The Smuggler’s Seal


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Counterfeits and Contraband

A windfall of a potential inheritance drops in your lap but before you can claim it you must sneak into the City Archives to plant the forgeries that cement your claim to this illicit legacy. Your sudden gift comes with hidden strings attached, however, leaving you entangled with a web of smugglers and dodging the city guard and an array of the rich and powerful. When a nefarious rival sabotages a lucrative deal and confiscates your goods, you must take matters into your own hands to get back what you have rightfully stolen, and only the mark of a ministerial seal can make it happen. Are you clever and daring enough to purloin The Smuggler’s Seal and secure your fortune and fame in the underworld?

The Smuggler’s Seal is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for a 2nd or 3rd character. It can be easily expanded for a small or standard group of PCs, but is ideally suited for use as a one-on-one adventure with a single PC and GM. It can be run as a standalone adventure or side trek, as an accompaniment to the “Red Queen Adventure Path,” or to continue the tale started in Orphans of the Hanged Man as the first full-scale one-on-one adventure saga, the Guildmaster One-Player Adventure Path! However you use it, this daring urban escapade will help Make Your Game Legendary


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