The Robot Summoner


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Magic and Machines

The power of magic and machinery are melded in a marvelous way with this exciting variant class for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! The steel soul is an unchained summoner infused and infested with nanite probes that connect him with vast and inscrutable alien devices from computers to interplanetary portals, allowing him to tap into eldritch energies and malleable matter and reshape both into robotic servants and soldiers. What a typical summoner accomplishes through pure magic and entreaties to the powers of the planes, the steel soul performs through an impossible interface with technologies far beyond his understanding. Turn the tables on all who would stand against you and show what your esoteric studies into the extraterrestrial can do in the campaign. Your enemies will tremble beneath the steely gaze and iron fist of your robot army!

The Robot Summoner is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game character class supplement that merges sorcery and science. It can be used in any campaign blending magic and machines, but it is also an ideal accessory to the Metal Gods Adventure Path (#85-90) from Paizo, Inc. Grab this 24-page product today and Make Your Game Legendary!


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