 26-page 5th Edition rules supplement today and Make Your Game Legendary!


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